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Aesthetic Technologies Perfect Balance

Aesthetic Technologies Perfect Balance. Opposites come together, and create the unexpected.

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Aesthetic Technologies Perfect Balance

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  1. Aesthetic Technologies Perfect Balance ãAesthetic Technologies

  2. Opposites come together,and create the unexpected. Aesthetics & Technologies converge,to expand the possibilities……Establishing the grammarfor the language of Convergence……Adding effectiveness and magicto your domain.You & Us… in Perfect Balance. What’s man without woman? Or black without white… ãAesthetic Technologies

  3. the BUSINESS ORGANISATION We provide thetechnology-platformfor delivery of media-richcontent We convert legacy-contentintomultimedia-interactiveformats fordistribution on a combination ofonline (web), offline (CD-DVD) and print media ãAesthetic Technologies

  4. the APPLICATION ORGANISATION Our expertise has been routinely used by global organizations to meet their needs in the following areas: Education & Training Marketing & Promotion ãAesthetic Technologies

  5. the STRENGTHS ORGANISATION Rich Portfolio of projects for global clientele World-class Products and services A cost-effective development center in India Mastery over Digital Media Creation Expertise in Convergence Technologies A proven Methodology for managing mmi projects Organizational Culture that foments creativity 45 multidisciplinary professionals Investment backing of transnational institutional investors ãAesthetic Technologies

  6. the BRAND ORGANISATION We call the brand of media rich applications that we create mmiTM mmi-zoneTM :our home on the webmmi-millTM :ouroutsourcing businessmmi-mallTM :ourproducts businessmmi-oneTM :ourcustomised project businessmmi-crystal TM :our patented methodology mmi-labsTM :our academy for practitioners ãAesthetic Technologies

  7. OFFERINGS ãAesthetic Technologies

  8. enlight TM mmi-malläfor PRODUCTS OFFERINGS Information >> Knowledge >> Wisdom 1. A standards-compliant blended e-Learning solution 2. Facilitates Group Learning as well as Self-paced Learning 3. Integrates best of online and offline technologies with the best of Digital-Media, Instructional Design, and Content Services 4. Ensures transformation of organizational knowledge into Assets.5. Includes KM, testing/ evaluation, virtual classroom and online learning 6. Helps you transition smoothly from traditional to digitally networked era. ãAesthetic Technologies

  9. encircle TM mmi-malläfor PRODUCTS OFFERINGS Increase your Organization’s KQ 1. Knowledge Management component of enlight. 2. Helps users share knowledge in various formsacross the organization.3. Allows knowledge workers to upload knowledge objects. 4. Provides multiple ways of searching and retrieving knowledge objects 5. Browse and Explore knowledge 6. Does version control of documents and facilitates. 7. Tracks metadata on knowledge objects ãAesthetic Technologies

  10. enreach TM mmi-malläfor PRODUCTS OFFERINGS Extend the Reach of your Experts 1. Blends offline with online 2. Extends the reach of your experts 3. Two modes of engaging the class, Listen and Interact 4. Use of truly rich media - video 5. Synchronized content delivery (graphics, text, video, etc) 6. Maximize experts’ time through Clarify mode 7. Benefit from traditional group collaborative learning advantages 8. Integrated with the LMS ãAesthetic Technologies

  11. mmi-malläfor PRODUCTS OFFERINGS 1. Media Asset Management solution. 2. Helps organizations to manage precious media assets 3. Easily search, retrieveand reusemedia 4. Manage audio, video, images, designs,presentations, anything. 5. Browser-based solution: Anywhere Access 6. Huge savings in media creation costs Summon your creations. Anywhere. Anytime. ãAesthetic Technologies

  12. mmi-malläfor PRODUCTS OFFERINGS 1. Multimedia Interactive based “promo-tainment” solution 2. De-risks the film business. 3. Uses existing distribution channel for reaching content to its audience. 4. Creates new revenue streams from the investments made in a movie 5. Quick turnaround time. ãAesthetic Technologies

  13. mmi-malläfor PRODUCTS OFFERINGS “Intellectual Property Rights – Key to New Wealth” 1. Multimedia Interactive guide on a Combi-pack of a CD-ROM & a book, 2. Hours of rich media… video, audio, graphics, animation. 3. Over 10,000 pages of reference information 4. Presents abstract subject matter in an interesting and lively manner. 5. Jointly created with the Government of India 6. Contains Acts, Treaties, Statistics, References… ãAesthetic Technologies

  14. mmi-millä for OUTSOURCING OFFERINGS The one-stop out-sourcing shop for all your Rich Media jobs: • Custom Course Content Creation: • Content Analysis • Instructional Design • Visual Design • Script Writing • Media Development • Illustrations, Still images, Video, Animation, Music, VO • Integration • Software Programming • Games/Quizzes • Standards Compliance ãAesthetic Technologies

  15. mmi-millä for OUTSOURCING OFFERINGS The one-stop out-sourcing shop for all your Rich Media jobs: • Software Application Development: • E-learning, Catalogs, Games and EdutainmentBroadband Portals / Rich-media portals • Component outsourcing: • 2D/3D Animation, 3D Modeling • Video shooting (location/studio) & post production (off-site) • Still Photography (studio/location) • Digital Graphics (backgrounds, creation, retouching) • Virtual Reality (move-around, look-around scenes) • Programming (scripting, database, networking, internet) ãAesthetic Technologies

  16. mmi-millä for OUTSOURCING OFFERINGS • Personnel for onsite projects on T&M basis • Personnel and infrastructure for offsite jobs on fixed fee or T&M basis • Existing team strength of 45, with strong network of freelancers and interns to facilitate rapid scaling up • 200 workstations (inclusive of audio, video and integration suites) available at Development Center in Salt Lake, India ãAesthetic Technologies

  17. mmi-oneä for TURN-KEY PROJECTS OFFERINGS • Portfolio of over 70 customized rich-media projects, delivered to meet diverse needs of blue-chip clientele • Handled projects from concept to implementation • Proven methodology and processes bring: • Repeatable and predictable quality • Benefits of low-cost development center ãAesthetic Technologies

  18. TEAM ãAesthetic Technologies

  19. the DIVERSITY THE TEAM • Diverse skill-sets: • artists, programmers, film-makers, analysts, animators, engineers, writers, designers, photographers, managers, musicians... • Diverse back-grounds: • IITs, B-schools, design-schools, law, commerce, literature, performing-arts, film-Schools, fine-arts, media… ãAesthetic Technologies

  20. the EXPERIENCE THE TEAM • 45 professionals, with an average experience of 5 years... • Adept at the emerging technologies for creation & delivery of rich-media based software applications (mmiTM ) • Shares a spirit of youthful exuberance • Demands and accepts nothing butexcellence from each other ãAesthetic Technologies

  21. the COMPONENTS THE TEAM • Our mmiTM creations are shaped by 4 functional teams with focus on: • Analysis & Project Management • Design of Aesthetics & Technology Architecture • Execution of all Media elements • Execution of Technology elements • Individual brilliance permeates the functional boundaries for the osmosis of inter-disciplinary thoughts and ideas ãAesthetic Technologies

  22. the BACKING THE TEAM • The entrepreneurial spirit of the founding team of professionals is backed by two transnational institutional investors: ãAesthetic Technologies

  23. COMPETENCIES ãAesthetic Technologies

  24. the BASICS COMPETENCIES • Thorough understanding of end-users interactive experience • Experience in managing the fusion ofmedia-&-arts with technology • Ability to understand the domain for which an application is being created • Mastery over emerging technologies for delivery & methods of distribution ofmedia-rich applications & content ãAesthetic Technologies

  25. the TECHNOLOGIES COMPETENCIES • OurmmiTMcreations are powered by the best technologies and tools that are evolving for: • Creating media elements • likegraphics, images, animation, video, virtual-reality, special-effects, audio… • Digital encoding of these media elements • using compression and streaming • Integrating them within applications • with technology architecture that can scale geographies, platforms and devices • Delivering rich-media content & applications • viaonline, offline or as hybrid of online & offline ãAesthetic Technologies

  26. the SKILLS COMPETENCIES • Our diverse skills include: • Project Management • Content Analysis • Instructional Design • Visual Design • Script Writing • Media Development • Audio (VO, Music), Video, Graphics (Stills, Illustrations), Animation (2D/3D) • Integration • Convergence Technologies, Software Programming • Testing, QA ãAesthetic Technologies

  27. the METOHODOLOGY COMPETENCIES • mmi-crystalTM: breaks up our mmiTM creation process into 4 stages: • Analysis: for understanding your needs • Design: for creating the entire blue-print • Production: for executing the project • Delivery & Implementation: for making the solution work for you ãAesthetic Technologies

  28. the IMPLEMENTATION COMPETENCIES • mmi-crystaläimplemented through: • DesignBoardä:our proprietary software tool • ClientZone: online project management forum • Helps clients track, manage & control the development process across boundaries • Ensures predictable and repeatable quality in the projects ãAesthetic Technologies

  29. PORTFOLIO ãAesthetic Technologies

  30. the CLAIM PORTFOLIO • Our mmiTMportfolio consists of solutions that meet… • the learning and branding needs • of leading organizations • in a variety of domains/industries • A testimony of our partnershipwith clients ãAesthetic Technologies

  31. the EVIDENCE PORTFOLIO • Some of our mmisolutions being used for Learning and Training: • ITC - Process Training and Product Knowledge • HLL - Knowledge Management Solution • ICICI - e-learning & Knowledge Management Solution • Tata Steel - Process Training & Product Knowledge • Government of India - IPR literacy program for the masses • NIIT – School (K-12) curriculum • ASI Consultancy Inc. – extending the reach of Robust Engineering guru Shin Taguchi and Subir Chowdhury ãAesthetic Technologies

  32. the EVIDENCE PORTFOLIO • Some of our mmisolutions used for promotion and marketing: • Mitsubishi Lancer: direct sales tool for launching the vehicle on Indian Roads • New Holland Ford Tractors: multilingual direct selling aid for rural India • ICI-Paints: retail tool for selecting shades for paints • DesignCenter: tool for facilitating jewelry retail from Virtual-Showrooms • Bharat Petroleum: investor communication and corporate image building • Exide: integrated persuasion and commerce platform to facilitate export industrial batteries • Mukta Arts: CineROM for “Badhaai ho Badhaai” ãAesthetic Technologies

  33. the DOMAINS PORTFOLIO • Our portfolio of completed projects reflects experience in the following segments: • Learning Solutions: • Corporate Training and Knowledge Management • Channel (Dealer, Agent) Training • Academic Curricula & Mass Literacy • Marketing and Branding solutions • Automobile • Oil and Petroleum • Paints and Chemicals • Real Estate • Retailing & Point-of-purchase • Industrial Sales ãAesthetic Technologies

  34. the POTENTIAL PORTFOLIO • mmiäportfolio shows a perfect balance of: • of Aesthetic mastery • of Technological expertise • in the rich-media domain • The bastion for ware that will fuel the era of convergence and broadband ãAesthetic Technologies

  35. ICI Limited ICICI Bank IIT Kharagpur ITC Limited JK Group Liberty Shoes Lintas Mahindra & Mahindra Mukta Arts Ltd National Council of Science Museums National Research Dev Corp (NRDC) New Holland Ford Tractors NIIT Polar Prepaid Works, Houston, TX, USA Tata Steel Webel the confidence LASTLY Some of our Clients Ananda Bazar Patrika Limited Artilligence, NY, USA ASI Inc – Michigan, U.S.A Bee Interactiv, Singapore BPCL Big Leap CP Language Institute, NY, USA Dainik Bhaskar Development Credit Bank Eicher Motors Exide Industries Limited Financial Times – London, UK Glaxo SmithKline Hindustan Lever Limited (HLL) Hindustan Motors Limited Hutchison IBP Co. Limited ãAesthetic Technologies

  36. THANK YOU ãAesthetic Technologies

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