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FIELD VISIT PRESENTATION HUMAN RESOURCES of. Pb Valley Khao Yai Winery – Nakhon Ratchasima Province Royal Chitralada Projects – Bangkok Green Spot Company Limited - Bangkok. Group 4 – Indrani, Halima, Saroj, Gigin, Shaikh 10.08.2009. PB Valley Khao Yai Winery. Company Profile.

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Field visit presentation human resources of


Pb Valley Khao Yai Winery – Nakhon Ratchasima Province

Royal Chitralada Projects – Bangkok

Green Spot Company Limited - Bangkok

Group 4 – Indrani, Halima, Saroj, Gigin, Shaikh


Company profile
Company Profile

  • Situated in western edge of the Khao Yai National Park which is largest wine producing region in Thailand.

  • Commenced production in 1989

  • Cover an area of 20hectares

  • There are four most popular brands call Shiraz for the red wine and Chenin Blank for the white

  • Company provides product consumption of 70% to the home landand remained 30% to export

Human resources
Human Resources

  • Permanent staff is only 6 in the plant which is fully automated.

  • 180 farmers are involving in the harvesting in order to produce and supply raw materials to the company.

  • As they have only one season producing graphs, factory is working only two months in the production process in the year.

  • The production store lying in OAK barrels for processing

  • Specialist for wine tasting taste the stored wine over the year until get the right quality.

Hr management
HR Management

  • As they do not have continuous work for the employees, only few people (6) are in the permanent cadre.

  • They are not assigned to do specific work. They have to do many works according to the requirement.

  • Working hours are 7.30am to 4.30pm

  • Female are 70% and male are 30%

  • They all are insured under PUBA

  • Company provides two buses for transportation of employees.

  • Most of the employees are village people. Few of them which are from other places are provided accommodation.

  • Company provides training for employees after the recruitment.

  • Company provides good salary as well as promotion.


His Majesty the King initiated the project within the compound of his residence area under objectives of the master plan, the following major principles are taken into consideration:

  • Tackling the immediate problems.

  • Development according to steps, necessity and economy.

  • The Thai people should be encouraged to get along with the society and be Self-supporting.

  • The project must be consistent with the problems of each region due to cultural differences.

  • Simplicity and economy of the project.

  • Promotion of modern and appropriate knowledge and technology.

  • Sustainable conservation and development of natural resources .

Profile cont
Profile cont……….

  • 700 employees are working under the project.

  • There are 36 different projects. Some of them are non profitable projects.

  • Each and every project is managed separately.

  • Production capacity of all projects are only for demonstration in order to improve the domestic industries compatible with latest technology

  • Aim of the project to utilize natural resources for the production.

Hr management1
HR Management

  • Each project has only 5 or 6 employees working on it.

  • Working environment is highly appreciated

  • They all have proper uniform

  • Project offered continuous training

  • There are six training centers in Thailand, three of them in south.

  • highly qualified and trained staff


  • M/s Green Spot was established in 1954.

  • Main mission of the company is to produce and distribute quality beverages for the consumers and customers.

  • There are different types of products under Vitamin like Vita milk, V-Soy and beverage.

  • The main raw materials are Soya and Corn produce from North part of Thailand.

  • 60% market share in the domestic market.

  • Products export to Australia, Europe, America and Africa

  • Company accredited ISO 9001, 2000, GMP, HACCP, Halal, EFSIS,TLS 8001-2003, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001

Hr management2
HR Management

  • The Company has separate Department for HR Management

  • 1700 employees are working under the company, most of them are involved in sales.

  • High qualified staff.

  • Employees get high salaries.

  • Good working Environment

  • Company provides continuous training for employees.

  • Company provides uniform, transport and accommodation for their staff.

  • Recreation facilities and medical facilities are provided.

  • Appreciate employees’ ideas on developmentof the company

  • Yearly rewarding system for encouraging good employees in the company