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Reaching the Influential Mom Market

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Reaching the Influential Mom Market - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Reaching the Influential Mom Market

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  1. Reaching the Influential Mom Market July 2008

  2. Today’s seminar will: Provide trendspotting information on the Mom market. Explore the power of word of mouth marketing to women. Share insights into how craft and hobby manufacturers and retailers can expand their reach to the Mom market in today’s social media marketplace.

  3. The Mom Market and Word-of-Mouth Marketing

  4. WHAT DO… The Blair Witch Project The Iliad I have no idea what she just said… Paul Revere “Telephone” … HAVE IN COMMON?

  5. Word-of-Mouth is everywhere– and it’s nothing new From the oral storytelling traditions of ancient times to the most successful marketing campaigns today, word-of-mouth remains one of the most powerful ways to pass on information.

  6. What is the power of word-of-mouth marketing to reach Moms?

  7. Everyone knows women love to talk • Some studies report that women talk as much as 3 times more per day than men… • Women love to talk about things that really matter to them, which any smart marketer understands. • When it comes to sharing what they know, women are always interested in new products and services– anything that will make their lives easier and better. Source: Dr. Luan Brizendine, 2006

  8. 84% of women tell others when they have had a great brand experience. 75% “often or all the time” talk about brands they feel strongly about. 50% will tell people about brands they love even when not asked. The power of girl talk Among the mom segment, word of mouth about shopping, retail and apparel is highly impactful, with 69% likely to purchase based on what is heard Source: Babycenter, 2008; Publicis, 2008

  9. Moms hold the purse-strings There are approximately 82.5 million Moms in the United States Today’s Mom Market spends almost $2 trillion annually and controls 85% of household spending. Source: U.S. Census, Maria Bailey, 2002

  10. 67%of moms would rather get information from a peer than a celebrity Mom. 65%of moms purchase a product based on recommendations from other moms. 95%of female internet users are influenced by the recommendation of a friend when making purchases. Daily conversations influence their decisions Source: Marketing to Moms, 2007; BSM Media/Marketing to Moms, 2007; eMarketer, 2006

  11. …Today’s Moms have moved it online The Internet ranks as the top technology innovation that Moms would not want to live without: 95% of Moms go online at least once a day to make purchases, gather information and connect with peers. 80%of Moms save time by doing some chores and activities online that they would typically do offline. Babycenter, 2008; American Online Survey, Opinion Research Corporation, 2004

  12. Let’s talk viral!

  13. Viral marketing and authentic communications • Blog tours • Viral outreach campaigns • Product sampling programs • Insight and analysis

  14. The rise in the power of blogs Blogs have gained huge traction in the social media sphere. Search engines, such as Google, rank blogs highly in their search results due to the frequency with which new content is added and the number of links connecting to them.

  15. Mom Blogs: build brand reputation through first-person, WOM endorsements Blogs tap into the viral nature of Moms and spark conversations both offline and online about “best of” products and services among Moms. Mom Bloggers offer first person endorsements to readers who trust their voice. Once Moms read about a certain product on their favorite Mom Blog, they often buy it and create online (chat boards, comments to blogs) and offline conversations with family and friends.

  16. Moms rely on Mom Bloggers Among pregnant and new moms, the Internet is the #1 driver of word of mouth, beating out all other forms of media, including TV and magazines 87%of Moms read blogs, with a growing number going to blogs for recommendations. Source: Babycenter, 2008; Maria Bailey, 2007

  17. The Mom Blogging Phenomenon Recently, in a Wall Street Journal article, Sue Shellenbarger wrote about Heather Armstrong, the top parenting blogger to date, and why her blog has become so popular: “Ms. Armstrong writes about herself, her husband, her 4-year-old daughter Leta, clashes with her parents and the escapades of her dog Chuck. She has the ability ‘to make the mundane seem interesting,’ says Pete Blackshaw, an executive vice president at Nielsen Online. In a measure of fans' devotion, a recent post on removing a raccoon from her chimney drew 530 comments.”

  18. Most Mom Bloggers are stay-at-home Moms with kids under age 6 who have discovered their voice and found a Mom following deeply interested in their candid opinions and shared experiences. Other Mom Bloggers have backgrounds as national authors, parenting experts, website editors or owners, journalists and freelance writers who have discovered the powerful reach of new social media to reach an ever-expanding Mom readership. Who are the Mom Bloggers?

  19. Blog Tours At the heart of an effective viral “word-of-mouth” marketing campaign are the authentic voices of bloggers. Many companies realize the value of getting their product or service in the hands of established bloggers, to test out and share their thoughts on their respective blogs. Getting the word out in these online communities creates buzz and establishes a solid presence on the internet.

  20. A blog tour established a strong web presence for new children’s beverage • Challenge: • Educate Momsabouta new, patented whole-fooddrink for kids. • Drive traffic to the Froose site since product is currently only available online. • Tactics: • Aggressive viral outreach with 60-Blogger Tour and survey of Moms. • Crafted Froose messaging to effectively speak to the Mom audience. • Results: • Bloggers loved Froose and the resulting blog postings generated buzz about the product in the Mom Community. • When searching on web for “healthy kids drinks,” “whole food beverage” and several other key categories Froose popped up multiple times on the first page with the corresponding positive reviews. • The buzz created from the blog tour had the additional benefit of opening some retail doors for Froose in the first 2 weeks of the campaign.

  21. Viral outreach and sampling campaigns 5 elements of a successful campaign • An engaged community • A compelling and targeted message • The right timing • Enticing trial of the product or service • Having a product that is new, unique, solves a problem; a product or service that people actually want to talk about!

  22. WORD-OF-MOUTH: PBS WordWorld Challenge: Introduce Moms to a new children's show to air on PBS. Raise awareness for show (with no support from PBS or advertising) in an already crowded marketplace against competitors with larger budgets and PBS backing. Tactics: Implemented a multi-tiered campaign with viral outreach, sampling, survey, and 40-Mom Blog Tour. Distributed 8,000 promotional DVD’s and surveys nationwide. Hosted Premiere parties with Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) and Hybrid Moms groups. Results: Moms contacted local PBS stations to request additional air times for WordWorld.  Due to the overwhelming response from Moms, PBS requested that they be included on all MCC materials. WordWorld is currently the #1 show on PBS.

  23. SAMPLING: Dawn Direct Foam Challenge: Introduce Moms to new dish soap in an already saturated market. Provide 300 Moms with free sample and survey to obtain feedback. Tactics: Utilized Mom Central Consulting’s proprietary list of experts and opinion leaders to create viral buzz for product. Outreach letter emailed to more than 5,000 Moms, freelance journalists, and Mom bloggers. Results: Received over 55,000 responses within 48 hours of initial outreach. Provided client with target of 300 names for sample mailing. Client chose not to sample to additional Moms. Gained valuable insight: Moms reported favorable opinions for this new household product.

  24. INSIGHT & ANALYSIS Surveys Trend Reports Expert Mom Panels Market Analysis

  25. CONSULTING: GoWare Simply Mobile Moms Challenge: Launch a new service that enables Moms to utilize web-based content on their cell phone. Obtain feedback from Moms on the product and usage behavior. Tactics: Conducted baseline and follow-up surveys of the Beta test to fine-tune the product to specifically meet the needs of Moms. Provided Mom messaging and insights. Results: Valuable information led client to provide two levels of service, modify the registration process, and provide more extensive instruction on product. 88.5% of Moms surveyed found the application to be useful and 78.6% will continue to use the service once product officially launches. MCC is now a strategic partner and currently introducing product nationwide.

  26. SURVEY: Novasure Challenge: Identify and collect 300 survey responses from women with problematic menstrual symptoms. Educate women on their options to remedy symptoms. Increase traffic to the “Dare to Wear White” site. Tactics: Wrote and launched a survey to 5,000 women. Results: 300 respondents completed survey within 4 hours (surpassing client expectation of one week.) In total, 1333 completed survey. Number of visits to website increased by 142% and page view by 196%. Time on the site increased by 15% within one week of campaign’s start.

  27. The Social Media Phenomenon “Social media is the voice of the consumer” “I think I could spend a week browsing craft blogs and never tire of it.” – Design Mom, • Many companies use social networking sites to meet consumers in their own space, which builds brand awareness, and lets consumers feel that companies are talking TO– not AT– them, unlike conventional advertisers. • Popular social media sites like and help companies to reach new audiences and get consumers talking about their products and services through special interest pages, groups, user blogs, and discussion pages. • Blog sites, photo sharing communities like , and interactive “how to” websites like showcase products and generate consumer “buzz” about brands, which is especially influential in the craft & hobby space.

  28. So is there “VIRAL” potential in the craft and hobby industry?

  29. The craft & hobby industry is booming… Absolutely! • In 2006, the US Craft & Hobby retail industry was tracked at $30.1 billion. • 57% (62 million) of US households participated in crafts in 2006. • On average, annual spending per crafting household totaled $476 in 2006. • Approximately 2/3 of crafters are women. … largely due to the purchasing power of women! Source: CHA Attitude & Usage Study, 2006; CODA National Research Data, 2000.

  30. A passionate group of consumers • Statistics pending

  31. A big crafting success story In July 2007, just 2 years after its inception, the popular crafting site had attracted 300,000 users and $12 million in revenue. In January of 2008, it raised $27 million in venture capital funding. Source: Businessweek, 2007.

  32. Example of Word of mouth success in the craft and hobby industry

  33. Example of craft or hobby manufacturer viral success story

  34. Example of craft/hobby retailer viral marketing success story

  35. MOM CENTRAL CONSULTING The only full-service consulting and viral marketing services agency specializing in the Mom vertical.

  36. MCC is a strategic resource for everything “Mom” Consulting Services Outreach Campaigns Mom Insight & Analysis Public Relations SpokesMom Bureau


  38. Stacy DeBroff, Founder & CEO Dana Hilmer, Principal MOM CENTRAL CONSULTING 77 Chapel Street Newton, MA 02467 p 617.244.3002