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President – Alan Riddoch

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President – Alan Riddoch. Trading vs. Investing. Investing = LONG TERM Trading = SHORT TERM. Famous Investor – Warren Buffet. Warren Buffett – World’s Greatest Investor. Famous Trader – George Soros. George Soros – “The Run on the Pound 1992”. Approaches to Investing.

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Presentation Transcript
trading vs investing
Trading vs. Investing
  • Investing = LONG TERM
  • Trading = SHORT TERM
famous investor warren buffet
Famous Investor – Warren Buffet
  • Warren Buffett – World’s Greatest Investor
famous trader george soros
Famous Trader – George Soros
  • George Soros – “The Run on the Pound 1992”
approaches to investing
Approaches to Investing
  • Fundamental Analysis of Companies
  • Buying either cheap companies (low P/E)
  • Buying companies that will grow (low PEG)
what can you trade
What can you trade?
  • Currencies
  • Stocks
  • Futures
  • Bonds
approaches to trading
Approaches to Trading
  • Macroeconomic events to influence decisions
  • Technical Analysis to find entry and exit points
  • Global events to influence decision making
key approaches to trading
  • Constantly monitor the news
  • Make a list of all the macroeconomic events for the month
  • Trading Ideas
  • Read up on the subject before you even begin to start.
constantly monitor the news
Constantly monitor the news
  • Events can influence share/commodity/forex prices.
  • Example? Tsunami and the Nikkei 225
macroeconomic events
Macroeconomic Events

3 Economic Powerhouses to influence your trading:

  • USA
  • China
  • Eurozone
macroeconomic events1
Macroeconomic Events
  • GDP
  • Unemployment
  • Interest Rates/QE
  • PMI
  • ISM (US)
  • Non-farm Payrolls (US)

Economic Calendar

trading ideas
Trading Ideas
  • Create your own ideas.
  • How will a hurricane in Florida affect the price of oranges?
  • How will a war between Israel and Iran affect oil prices?
trading ideas1
Trading Ideas
  • Effects of QE on Gold
reading on trading
Reading on Trading



investment decisions
Investment Decisions

Three example industries

  • Retail
    • Drive for good Christmas performance
      • Halfords Group – Profits Up
      • M&S – profits fall 10%, missing key fashion trends
  • Oil & Gas Production
    • With Colder weather more demand for oil and gas
      • BP
      • Shell
    • Take care with sector quite risky ensure a good portfolio spread when investing.
    • Penny Stocks
investment decisions1
Investment Decisions
  • Beverages
    • Incoming party season expect a more demand for wines, spirits and beer
      • SABMiller: Brands Include Bulmer’s, Coors Light
      • Diageo: Guinness, Smirnoff
    • Ensure to look at their brands and market share, take into account seasons i.e cider brewers generally do better in the summer time.
  • Impact the US presidential elections will have on the US and global capital markets.
    • Obamacare 3.8 per cent tax will kick in
      • What does this mean for medicine/private healthcare companies?
    • Tax's will need to be raised along with over a thousand spending cuts will likely be implemented additional taxes
      • This should hit consumer spending. How will this effect companies trading in the US market?
information gathering
Information Gathering
  • Many sites available to obtain information on stocks/sectors.
  • Follow link for PRICES & MARKETS, then Stocks.
sector information2
Sector Information

Indicates daily rise and fall, pence and % change.

digital look
Digital Look
  • Useful website for information and charts.
bull bearings fantasy account
Bull Bearings Fantasy Account
  • Set up your account
  • Join LSU Trading Competition
  • Password: trading