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Unit 2 Working the land PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 2 Working the land

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Unit 2 Working the land - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit 2 Working the land
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  1. Unit 2 Working the land

  2. What are doing? They are planting the rice.

  3. Have you ever grown any plants? • If so, what did you do to grow them? They are ploughing the soil. First we ploughed the soil deep. Second we put the seeds into the tunnel. Finally we covered the deeds by ploughing again.

  4. Warming up • International Facts on Hungerand Poverty(2002) • every eight seconds, a child somewhere in the world dies from starvation. More than 6 million children under the age of 5 die from starvation every year. • More than 800 million people in the world suffer from chronic malnutrition–-- 799 million of them are from the developing world. More than 153 million of them are under the age of 5. Q1. Rice is a main food in all East Asian and Southeast Asian countries. What do you think would happen if tomorrow there was suddenly no rice to eat? • Some 700,000 central Americans are suffering from hunger today, including 6,000 children at risk of starving to death. • The African countries suffering most severely from food shortage are Malawi, Lesotho, Mozambique, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe. If that happened, people there would suffer from starvation. And the whole country would get into trouble.

  5. If you had the chance to do one thing to help end hunger in the world, what would you do? I’ll make a kind of fertilizer to give rice enough nutrition and let them grow quickly and have high product. But first without pollution to our environment. I would invent a new kind of plant to produce more food.

  6. A Pioneer for All People

  7. He is father of hybrid rice(杂交水稻),who was lately awarded “the Nobel Prize of Asia ”.He received the honor for his great contributions(贡献)to hybrid rice research and work he did to improve rice production in developing countries.Now he is head of the National Hybrid Rice Research and Development Center in Hunan Province,China(中国湖南省国家杂交水稻研究与发展中心).He is called a pioneer for all people. Dr Yuan Longping(袁隆平博士)

  8. Which of the following statements tells the main idea of the text? It ’s about____ • a farmer named Yuan Longping • how Yuan Longping became rich and famous • C. an agricultural pioneer named Yuan Longping who worked hard to produce a new strain of rice • D. a new strain of rice which is called super hybrid rice

  9. Para1 Q1: What does Dr Yuan look like? He has asunburnt face and arms and a slim, strong body.He is more like a farmer than a scientist. Q2: What is his achievement? He grows what is calledsuper hybrid rice, which makes it possible to produce one-third more of the crop in the same fields. True or False: 1.Dr Yuan is more a farmer than a scientist. 2.Dr Yuan’s kind of rice is the most suitable for China’s farmland. F T

  10. Para2 • Put Dr Yuan’s biography in right order. a.Hewasborn into a poor farmer’s family . b.He graduated from Southwest Agriculture college. c.In 1950,Chinese farmers produced 5.5 billion tons of rice. d.20 billon tons of rice was produced by growing his hybrid rice. e.He searched a way to increase rice outputs without expanding the area of fields. f.He helpsrid the worldof hunger by circulating his knowledge in less developed countries. Proper order: a c e d f b

  11. Parag3 • Which of the following description about Dr Yuan’s personality(个性) is not true? • Heis satisfied withhis life because he is now rich and famous. B. He cares little about money and fame(名声). C. Hewould ratherwork thanlead a comfortablelife. D. He enjoys a simpler life than most rich and famous people.

  12. Para4 1.What does “Wishing for things, however, costs nothing.” mean? 2.What did Dr Yuan’s rice look like in his dream? 3.Dr Yuan has dreams not only when he is _____ but also when he is______. Dreams are free and everybody can have ideas about what they would like their future life to be. The rice plants were as tall as sorghum.Each ear of rice was as big as an ear of corn and each grain of rice was as huge as a peanut. asleep awake

  13. Pairwork: Match the following headings(标题)to each paragraph. Writing a poster(海报) for the text.

  14. Name: Nationality: Date of birth: appearance: Education: personality: Achievements: Dreams: Hobbies: Yuan Longping Chinese 1930 Sunburnt, slim, strong Southwest Agriculture College Care little about money and fame Super hybrid rice Produce export Violin, mah-jong, swimming, Resume

  15. Farmers weeding at noon, Sweat down the field soon. Who knows food on a tray, Due to their toiling day.