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Biosolids. A Piece of the Sustainability Pie. Sustainability Trifecta. On the Farm at Madison Farms. Kent Madison. Owner K&S Madison Inc, Echo, OR. What is Trifecta?????????.

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A Piece of the Sustainability Pie

sustainability trifecta

Sustainability Trifecta

On the Farm at

Madison Farms

kent madison

Kent Madison


K&S Madison Inc, Echo, OR

what is trifecta
What is Trifecta?????????

1. North America bet on first 3 in race: a bet, especially on a horserace, that involves selecting the competitors that will come in the first three places in the correct order

2. set of three: a series or set of three things, factors, or influences

a trifecta of political losers

What are the three things that have made Biosolids a piece of the Sustainability Pie at Madison Farms ?


Reducing your cities Carbon Footprint thought the land application of Biosolids



Producing Oil Crops for Biodiesel Production

branding to a specific consumer
Branding to a Specific Consumer
  • Providing a stable priced carbon neutral fuel.
  • Growing canola on fields fertilized by biosolids
  • Crushing that canola into oil and producing biodiesel to fuel the trucks that deliver the biosolids to the farm.
  • Supplying raw oil to SeQuential to produce biodiesel for the city fleets.
thank you for your time

Thank you for your time

Any Questions???