same selves n.
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Same selves? PowerPoint Presentation
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Same selves?

Same selves?

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Same selves?

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  1. Same selves? Identification of identity: a social perspective from a legal-philosophical point of view WP2 kick-off meeting

  2. identification in terms of correlations presumes comparability identification as ipse uniqueness in sense of incomparability What is identity?What is identification? sameness selfhood WP2 kick-off meeting

  3. sameness verification authentification comparison with template/profile in central database on chip chains of id’s 3rd person perspective selfhood embodied situated relational fuzzy underdetermined performative 1st person perspective WP2 kick-off meeting

  4. Technology is neither good nor bad, nor is it neutral Kevin Kranzberg WP2 kick-off meeting

  5. If self-identity is: • interactional; • under permanent (re)construction; • shifting in time and between different (role-)sets; • embodied; • experiencing the world through artefacts (technologies like eyeglasses or cars) • than identification based on sameness (instrumented by id-technologies) co-produces identity in the sense of selfhood, while at the same time selfhood co-produces sameness-id. WP2 kick-off meeting

  6. Latour’s production of hybrids: • co-production of humans and non-humans • Roger Clarke’s digital persona • (digital biography via continuous data-traces and data-tracing • (profiles: correlated humans • relation to the concept of legal persona WP2 kick-off meeting

  7. The legal and political concept of subject (persona) is constitutive for democracy and rule of law. • If rule of law safeguards the constitution of a system that allows a minority to become majority, while the majority rules, • than this implies facilitating and protecting the underdeterminacy of the identity of subjects. • Need to rethink identity in information society especially the distinction and the relation between sameness-id and selfhood-id WP2 kick-off meeting

  8. As to the definition of identity and identification, a suggestion to create room for: • the distinction between selfhood-id and sameness-id • acknowledgement of co-production, hybrids, profiles • the underdeterminate character of selfhood-id (freedom) in combination with the need for determination of the sameness-id (certainty, security) WP2 kick-off meeting

  9. selfhood/sameness legal tools of opacity limits to power shields protection of autonomy prohibitions example: privacy protection facilitation & protection of selfhood, by means of sameness (legal and technological) sameness/selfhood legal tools of transparency channeling of power accountability and controlability of power example: data protection facilitation & protection of selfhood, by means of sameness (legal and technological) de Hert/Gutwirth WP2 kick-off meeting

  10. definition identifiabilityinspired by the work done by Marit Hansen and her group and comments of D-O Jaquet Chiffelle • Identifiability (in sense of sameness/correlations) is the possibility of being individualized (detected) within a set of subjects, the identifiability-set. • An identity (in sense of sameness/correlations) is any subset of correlations that render an individual detectable within a set of individuals, the identifiability-set • Now take fuzzy-set logic into account and you come very close to identifiability in the sense of selfhood. • Identifiability (in sense selfhood) is interactional, performative and underdetermined WP2 kick-off meeting