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Welcome!. The Bible study will begin soon. Thank you for visiting our website!. A Bible Study on Noah. Who was Noah?. What can we learn from a man that lived 4000 years ago?. Why would God choose a preacher of righteousness to build a boat on dry land?. ?. ?. ?. ?. ?. ?. ?. ?. ?. ?.

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The Bible study will begin soon.

Thank you for visiting our website!






















Let’s look at the facts as is stated

in the Bible!

adam to the birth of noah years
Adam to the birth of Noah - Years

Adam created to the birth of Seth – 130 Years …

Seth to the birth of Enos – 105 years ……..……..

Enos to the birth of Cainan – 90 Years ………….

Cainan to the birth of Mahalaleel – 70 Years …...

Mahalaleel to the birth of Jared –65 Years ……...

Jared to the birth of Enoch – 162 Years ………...

Enoch to the birth of Methuselah – 65 Years …...

Methuselah to the birth of Lamech – 187 Years ..

Lamech to the death of Adam – 56 Years ……….

Death of Adam to the taking of Enoch – 57 Years

Taking of Enoch to the death of Seth – 55 Years ..

Death of Seth to the birth of Noah – 14 Years …..













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Noah to the Flood - Years

Death of Seth to the birth of Noah – 14 Years …………

Noah to death of Enos - 84 years ………………………

Death of Enos to the death of Cainan – 95 Years ……...

Death of Cainan to the death ofMahalaleel – 55 Years .

Death of Mahalaleel to the death ofJared – 132 Years .

Death of Jaredto the timeNoah began to preach – 114 Years ..

Noah preaching to the birth of Japeth – 20 Years …….

Japeth to the birth of Shem – 2 Years ………………….

Shem to the birth of Ham – 2 Years …………..……….

Birth of Ham to the death of Lamech– 91Years ………

Death of Lamech to the death of Methuselah – 5 Years .

God commands Noah and family into the ark - 0 Years .













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Stats - Adam to the Flood

1. The only persons that Noah could not be influenced by were:

Adam, Seth and Enoch

2. He heard from the other sons of God: Enos, Cainan, Mahalaleel, Jared, Methuselah and Lamech his father for 84 years of his life.

3. They told him about Adam, Seth and Enoch. Enoch had been taken by God to heaven just 69 years before he was born.

4. They told him about the Holy Law of God that had been given to Adam to hand down to all of his generations.

5. Noah spent much of his time studying these laws since he was 500 years old before having any children and the fact that God called him a righteous man.

6. Only two sons of God were living the last 229 years before the flood. They were Methuselah and Lamech, his father.

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Stats – During the 120 years of preaching

1. During this time Noah had the sons of God (Methuselah and Lamech) train him in the ways of the Lord for 114 years.

2. Noah began preaching in 1536AA – “Turn from your wicked ness to the Living God. He will destroy the wicked by “Rain and flood of waters.”

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3. After twenty years of preaching and building of the ark, Noah begins to have a family. His first son was born in 1556AA.

4. Two years later in 1558AA, Shem was born then two years later in 1560AA Ham was born.

5. After 115 years of preaching and building the ark, his father, Lamech, dies at the age of 777 years, in the year 1651AA.

6. In the year that God called Noah and his family into the ark, his grandfather died at the age of 969, in the year 1656AA, just 5 years after his son (Lamech) died. Then Noah went into the ark.


Stats – 121 years!

1. After 120 years of preaching, only Noah and his family entered the ark.

2. Noah and his family were in the ark with all of the animals for 7 days before the rain began……………….


They entered into the ark

of necessity, by curiosity, by greed, by just in case!

3. Indications in the Bible and by several commentaries, state that Noah was the only human that actually believed that God was going to destroy the earth by water. Not his family!

4. Today, what would your views be toward Noah, preaching righteousness and the destruction of the earth, by “rain and a flood?”

5. In the year 1656AA, the waters of the great deep were broken up and the flood came and took them all away. The rain began and continued for forty days and forty nights.

6. Noah and his family were in the ark for one year, feeding the animals and cleaning up after them.

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Seven each of the clean

animals identified also

in Leviticus went into the ark.

Two each of the un-clean

animals identified also

in Leviticus went into the ark.

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Stats – The ARK!

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1. The ark was built to the stats: 300 cubits X 50 cubits X 30 cubits.

2. A cubit being the “Imperial royal cubit” used by Moses is 20.6 in.

3. This yields 515 feet in length; 85.8 feet wide; 51.5 feet high; 3 stories total. Each floor providing 43,775 ft2 totaling 131,325 ft2 . If each floor was 15 ft tall, then stalls for larger animals and tiers of 5 ft each stacked on top of each other for smaller animals could be used.

4. It is possible that all the animal “kinds” could be placed onto the ark.

5. If an area on the lower floor the size of a standard auto were used for each of the heavy animals, for ballast in the belly of the ark, then a 6 ft X 16 Ft area would yield 96 ft2. This area would provide 456.

6. Using 6 each 4.3 foot walkways and 12 each 5 foot cages through the width, stacked three high on each of the remaining two floors, throughout the length of the ark, that would provide 2472 cages.


The Ark volume and approximate values

2928 animals plus birds and creeping things!

2472 animals stored in cages on the 2nd and 3rd floors.

437,750 ft3 for the birds to fly and for an atmosphere.

2.3 Million ft3 of volume total in the ark.

10 ft tall by 85 ft by 515 ft open area

10 ft tall by 85 ft by 515 ft

456 heavy animals in the belly or lower floor for ballast.

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The Ark was built by an ammeter boat builder

over a period of 120 years.

The Ark carried 8 people and a host of animals.

The Ark was used for only 1 year and then

Discarded on the mountain of Ararat.

The ark was built of wood by hand and joined

by iron rivets.

The Ark was ordained by God.

Ark Contrasted to the Titanic

The Titanic was built by professionals over

just a few years.

The Titanic was loaded down with people

acting like animals.

The Titanic was only afloat for a few days then

rested 2000 feet at the bottom of icy waters.

The Titanic was built of iron with wood within.

The Titanic boasted that God himself could not

sink it.


Stats – After the Flood!

When Noah died at the age of 950 years he had the possibility of seeing

every one of the sons of God upon the face of the earth except three,

Adam, Seth and Enoch and their children that had died.

Noah saw the confusion at Babel that occurred the year of Peleg’s birth

in 1757 AA, and then saw the death of Peleg in 1996AA.

Noah saw the birth of Abram in the year 1878AA, later to become


Noah saw ten generations of the sons of God, after the flood, before

his death in 2006AA.

Noah’s ark was found in the mountains of Ararat by ammeter

Archeologist Ron Wyatt and his two sons.

Next time we will view this find (Noah’s Ark) in Turkey.

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I am working on getting a video about Noah, to inject at this point – needed video card for that purpose….Sorry!

9 Minutes…

the ark found

- The Ark Found -

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This is the next lesson, complete with

Video and materials!

Come and be a part of this

Bible study!

Given at the Korean United Seventh Day Adventist Church at

1:30 PM every Sabbath. The church is located in Duluth on

Hwy 120, between Buford Hwy. and I-85. Come visit!


This concludes the presentation of

“Who was Noah”

Thank You!

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