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PPC Industry Forum, 1 st March 2007 PowerPoint Presentation
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PPC Industry Forum, 1 st March 2007

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PPC Industry Forum, 1 st March 2007 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PPC Industry Forum, 1 st March 2007. Partial Private Circuits. Disclaimer BT has taken reasonable care to check that the information contained in the following slides was accurate at time of publication.

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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Presentation Transcript
partial private circuits
Partial Private Circuits
  • Disclaimer
  • BT has taken reasonable care to check that the information contained in the following slides was accurate at time of publication.
  • Any price indications or timescales contained within this presentation are estimates for information purposes only and do not constitute any contractual or other obligation.
  • In relation to any products/services referred to in this presentation which are currently under development and/or trial, BT gives no undertaking or other commitment that the product/service will be made commercially available
  • BT reserves the right to make changes to the information in this presentation at any time without further notice
  • Exclusive reliance on the information in this slide pack is at your own risk

Partial Private Circuits

  • Agenda
  • Review of previous actions – Pauline Cowie/All
  • Presentations – EAB Update – Bob Day
  • Pricing Tool Update – James Dewing
  • Product Development Update – Pauline Cowie/All
  • Product In Life Update – Pauline Cowie/All
          • QoS
          • Billing
          • Communications
          • Third Party Equipment Re-Use
  • Regulatory Update – Kath Embleton
  • COLT’s SOR – Gordon Robinson
  • AOB - All
  • Date of next meeting - All

Partial Private Circuits

Action Point Review


Partial Private Circuits

Response to Action Point 12/1 (01/12/05) – “BT to investigate the inclusion of eCo Repair in the data quality monitoring on the One Truth Data Base”

Due to continued EOI work, which is given priority over other developments, no date for the alignment of eCo to the PPC OTDB is available.

partial private circuits1
Partial Private Circuits

Response to Action Point 3/5 (02/03/06) – “BT to review the breakdown of charges of the different shift charges on the CPL, and look into the possibility of retrospection if appropriate”

  • Closure date for Retrospection claims 31 Jan 07
  • Those Retrospection claims received from industry are being validated.
  • Payment is expected 1st Qtr 07/08 financial year.
partial private circuits2
Partial Private Circuits
  • Response to Action Point 6/8 (08/06/06) – “CPs believe CDDs are being pushed out and asked for this to be clarified in the Handbook. BT were also asked to look into the possibility of a process which allows quicker delivery when possible”
  • Handbook under review and clarity will be given to when CDDs can be extended.
  • CPs to provide BT with examples where CDDs are being pushed out without their agreement. BT to investigate on receipt of examples.
partial private circuits3
Partial Private Circuits
  • Response to Action Point 6/9 (08/06/06) – “Product Handbook – When will the changes be made”
  • Interim revision made based on Industry’s feedback.
  • Product Line revising Handbook based on feedback received.
  • Revision due for distribution to Industry mid-March for agreement.
partial private circuits4
Partial Private Circuits
  • Response to Action Point 9/1 (08/09/06) – “How many times is ‘Stop the Clock’ initiated because of a 3rd Party customer issues e.g. refusing access? Data to be fed back via the Service Reviews”
partial private circuits6
Partial Private Circuits
  • Response to Action Point 12/1 (07/12/06) – “Wolverhampton CMC have asked CPs to provide circuit IDs of A Ends to begin provision process, but SNEiD is already provided to the CMC and should suffice. BT to check why this is requested”
  • This request is due to a change in the ISH provision process to overcome issues whereby BT occasionally bill ccts from the CP’s POH rather than the BT Exchange. To ensure the right information is gathered up front and both parties agree the address of the SNEID, which should follow through to correct bills being generated.
partial private circuits7
Partial Private Circuits
  • Response to Action Point 12/2 (07/12/06) – “Do BTW provide wholesale variants of Defence Private Services, and if not, can these be developed as a service for CPs to take?”
  • BT Wholesale do not provide Defence Private Service variant. To evaluate whether a BT Wholesale product is possible BT requests CPs submit their requirement as an SoR.
partial private circuits8
Partial Private Circuits
  • Response to Action Point 12/3 (07/12/06) – “CPs requested that BT initiate a process to communicate closure of exchanges to CPs as and when this happens, as this only happens from an LLU perspective”
  • Current:
  • CPs notice of Exchange Closure minimum of 6 months
  • Notification posted on LLU & TSR websites.
  • Future:
  • CPs to provide PPC Product Team with details of persons in organisation to whom the closure notification to be distributed.
  • BT to ensure Closure Notification Team receives CPs list of notification recipients.
partial private circuits9
Partial Private Circuits
  • Response to Action Point 12/4 (07/12/06) – “BT to provide CPs with a process of what happens when exchanges close with regards to moving circuits, downtime, possible cost increase etc. Ideally BT to provide this ahead of the next PPC forum”
  • Once notified the Planned Engineering Works process as detailed in CPs Customer Service Plans is initiated.
  • CPs to liaise with Service Managers regarding circuit downtime.
  • There may be no increase in cost to existing service as a result of the closure, currently being clarified.
  • New circuits will attract the charge from the re-allocated exchange.
partial private circuits10
Partial Private Circuits

Action: 12/5 (07/12/05) - BT to define exactly what the 0207/CLZ geographic zone is, as there are potential NGN implications? BT to also define what the difference is between Metro/CLZ charging structures.A snap-shot of the PPC Exchange Data is provided to clarify CLZ listings – See next Slide


Partial Private Circuits

Response to Action Point 12/6 (07/12/06) – “BT to check legal implications of previous application of Ancillary Charges which were charged but not noted in the CPL”

  • BT agree to change the cancellation charges to reflect the following:
  • Cancellation on same day as FOCA will only incur actual charges incurred.
  • Cancellation from day after FOCA onwards will incur published cancellation charges.

Partial Private Circuits

BT Wholesale PPCEquivalence Measures

Bob Day

March 2007


BT Reporting Structure

Main BT PLC Board


Management reporting

Compliance oversight




BT Retail



BT Wholesale





BT Global


BT Retail



wholesale product kpis reported to the eab
Wholesale Product KPIs reported to the EAB

Fulfilment % orders completed by CCD

Assurance % Broadband faults cleared by

BT Wholesale within 40 hrs of receipt

Migrations External CPs to BT; BT to external CPs;

IPstream to Datastream and

Datastream to IPstream. (wef Apr 07)

BT IPstream

BT Datastream

Fulfilment % orders completed by CCD

Assurance % Broadband faults cleared by

BT Wholesale within 40 hrs of receipt

Fulfilment The percentage of Service orders

successfully completed on or before

the committed delivery date

Assurance The number and percentage of product

faults that are cleared within 5 hours


  • Analysis is carried out in line with agreed EAB reporting principles i.e. initiated after 2 months’ and reported after 3 months’ when performance is outside of the control limits (pooled z-test)
  • Commentary supporting current results and any resulting analysis is included in the monthly report compiled for the EAB.
  • A quarterly commentary now being added to the added to the published charts on the Industry Web site.
  • The same approach will apply to all new measures.
additional ppc measures
Additional PPC Measures
  • Industry requirements captured and analysed.
  • Availability of measures and feasibility of reporting on them being investigated.
  • Measures are being developed where possible.
  • Data will be collected and produced in publication format (absolute measures and pooled z-test where appropriate).
format of new measures
Format of new measures
  • Absolute Measures: Performance will be measure monthly for BT and external CPs, and will include a twelve month rolling average.
  • Statistical comparison test: performance for BT and External CPs will be measured monthly against a standard 5% two tailed pooled z-test.
  • The pooled z-test will only be applied to volumes greater than 200. If the denominator for either BT or external CPs is less than 200 per month, only absolute measures will be provided.
next steps
Next Steps
  • Validation of Measures
  • Signoff within BT Group
  • Formal Response to Industry (March/April 07)
  • Information made available to the EAO/EAB
  • Measures published on Industry Web site

Partial Private Circuits

BT Wholesale PPC Pricing Tool

James Dewing


Partial Private Circuits

Issues Log Update


Partial Private Circuits

Product Development Update

data connectivity development timeline

NB - All dates quoted are target launch dates only

PPC Enhanced (phase 2) – Vol & term discounts

RPC to PPC Novation Process

MPLS Interconnect Campaign (type A)

E-Line revised pricing

On-net pricing (PPC)

iVPN – Harmonised MPLS (Phase 2)

MPLS Interconnect trial

Harmonised Ethernet – Release 3

Wires only PPC

iVPN – Harmonised MPLS (Int)

E-Line Migration















Metro E-ring

Harmonised Ethernet – Release 2

Harmonised Ethernet – Release 1

Managed BNS

Data Connectivity Pricing tool – Phase 1 (PPC)

Bundled Cct Pricing (PPC)


PPC Metro Pricing (Phase 2)

IPClear UDS Special Offer

Managed PPC (Enhanced Phase 3)

622Mbit/s PPC (re) launch

PPC Metro Pricing (Phase 1)


Data Connectivity Pricing tool – Phase 2

High band PPC pricing review (155Mbit/s)

See next slide

Data Connectivity Development Timeline

TDM on 21CN (Strategy statement)


Portfolio Harmonisation


Partial Private Circuits

Product In-Life Update

  • QoS
  • Billing
  • Communications
  • Third Party Sited Equipment Re-use
  • Customer Satisfaction


  • QoS Performance - Reporting Update
  • Q3 Aggregated Report published on website
  • Q3 CP reports distributed
  • Retail Comparison available on CDD, CRD and Repair
  • PPC/Retail Comparison Q3
    • CDD Retail 95.03% PPC 93.67%
    • Repair Retail 83.00% PPC 86.07%


  • QoS Performance – Q3
  • Highlights
  • Circuit CDD performance improved to 93.67% from 92.05% last quarter
  • FOCR targets decreased for the 5th quarter in a row. FOCR success is 78.81% against 77.89% in the last quarter
  • The repair performance improved from 83.88% (7679 faults) to 86.07% 9197 faults) despite increased fault volume


  • QoS Performance – Q3
  • Lowlights
  • The Highband FOCR remain stable.
  • CP’s customers STC increased to 92% from 88% in the last quarter against slight increase in the number of Stop the Clocks.
  • The number of new installation faults down to Communication Providers increased from 65.71% in the last quarter to 71.19%.
  • Migration to Geneva – Proposed Delivery & Migration
  • Development to go live mid May 07
  • Parallel feeds between PCNBS & Geneva from mid-May to end-Sept. Parallel bills to show correlation between bills produced by PCNBS and those produced by Geneva.
  • Migration commences July 07
  • 30/09/07 PCNBS switch off
  • 01/10/07 – Geneva commencing PPC bill production
  • Throughout October reconciliation of PCNBS & Geneva Bills.
  • Trial Period
  • Trial will be between mid-May and 30/9/07.

Partial Private Circuits

  • Communications
  • January:
  • 002/07 – PPC Data File update – 16/01/07
  • ACCN764 – Withdrawal of New Circuit on Spare Capacity Charges – 18/01/07
  • March
  • External Briefing – Withdrawal of New Circuit on Spare Capacity Charges – Mid-March
partial private circuits12
Partial Private Circuits
  • Third Party Sited Equipment Re-use
  • WEEE and RoHS directives
  • Recovery of Third Party Equipment on cessation of last PPC.

Partial Private Circuits

SORGordon Robinson


Partial Private Circuits


Next Meeting Scheduled

7th June 2007

BTC, Business Showcase