Classified service probationary and annual performance program reports
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Classified Service Probationary and Annual Performance Program Reports - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Classified Service Probationary and Annual Performance Program Reports. January 2012. Probationary Report. Probationary Reports. Background Information Probationary periods are set in place to protect the employer from employees that may not be performing as expected.

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Classified service probationary and annual performance program reports

Classified ServiceProbationary and Annual Performance Program Reports

January 2012

Probationary reports
Probationary Reports

  • Background Information

    • Probationary periods are set in place to protect the employer from employees that may not be performing as expected.

    • As a supervisor you have the responsibility in determining if an employee should be granted a permanent appointment.

    • Carefully observe the employee on a regular and ongoing basis, keeping notes of performance or lack thereof; these notes will later be used in the evaluation process.

    • When an employee is hired, the supervisor should set up a schedule as to when the employee and supervisor will meet to discuss the employee’s performance.

    • Please consult with OHR any time during the probationary period that there are concerns about performance and prior to any action involving termination.

Probationary period
Probationary Period

  • 26-52 Week Period

    • The basic probationary term required for most original appointments is not less than 26 or more than 52 weeks. CSR § 4.5 (b)(5)(i)(ii)

    • A probationary period, upon transfer or promotion, of between eight and 26 weeks for position at Grade 13 and below, and between 12 and 52 weeks for positions at Grade 14 and above. CSR § 4.5 (b)(2), (b)(4)(i)

    • OHR will assist in determining the proper amount of time an employee needs to serve on probation, if any. OHR will also provide the supervisor with a due date schedule when the employee is hired.

  • Due Dates

    • The length of the probationary period will determine when the reports are due to OHR.

    • Reminder notices are sent to supervisors one month in advance.


  • Be Specific in Evaluations

    • These reports are meant to act as a guide when determining permanency. Include instances when the employee did not perform as expected or instances when employee went above what was expected.

    • The supervisor should regularly observe the conduct and performance of the probationer and report in writing to the appointing authority at least two weeks before the end of the term. Also, the supervisor, from time to time during the probationary term, is required to advise the probationer on his/her status and progress.CS § 4.5 (b)(5)(iii)

    • A probationer whose services are to be terminated is entitled to receive written notice at least one week prior to such termination and, upon request, is entitles to an interview with the appointing authority. CS § 4.5 (b)(5)(iii)

Absences during probationary period
Absences During Probationary Period

  • Absences

    • Authorized or unauthorized absences may be considered as time served in the probationary term at the discretion of the appointing authority. Supervisors are advised to contact OHR for questions regarding absences. (CSR § 4.5 g)

    • Time allowed is as follows:

      • Up to 10 days if the maximum probationary term is 26 weeks or less

      • Up to 20 workdays if the maximum probationary term exceeds 26 weeks.

      • Any absence above and beyond the allowable time will extend the probationary period for that employee.

Final probationary report
Final Probationary Report

  • Final Report

    • The final probationary report provides an opportunity for recommendation for permanency or termination, if a recommendation has not previously taken place.

    • If recommending an employee for a permanent appointment, upon successful completion of the probationary period, you must check the “permanent appointment” box on the last page of the form.

    • Please notify OHR if you are not recommending the employee for a permanent appointment prior to meeting with that employee.

    • Please note that an employee serving a probationary period can be terminated anytime after serving a minimum of eight weeks. Please contact OHR if termination is being considered, prior to speaking with the employee.

Notice of termination
Notice of Termination

  • Terminating a Probationary Employee

    • If an employee on probation is deemed to be performing unsatisfactory, the supervisor has the option to terminate that employee.

  • Rules for Termination

    • The employee must have worked a minimum of 8 weeks and be terminated before the completion of the maximum probationary period.

    • The employee must also be notified in writing a minimum of one week before such termination is to take place.

    • Please consult with OHR before such termination.

Annual performance programs evaluations
Annual Performance Programs / Evaluations

Performance programs evaluations
Performance Programs / Evaluations

  • Background Information

    • Supervisors are required to evaluate the performance of their permanent employee at least once each year. This is known as a performance evaluation or appraisal.

    • At the time of evaluation the supervisor also provides the employee with a performance program for the upcoming year.

    • These performance programs act as a guide as to what is expected of the employee over the course of the upcoming year.

Dates on program
Dates on Program

  • Dates on Performance Program

    • For permanent employees, the dates on the program will coincide with the date that the employee was placed in their current state title.

    • For example, if an employee was placed in a KBS1 position on 11/2/10, their program would run from 11/2/10 – 11/1/11.

    • If a supervisor is unsure of the date please contact OHR for assistance.

  • Dates on Program Evaluation

    • The dates on the evaluation/appraisal will coincide with the dates on the performance program.

Duties responsibilities
Duties / Responsibilities

  • List Specific Duties / Responsibilities

    • The performance program must list the responsibilities of the employee over the course of the upcoming year.

    • Be sure to closely follow the CS classification standards so the employee will not be working out of title.

    • Performance programs should be carefully thought out; specific duties and responsibilities need to be clearly written and relayed to the employee.

    • If needed, OHR can provide you with a classification standard for your employee.

Signatures on program evaluation
Signatures on Program / Evaluation

  • Programs

    • Once the supervisor meets with the employee, the employee is to initial the performance program stating they have received a copy of the program and understand what is expected of them for the upcoming year.

    • No further signatures are needed. Please forward original, initialed copy to OHR for review and to be included in employees personnel file.

  • Evaluations

    • Once the evaluation process is complete, the employee, supervisor and the supervisors’ supervisor are to sign the evaluation and forward the original, signed document to OHR for review and to be included in employee’s personnel file.

Six month recertification
Six Month Recertification

  • Optional 6 Month Recertification

    • The supervisor has the option to meet with the employee half way through their performance program period.

    • This optional recertification is a time when the supervisor can discuss the employees performance thus far and also reaffirm or revise the performance program.

    • The supervisor also has the opportunity to assign a rating based on service to date. This is an informal rating and is not appealable by the employee.

Contact information
Contact Information

James Nicosia, Personnel Assistant

April Winney, Personnel Assistant