great wall china adoption has been serving family n.
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Great Wall China Adoption (GWCA) PowerPoint Presentation
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Great Wall China Adoption (GWCA)

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Great Wall China Adoption (GWCA) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Great Wall China Adoption (GWCA)

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  1. Great Wall China Adoption Has Been Serving Family' Needs For Many Years

  2. There are many adoption agencies in the United States, Great Wall China Adoption reviews state that the reason this organization is different because they have mastered the process of international adoption. With their substantial connections they take care of everything, meaning their families can focus on the more important things at hand. The different stages of adoption are Initial Consultation and Adoption Assessment, Dossier Consulting (Dragon Dossier Service also available), Matching, Referral Education, Travel Coordination, Trip to China, Post Adoption, and Adopt Again.

  3. This organization was founded by Snow Wu, who is also the president and CEO. She migrated from China to further her education in the USA. Before moving here, she worked for the Chinese Government translating documents for them, and also touring the child and social welfare institutions. She knew she had to do something for these children , and that’s why when she came to the US she established the Great Wall China Adoption to better the plight of children in these institutions.

  4. Great Wall China Adoption is a fully Hague accredited agency. In addition to the 6,000 children they have placed, they have also placed about 700 waiting children with new families. Snow Wu, who is the president and CEO of GWCA is a recipient of the prestigious Angel in Adoption Award from the U.S. Congress.

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