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Overview Presentation on Bargaining 2014 Overview of All Agreements PowerPoint Presentation
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Overview Presentation on Bargaining 2014 Overview of All Agreements

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Overview Presentation on Bargaining 2014 Overview of All Agreements - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Overview Presentation on Bargaining 2014 Overview of All Agreements. City and County of San Francisco Department of Human Resources. 1. Overview Presentation on Bargaining 2014. Citywide Provisions. Citywide Provisions.

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Overview Presentation on Bargaining 2014 Overview of All Agreements

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    1. Overview Presentation onBargaining 2014Overview of All Agreements City and County of San FranciscoDepartment of Human Resources 1

    2. Overview Presentation onBargaining 2014 Citywide Provisions

    3. Citywide Provisions • Term: Three years – July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2017 (except nurses) • Citywide Wage Pattern* • Effective October 11, 2014:  3% • Effective October 10, 2015:  3.25% • Effective July 1, 2016: between 2.25% and 3.25%, depending on CPI • Total over three years: 8.5%-9.5% *except Plumbing Inspectors; Fire Prot. Engineers 1

    4. Citywide Provisions • Health Contributions - Percentage-Based Contribution Model effective January 1, 2015* • City contributions (except SEIU and Painters) capped at second highest plan as follows: • Employee-only: 93% • Employee-plus-one: 93% • Employee-plus-two: 83% • Stipend for Laborers, Local 261 • SEIU: 100%-96%-83% • SEIU RNs: same contribution model as Supervising RNs *except Painters, MEA units • Life Insurance: $50,000 (SEIU, Misc.; Teamsters Local 856 Multi) 1

    5. Citywide Provisions • Paperless Pay • Controller will implement mandatory Paperless Pay effective Fall 2014, with 30 days advance notice to unions and employees prior to implementation • Requires employees to select direct deposit or a no-fee pay card to receive compensation • Pay advices will only be provided electronically, on a password-protected site • Pay advices can be printed • Compensatory time balances will be shown 1

    6. Citywide Provisions • Paperless Pay Advices – Coming to a Computer Near You • Pay advices are already available electronically; with mandatory 100% participation, we will work to improve accessibility • Employees will be allowed to access their online pay advice on City equipment during work time • Where employees do not have regular access to computers, PPSD will evaluate those worksites and will make City computers available for employees to view and print their pay advices • Upon request, department payroll officers will provide assistance to employees to print hard copies of their pay advices 1

    7. Citywide Provisions • Union Access Rules • Consistent with California law, Union representatives must have reasonable access to work sites to conduct their representation duties • Reasonable access rules were added to the SEIU MOU last round and several unions agreed to add the same rules to their MOUs this round (see MOU Bargaining Summaries) • The negotiated rules incorporate workable guidelines for most departments, but if these don’t work for your department, departments can implement additional rules after meet and confer • DHR is also evaluating whether to create a City policy to provide union access guidelines consistent with State law that would cover other unions (without overriding existing policies) • Problems with a specific union? 1

    8. Citywide Provisions • Union Access Rules - Summary • Reasonable access to work sites • No disruption or interference with operations, and no political activities • Union representatives must identify themselves upon arrival • Union reps may use department meeting space if available and with reasonable notice • Where confidential work takes place, department may require escort if required of all other non-employee visitors • Previously implemented written access rules still apply • Departments may implement additional rules after meet and confer 1

    9. Citywide Agreements • Non-“Z” or “L” Compensatory Time Cash Out • Controller-led initiative attained through bargaining that helps manage and limit compensatory time liabilities by cashing out closer to the rate the overtime was earned • Appointment in Another Department: An employee who is appointed to a position in another department shall have his or her entire compensatory time balances paid out at the rate of the underlying classification prior to appointment • Upon Promotion: An employee who is appointed to a position in a higher, Non-Z or L designated classification or who is appointed to a position in a Z- designated classification shall have his or her entire compensatory time balances paid out at the rate of the lower classification prior to promotion Local 21, TWU, Local 200, Laborers, Craft Coal., Stat. Eng., Oper. Eng., Plumbers, DSA*, MSA*, Teamsters, L856 Multi, DAIA*, Unrep., Painters (*see specific MOU provision for variations) 1

    10. Citywide Provisions • Compensatory Time Caps Summary: 1

    11. Citywide Provisions • Airport Transit Pilot Program • To encourage mass transportation, the Airport will implement a pilot program that will pay an employee up to the maximum monthly tax-free commuter incentive allowed by the IRS • For those unions that signed on, implementation of the pilot program does not have to be bargained 1

    12. Citywide Provisions • Wellness Program • Joint Labor/Management Committee on Health and Wellness has been working on a Citywide Wellness Program that will be rolled out in conjunction with HSS this summer • During bargaining, the Public Employee Committee (PEC) unions met with City leaders to discuss goals for the Wellness Program and to renew the parties’ commitment to supporting Wellness and reducing health care costs • Out of that process, the City negotiated side letters with SEIU (and Supervising Probation Officers) regarding the City’s commitment to Wellness issues • The City also communicated to all PEC unions its ongoing commitment to the Citywide Wellness Program 1

    13. Citywide Provisions • Wellness Program – City Commitments • Citywide Wellness Program has been presented to the HSS Board and will be rolled out this summer – stay tuned! • Employees will be encouraged to take a confidential employee Well-Being Assessment (WBA) regarding their baseline health • DHR and CSC will provide clarification to departments and employees as to appropriate use of sick leave • DHR and HSS are exploring piloting shorter on-site workout classes to make it easier for employees to exercise during lunch breaks • DHR is evaluating and will issue a policy encouraging departments to allow adjusted work schedules, where operationally feasible, to facilitate the ability of employees to participate in exercise programs in conjunction with the workday 1

    14. Citywide Provisions • Employee Development/Tuition Reimbursement • Employee allocations increased in multiple contracts • Annual allocation increased in multiple contracts • Some expansion of uses for funds • See MOU Bargaining Summaries for specifics 1

    15. Citywide Provisions • Lead PayRequirements vary by MOU. What to look for: • Leading how many people? • Two versus three (other) persons • “Plan, design, sketch….” • “And” v. “Or” “lead” • Whether leading same classifications or mixed crews 1

    16. Citywide Provisions • Progress on City initiatives • Extension of probationary period • Many contracts require Union agreement in writing to extend a probationary period, and the City has sought to change this in the last two rounds. A few unions agreed to the change last round, and three more agreed in this round. • For Building Inspectors, Operating Engineers, and Teamsters Local 856 Multi-Unit, the probationary period may be extended by mutual agreement with employee and notice to union (union agreement no longer required) 1

    17. Citywide Provisions • Progress on City initiatives (cont.) • Standby Pay: eliminated 25% provision (Local 21 and Building Inspectors) • Step Advancement: As of this round, nearly all unions now have one year until first step increase instead of 6 months (this round added Building Inspectors, TWU Local 200, MEA [non-MCCP]) 1

    18. Overview Presentation onBargaining 2014 SEIU, Local 1021 Miscellaneous

    19. SEIU, Local 1021, Miscellaneous • As-Needed Employees – Job Experience Crediting (JEC) Pilot Program - Overview • Perception by SEIU that the City has overly high usage of Temporary Exempt As-Needed (Category 16) employees, potentially depriving low-wage-earning members opportunities for and benefits of permanent employment • Goals of the JEC Program: identify classifications that meet the agreed-upon threshold for high use, and set up an exam process that gives credit for job experience and ultimately affects final ranking on an eligible list 1

    20. SEIU, Local 1021, Miscellaneous • As-Needed Employees – Job Experience Crediting (JEC) Pilot Program – Nuts & Bolts • Applies to classes in which at least 15% of total hours worked in the previous year were worked by As-Needed employees – identified classification will be referred to as JEC Classes • If no eligible list or holdover roster exist for the JEC Class, DHR committed to establish a multiple hurdle examination process that includes an assessment of related experience in the job in order to establish an active eligible list 1

    21. SEIU, Local 1021, Miscellaneous • As-Needed Employees – Job Experience Crediting (JEC) Program (Nuts & Bolts cont.) • The foundation for a JEC class examination is the establishment of  an assessment process that recognizes and awards points for relevant work experience. The weighting of the experience assessment must be supported by the job analysis; however, the minimum weighting for the experience assessment is 20% of the total score for ranking on the eligible list.   • Applies to both Classification-Based Examinations (CBT) and Position-Based Examinations (PBT) 1

    22. SEIU, Local 1021, Miscellaneous • As-Needed Employees – Job Experience Crediting (JEC) Program (Nuts & Bolts cont.) • If a classification is deemed to be a JEC Classification that qualifies for a PBT, the DHR Recruitment and Assessment Team will provide technical guidance to the department to develop the examination • DHR will ensure that departments are aware of the JEC class designation • HR Professionals – If you are planning a CBT or PBT for an SEIU classification during the first quarter of the new FY, you must first check with DHR/RAS to determine if the class is a covered classification, and if it is, you will have to consult with DHR/RAS to design the JEC element of the exam 1

    23. SEIU, Local 1021, Miscellaneous • Appointment Above Entrance • No longer requires SEIU’s approval • (But send written notice to Union-designated email address) 1

    24. SEIU, Local 1021, Miscellaneous • Reasonable Accommodation • Agreement with SEIU codifies best practices already in existence and supports good documentation of the reasonable accommodation process • City will provide in writing the required response within 30 days of an employee request for reasonable accommodation • Include in the response an update on the status of the employee’s request. • When the City grants an accommodation, provide a written description of the accommodation to the employee • If no accommodation is granted, upon request the City shall provide a written reason for the denial to the employee. 1

    25. Overview Presentation onBargaining 2014 Professional & Technical

    26. IFPTE, Local 21 • Employee Development Fund: clarified that employees have a grace period in July each year to submit receipts for approved expenses incurred in the prior fiscal year • Expedited Arbitration: contract interpretation disputes may now be moved by either party to full arbitration 1

    27. Teamsters, Local 856, Multi-Unit • Probationary Period • Increased from 520 hours to 680 hours for job changes • Job changes means any appointment other than a new-hire or promotive appointment, and includes bumping and transfer 1

    28. Municipal Executives’ Association, Misc. • Management Classification/Compensation Plan (MCCP) Post-Appointment Committee • The post-Appointment wage adjustment process is designed to address internal equities, compaction issues, recruitment and retention, special skills, special assignments of limited duration, and exemplary performance • The process is suspended for FY 14-15 while the parties jointly review appropriate criteria for wage adjustments • When the revamped process returns in FY 15-16, there will be a maximum 1.0% use-it-or-lose-it allocation per year, with up to 0.75% for one-time payments and up to 0.25% for on-going wage increases 1

    29. Municipal Executives’ Association, Misc. • Leadership Development Program • Jointly-developed program to provide enhanced training opportunities to managers • Pilot program last year was well-received, and the next round will begin in September – Departments will be asked to select managers for the program • City committed $75,000 annually to continue the program 1

    30. Municipal Executives’ Association, Misc. • 12W Sick Leave Ordinance: waived • Supervisory Differential: if supervisory differential causes compaction with immediate supervisor, immediate supervisor’s biweekly compensation adjusted to be $1 → $100 in excess of subordinate • Discipline Process • Provide to Union written recommendation from Skelly officer • Employees can request sealing of discipline files prior to end of 3 years • If MEA is the designated representative in a discipline investigation, the Department that conducts the investigation will issue written notification to the Union advising of the outcome 1

    31. Municipal Attorneys’ Association • DA Standby Pilot Program: • To consult or respond regarding Officer Involved Shootings/In-Custody Deaths, Search Warrant Review or Homicides • 8 hours of administrative leave granted per week, capped at 40 hours per calendar year • 8177 Control Point for Wage Increases: Absent certification of satisfactory performance, provides process to withhold step increase at step 5 (subject to developing mutually-agreed procedure for implementation) • Work Schedule Committee: committee to discuss attorney work schedules and time reporting methods 1

    32. Overview Presentation onBargaining 2014 Crafts/Trades

    33. Crafts/Trades • Overtime • Based on all hours paid excluding sick pay • Sick leave look-back eliminated* • Craft Coalition; Plumbers, Local 38; Electrical Workers, Local 6; Laborers, Local 261 • Based on all hours paid (including sick pay) • Stationary Engineers, Local 39 *except Painters 1

    34. Craft Coalition • Covered Unions: Ironworkers Pile Drivers Plasterers Roofers Sheet Metal Workers Teamsters, Local 853 Bricklayers Carpenters Cement Masons Glaziers Hod Carriers IATSE NOTE: Building Inspectors, Painters now have separate MOUs 1

    35. Craft Coalition/Plumbers, Local 38 • Acting Assignment PayAfter 10th consecutive day → After 10th day within 60 working days • Callback PayMay now include up to one hour of paid travel time 1

    36. Plumbers, Local 38 • Personnel FilesNew: notify and provide a copy to the Union and the employee of any derogatory material placed in his or her personnel file and allow him or her to provide a response 1

    37. Electrical Workers, Local 6 • High-Voltage ApprenticeshipsCity and Union will meet and discuss development of an apprenticeship program for difficult-to-fill High Voltage positions 1

    38. Building Inspectors • Compensatory Time in Lieu of Paid Overtime • For employees subject to FLSA overtime, prior MOU required mutual agreement of the Appointing Officer to earn compensatory time in lieu of paid overtime • New: Now, employees must request in writing to accrue compensatory time in lieu of paid overtime (i.e., mutual agreement no longer required, so long as employee request is in writing) 1

    39. Painters • Skelly Process • Must now provide a copy of the final notice of discipline to the employee’s representative • Personnel Files • Union representative may review employee’s personnel file with written permission of the employee and when in presence of a departmental representative; may also obtain copies of contents upon request • New to this contract and consistent with most MOUs 1

    40. Laborers, Local 261 • 12W Sick Leave for Temp Exempt As-Needed: temporary exempt as-needed may accrue and use sick leave based on 12W accrual, usage consistent with City policies • Personnel Files: disciplinary documents will be sealed upon request of the employee after 4 years (reduced from 5 years) • Seniority: For shift bids, assignments, and vacation scheduling, Departments may consider current satisfactory work performance and the absence of pending discipline, or discipline served in the last six months, in addition to seniority • Protective Work Clothing: if Department provides protective clothing, employees are expected to wear such clothing 1

    41. Operating Engineers, Local 3 • Posting for Reassignments: For vacant permanent positions, posting must be on official bulletin boards in locations where employees regularly work • Certification Reimbursement: Codified practice that when employee is required to possess a certificate, the City will reimburse any fee for issuance or renewal and employees will be paid for time to take qualifying examinations 1

    42. Overview Presentation onBargaining 2014 Safety

    43. Deputy Sheriffs’ Association • Staffing Levels: gained flexibility to reasonably determine and adjust minimum staffing levels • Vacation Scheduling • Vacation sign-up and slots changed to include Senior Deputies with Deputies • Committee will evaluate vacation scheduling and overtime costs, with ability to revise vacation scheduling during MOU term (subject to arbitration) 1

    44. Safety Contract Extensions • Contract Extensions • Three-year extensions, through June 30, 2018 • Firefighters, Local 798 and MEA – Police, MEA – Fire • Same model as Police MOU extension • Lower start rates for Firefighters and Paramedics • Pilot Wellness Program (cash out of unused sick leave) expires June 30, 2018 • Wage increases: • July 1, 2015 1% • July 1, 2016 2% • July 1, 2017 2% 1

    45. Overview Presentation onBargaining 2014 Nurses

    46. SEIU Local 1021, Nurses • Term: two years (and for Supervising Nurses) • Major Initiatives (some highlights) • Staffing language improvements • Revisions to reassignment processes • Commitment to review staffing workload in conjunction with opening of new hospital • Completed EPMC swap • Commitment to develop training on assault prevention • Separate trainings at DPH to cover all provisions, and see MOU Bargaining Summary 1

    47. Overview Presentation onBargaining 2014 Q&A