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  • Uploaded on February Newsletter. F1 in Schools Final.

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February Newsletter

F1 in Schools Final

How can young kids get involved with motorsport? This question has been answered by F1 in schools. Sponsored by every single F1 team, F1 in schools aims to promote engineering by allowing kids to design, build and race their own CO2 canister cars. Every year the competition gets stronger with more elaborate designs going faster than ever before. All of these things suit us here at Cardiff Racing. We aim to do exactly what the international competition has achieved for many thousands of children in primary and secondary schools.

We attended with our simulator and a collection of 3d printed parts as well as a bunch of posters. It went down a storm and we hope we have shown ourselves to be great role models and inspired them to use the skills they have eloquently demonstrated. We ended the day with a presentation show casing some interesting engineering news like invisibility blankets and remote presence tools and ourselves which the kids seemed to love.

The day accumulated in an award presentation where four teams were given their trophies and were sent through to the nation competition in London where they will compete for a chance to go to the international final held in Abu Dhabi’s Ferrari World! We wish them the best of luck and will now start looking forward to the primary school final in April!



Smashing Stuff! Impact Attenuators

Our team has been hard at work researching and developing parts in order to improve performance of this year's car. One key area that was identified as needing development has been the frontal crash structure. For years the team has used a rugged aluminium honeycomb design but with advancing knowledge of high energy absorbing materials across the industry, it was thought this part could be developed to improve performance. So far the team has already looked at the use of high impact foams and the use of a carbon fibre like that seen in Formula 1. Work is ongoing but the hope is to make a 55% weight saving whilst actually increasing the performance by 50%.

Ty Hafan Quiz

We are sponsor Ty Hafan this year in a bid to raise money and awareness of their incredible and heart felt cause. Our first event of many was held this month and did not disappoint. It was fun, enjoyable and competitive and together we raised almost £230 which is great for an evening and set a benchmark for the future.

The winners team were ‘It’s a fix!’ who took home our prestigious 3d printed cup from our Ultimaker printer.



We want to be the Wright Brothers!

Just like our dragon, we here at Cardiff Racing are looking into developing wings and aerodynamic devices for future competitions. It can be evidently seen that such packages provide additional competitive benefits for teams with a good foundation; we know this foundation has been attained.

The work involved will build on our previous research from CFD dissertations and wing development created throughout the summer. A number of current members also have the

opportunity to attend a day course to learn HyperWorks, a computer-aided engineering (CAE) simulation software platform in March. We also anticipate scale model testing with our 3D printing facilities under flow simulation. Watch this space.