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Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP). Award Training 2008-2009. Agenda. Community Development Staff (see Map) Program Trends Contribution Policy Requirements Semi-annual Reporting Forms De & Re-allocation Modification Procedures Close-out Procedures. Program Trends.

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  • Community Development Staff (see Map)

  • Program Trends

  • Contribution Policy Requirements

  • Semi-annual Reporting Forms

  • De & Re-allocation

  • Modification Procedures

  • Close-out Procedures

Program trends
Program Trends

  • $2,500,000.00 credits awarded annually

  • 177 applications received totaling

    $5.84 million requested tax credits

  • 172 applications awarded

    • Housing activities: received 50% of request

    • Other Community Development activities: received 41.6% of request

Program trends1



Average Award Amount



Tax Credits Available



Median Award Amount



Eligible Tax Credit Requests


% of Applications Receiving Allocation


Program Trends

Funding Summary 2008-2009



Contribution policy eligibility
Contribution PolicyEligibility

  • Eligible Donors

    • Any person, business, or organization that has an Indiana income tax liability

Contribution policy
Contribution Policy

  • Eligible Contributions

    • Cash

    • Check

    • Credit card

    • Stock (that has been sold)

    • United Way Designations

    • Property (that will be used for NAP activity)

    • In-Kind donations (limited to building materials)

Contribution policy donations
Contribution PolicyDonations

  • Tax credits = 50% of contribution amount

  • Calendar year that contribution was given

  • Minimum Donation = $100

  • Maximum Donation (per calendar year) = $50,000

  • Donations begin July 1, 2008 and end June 5, 2009

Contribution policy tax credit limits
Contribution Policy Tax Credit Limits

  • Minimum Tax credit: $50

  • Maximum Tax credit (per calendar year): $25,000

Contribution policy minimum donation
Contribution Policy Minimum donation

  • If donor contributes several small donations that add up to an amount greater than minimum contribution :

    • All contributions must be turned in to IHCDA at the same time

    • Grouped contributions must be in same calendar year

    • List only the last date of the multiple contribution dates on the NC-10 form, short form and spreadsheet

Contribution policy1
Contribution Policy

  • Ineligible Contributions

    • Services and/or Labor (No Sweat Equity)

    • Supplies

    • Equipment

    • Non-stationary building materials

Semi annual reporting 2 reports per program year
Semi-Annual Reporting (2 reports per program year)

  • Expenditure and Reporting Requirements

Contact your Community Development Representative immediately if problems arise.

Semi annual reporting
Semi-Annual Reporting

  • Recipient must turn in an electronic copy of report and corresponding short forms by eachdeadline

  • If unable to meet deadline recipient must contact IHCDA rep. prior to deadline to avoid penalty

  • Failing to meet either deadline for semi-annual reporting will result in ineligibility for NAP in 2009-2010 program year

Semi annual reporting1
Semi-annual Reporting

  • IHCDA will assist Recipients in meeting deadline by:

  • Sending e-mail reminder of Semi-annual Report Deadlines

  • Sending e-mail update to organizations that did not submit Semi-annual Reports

  • Providing performance report at the end of Program Year 2008-2009

Semi annual reporting reporting forms
Semi-annual Reporting Reporting Forms

NC-10 Form and Short Form

  • Identifies the donor and ensures correct account receives the tax credit

  • Complete for all donations that receive a NAP tax credit

  • Both the organization and donor completes

  • Short form added to ensure confidentiality

Semi annual reporting nap spreadsheet
Semi-Annual Reporting NAP Spreadsheet

  • Lists all donor names, addresses and amounts

  • Determining contribution dates – see manual

  • Where do we send all the forms?

    • To IHCDA:

      • Spreadsheet saved on CD-Rom

      • Short Forms

    • To IN Dep’t of Revenue (DOR):

      • NC-10 Forms

      • DOR Address– Indiana Department of Revenue

        Tax Administration – Support Division

        100 N. Senate Ave. – Room N203

        Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

Semi annual reporting2
Semi-annual Reporting

  • IHCDA reviews Spreadsheet and Short Forms

  • Organizations will be contacted to resolve any discrepancies between short forms and spreadsheets. ALL INFO. ON BOTH MUST BE IDENTICAL!

  • IHCDA uploads spreadsheets to the Dept. of Revenue.

  • DOR generates NC-20 Form (within 7-10 business days of receipt)

Tax credit de allocation
Tax Credit De-Allocation

  • De-Allocation Policy

    • Must meet utilization requirements

      • 60% - mid year

      • 100% - year end

    • De-allocated up to utilization requirements

Tax credit re allocation
Tax Credit Re-Allocation

  • Requirements:

    • Utilized 100% of original award amount

    • Report submitted by Re-allocation deadline

    • Optional for agencies that want to become eligible for a re-allocation

  • Tax credits available for re-allocation divided among all organizations who meet requirements

  • Receives up to Application Tax Credit Request

Tax credit re allocation1
Tax Credit Re-allocation

  • By October 3, 2008:

    • 100% of tax credits sold

    • Short forms and electronic spreadsheet submitted to IHCDA

  • Tax credits will be re-allocated after all Mid-year reports have been received

  • Designed to be a competitive process

  • Re-allocated agencies will be expected to meet same expenditure rates as originally outlined in their award agreement

Other procedures
Other Procedures

  • Modifications

  • Close-Out

    • Submitted at time of activity completion via mail

    • Requires original signature by authorized signatory

    • No later than June 30, 2010


Implementation Manual online at: