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  1. CAREER DEVELOPMENT CENTER ON-CAMPUS INTERVIEW PROGRAM (OCI) California State University Los Angeles A Division of Student Affairs

  2. This ORIENTATION Is Divided Into Two Sections: • Section Two: • Uploading your resume • Visual demonstration of how to navigate & operate OCI Schedules • Strategies for successful participation • Frequently asked questions (Q&A) • Section One: • What is OCI? • What is Eagle ijobs/OCI Schedules? • Basic functions of Eagle ijobs/OCI Schedules • Who’s Eligible (current students/alums) • Access to OCI Schedules • Discussion of Interview methods/durations

  3. What Is OCI? The On-Campus Interview (OCI)Program provides seniors, grad students and alums the opportunity to interview for full-time, entry-level positions with an array of employers from all industries. Interviews are held at the Career Development Center at Cal State L.A. The OCI program is conducted over several weeks during the Fall, Winter and Spring quarters. Current students and recent alums from all majors are encouraged to participate. Due to career center policy, the OCI program is ONLY available to CSULA students and alums. Open Enrollment and Extended Education students are NOT eligible to participate.

  4. What Is Eagle iJobs? Eagle iJobsis a comprehensive web-based career system that allows you to view-upcoming events, career center workshops and internship, job listings, and enables you to upload a resume, cover letter and other documents 24/7. Registration is needed to access Eagle ijobs. Eagle iJobs/OCI Schedules is a component within Eagle ijobs to schedule and coordinate the OCI program. Participants can browse through Eagle iJobs/OCI Schedules to see which employers are recruiting, submit resumes, and schedule interview times with employers if qualified and/or selected by employers. In order to have this link activated you must first create an Eagle ijobs account and attend and review an OCI orientation on-line.

  5. Basic Functions of Eagle iJobs/OCI Schedules • View list of employers participating in OCI program • View job description, duties & responsibilities, and • qualifications for each position • Submit resume to employers if qualified • Sign-up for interviews via the internet if qualified and/or • selected • Cancel interviews via the internet

  6. Who’s Eligible: Current Students • You’re eligible to participate in the OCI Program if you’re a CSULA undergraduate or graduate student receiving a degree and preferably within one to three quarters from graduating. • Participants enrolled through our university Open Enrollment and/or Extended Education programs are NOT be eligible to participate in the OCI program.

  7. Who’s Eligible: Alumni • CSULA alumni are eligible to participate in the program if they are within their grace period or after they have paid an alumni fee to the Career Center or the Alumni Association office in order to utilize our services . Please contact Career Center for additional information. 323.343.3237 • Graduates from other universities are NOT eligible to participate in the OCI program.

  8. Access to oci schedules • After you have reviewed this OCI orientation and created an Eagle ijobs account, the OCI Schedule link will be activated by the OCI coordinator, allowing you to access OCI functions. • You are encouraged to visit the OCI Schedule link frequently for changes, cancellations, additions and pre-selection notices. Also, monitor your e-mail frequently for employers and/or Career Center messages. • You will NOT be notified when new companies are posted on our OCI schedule link. It is your responsibility to check periodically.

  9. Minimum requirements for interview eligibility and/or selection There are three minimum requirements that employers will require potential candidates to posses in order to be eligible and/or be selected for an interview. These minimum requirements are: • Degree (BA/BS and/or MA/MS) • Major (Example: Psychology, Accounting, etc) • Graduation Date (Example: you graduate on 6/2014) However, depending on the interview method they use, employers may also consider other factors. Such as; GPA, student involvement (clubs), project experience, certifications (CPA, EIT, CFA, etc.), volunteer experience and leadership roles.

  10. Types of Interview methodsPart 1 Employers that recruit through the OCI program have a choice of the interview method they want to use in selecting candidates for interviews. There are three interview methods available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages for the candidate. Employers eventually will select one of the following methods: • Open Interview (most common) • Pre-select (competitive) • Resume Drop (similar to pre-select)

  11. Types of Interview methodPart 2 • OPENMETHOD – If you meet the employer’s minimum requirements, you’ll be able to sign-up for an interview. You may choose any open time slot for an interview through Eagle iJobs/OCI Schedules within the trigger dates*. Interview slots are limited! And filled on a first-come, first-served basis. • PRE-SELECT METHOD – Employers will choose the best qualified candidates for interviews based upon evaluation of resumes. To apply, you should submit your resume via OCI Schedules. If selected, an email will be sent to you by the employer or the OCI Coordinator notifying you of your selection. Check triggers dates. Only those that are selected will be notified by email. You are then responsible to schedule an interview time via Eagle iJobs/OCI Schedules. • RESUME DROP METHOD – Employers choose the best qualified candidates for interviews based upon evaluation of resumes. Interviews are conducted at the company’s site.Potential candidates will receive notification directly from the employer regarding interview arrangements. Only those selected will be notified! *Trigger dates-the start and end dates in which you can sign-up for interview slots.

  12. Interview Durations Employers also determine the length of the interviews. You needto know this to help you prepare. Interview durations: • 30 minutes (up to 12 potential interviews per schedule) • 45 minutes (up to 9 potential interviews per schedule • 1 hour (up to 6 potential interviews per schedule) Interview duration will be posted within each job profile.

  13. Orientation: section two These sections provide visual demonstrations foryou to learn how to: • Upload your resume into your Eagle-ijobs account. • Navigate within your OCI Schedule links. • Learn how to navigate between “Open & Pre-select” interview methods. • How to sign-up for an interview with an “Open” interview method. • How to submit your resume with an “Pre-select” interview method. • Review ten strategies for successful participation. • Review frequently asked questions.

  14. Uploading Resume

  15. Click on “My Documents”

  16. Click on “ADD” to initiate resume upload.

  17. Create a file name to your resume. Indicate location where your current resume is located. Then click on “SAVE”.

  18. Resume upload verification.

  19. Navigating& Operating • Interview Schedules • Open Method • Pre-select Method


  21. Click on “Sign-up for..” to view positions you qualify for.

  22. You’re now provided with a list of companies that you qualify for. Click on Schedule ID.

  23. Profile Page Click to view company description. Click to view job description & basic qualifications. Triggers dates: You must be aware of these dates in order to sign-up. Time slots are on first come, first served .

  24. Please read all sections carefully!

  25. Basic requirements/qualifications established by employer!

  26. Click to sign-up for interview and see time slots available Remember, time slots are first come, first served! Triggers dates: start and end of sign-up period.

  27. Click on “Sign-up” to select an interview time

  28. Select resume and click on “Sign-up”

  29. Confirmation page. Click to verify time slot you signed-up.

  30. Interview duration. This will show you how long the interview will be. Confirmation page. Interview verification.


  32. Click on “Sign-up for…“ to view positions you qualify for.

  33. You’re now provided with a list of companies that you qualify for. Click on Schedule ID.

  34. Profile Page Click to submit resume for consideration. Click to view company description. Click to view job description & qualifications. Triggers dates: You must be aware of these dates in order to submit resume, and when to sign-up if selected.

  35. Please read all sections carefully!

  36. Click to initiate resume submission for consideration.

  37. Select resume and click on “Apply now”

  38. Confirmation that resume was submitted successfully for evaluation.

  39. Top 10 strategiesFor Successful participation… (1-5) • Check your e-mail often!!!! • Check Eagle iJobs/OCI schedules often as new listings are added during the recruiting season. • Don’t wait until the last minute to sign-up and/or submit your resume, as you may encounter web traffic slowdowns or miss deadlines. • Beware of trigger dates for resume submission and/or interview sign-ups. • If you decide to cancel an interview at the last minute, please contact the OCI Coordinator.

  40. Tenstrategies for successful participation... (6-10) • Be prepared for your interviews: • Attend Career Center workshops (see Career Center website) • Research the company • Participate in mock interview sessions or utilize Perfect Interview software • Dress appropriately for your interviews- (no exceptions!!) • Arrive at least 10-15 minutes early • Bring extra resumes, unofficial transcripts and job description • Plan a proactive follow-up campaign; write thank-you letters to reiterate your interest

  41. Frequently asked questions: Q&A part 1 Q: Does participation in the OCI program guarantee an interview or getting hired? A: No. Participation does not guarantee either an interview or getting hired. But it does connect directly you with the employer. Preparation is key to doing well in an interview and increasing your chances of being hired. Q: I work for the city and was told to go to the Career Center because other departments within the city are hiring and I could sign up for interviews? A: Unfortunately, that is not the case. There are steps that everyone must complete in order to have access to our system and participate in OCI. Furthermore, OCI is only available to current and alums (see next question for more details) Q: I graduated from another university and I want to interview with a company that’s participating through the OCI program? A: Only current students and alums that graduated from CSULA can participate in our OCI program. Alums that graduated more than one quarter will need to purchase a Career Center membership or possess a membership from the Alumni Association in order to use our services. Open Enrollment and Extended Education students are not eligible to participate.

  42. Frequently asked questions: Q&A part 2 Q: With the pre-select method, once I submit my resume when can I sign-up? A: With the pre-select method you have to be aware of trigger dates. Those are dates when the system allows you to submit your resume, and if selected, you can sign-up for an interview. Q: I qualified for a position that’s “open method” but all time slots are full. Why can’t I still sign-up? A: Open method interviews (if you qualify), have a limited number of interview slots which are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. However, a feature called, “waiting list” might be an option for you. The waiting list will only become available once all time slots are full. You can place you name on the waiting list and the employer will be notified. They will decide if they want to open another schedule to accommodate those on the list. Please note, placing your name on the waiting list does NOT guarantee an interview.

  43. Thank You & Good Luck Click here to complete your OCI workshop Contact Information: Cesar R. Gonzalez Career Counselor/OCI Coordinator Walk-ins: T/TH between 11am-12:30pm 323.343.3276