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A Web Design and Hosting Company PowerPoint Presentation
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A Web Design and Hosting Company

A Web Design and Hosting Company

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A Web Design and Hosting Company

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  1. A Web Design and Hosting Company UXB InternetP.O. Box 6028 Wolcott, CT 06716

  2. Internet 101 The basics of how the technology works

  3. Access provider Anonymous FTP server AS (Autonomous system) ASN (asynchronous system number ATM (asynchronous transfer mode Backbone provider Bong Broadband Busy signal analysis ccTLD (country code top level domain Client Copper line Country code top level domain Cracker Crosstalk DCC (data collection Center) Denial of Service Destination Dialup account Digital subscriber line (DSL) E-commerce DNS (Domain Name System) Domain name DoS DSL Event File transfer protocol FTP Server FTP Generic top level domain gTLD Hacker Host HTML Hypertext Markup Language IAP IETF (Internet engineering task force) ISDN (integrated services digital network) Ping Traceroute Whois Gopher Internet Terms Page 1 of 20

  4. TCP/IP(Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) HTTP(Hyper Text Transmission Protocol) The World Wide Web protocol DNS(Domain name Service) The process of converting a domain name to an IP address HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language) The World Wide Web page description language Cookies Web/Application ServerASP(Active Server Pages) Server side programming scripting language – MicrosoftCold FusionServer Side Scripting language – Macromedia/Allaire Internet Terms

  5. TCP/IP – The Transport Layer! • Stands for:Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol • TCP/IP is the common method that allows two computers to talk to each other • Every other protocol rides on top of TCP/IP TCP/IP

  6. TCP/IP – We Number Everything! NNN.NNN.NNN.NNN The Internet Every Computerhas an IP number

  7. Stands for: Domain Name Service English language names for computers Hierarchical grouping of computers Read from left to right DNS – What we call things! .com

  8. DNS – We Name Everything! The Internet ns.uxb.net192.168.0.15 Student.yale.edu192.168.0.125 Almost Every Computerhas a Domain name uxbinternet.com192.168.0.35 yahoo.com192.168.0.205

  9. DNS – Domain Name Servers Domain Name Server The Internet ns.uxb.net192.168.0.15 Student.yale.edu192.168.0.125 Domain servers contain a database of what IP is associated with each domain name uxbinternet.com192.168.0.35 yahoo.com192.168.0.205

  10. DNS/HTTP - The World Wide Web Domain Name Server The Internet ns.uxb.net192.168.0.15 Student.yale.edu192.168.0.125 Client program (web browser) asks the DNS server what the IP is for Web Server uxbinternet.com192.168.0.35

  11. DNS/HTTP - The World Wide Web Domain Name Server The Internet ns.uxb.net192.168.0.15 Student.yale.edu192.168.0.125 The DNS responds with the IP address and uses the HTTP protocol to request a web page uxbinternet.com192.168.0.35

  12. HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language <html> <head> <title>UXB Internet - A web design and hosting company</title> <link href="mystyle.css" rel="stylesheet" rev="stylesheet" type="text/css"> </head> <body bgcolor="#7B3A5B" > <table width="732" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"> <tr> <td width="160" align="left" valign="top" bgcolor="#E4DDD3"> <img src="images/cor_top_lft.gif" width=12 height=12 border=0 alt=""> </td> <td width="560" bgcolor="#E4DDD3"></td> <td width="12" valign="top" bgcolor="#E4DDD3"> <img src="images/cor_top_rt.gif" width=12 height=12 border=0 alt=""> </td> </tr> </table> </body> </html>

  13. Web Server – Sends HTML files Web server - index.html - menu.html - directions.html Hard drive Web Server

  14. Application Server – Server side logic Web server * Cold Fusion * ASP (Active Server pages) ApplicationServer Database Application files - index.asp - index.cfm Web Server

  15. Web server ApplicationServer Cold Fusion & ASP - Differences Web server ApplicationServer Cold Fusion runs as a separate process ASP runs within the web server process

  16. Cookies, Privacy & Tracking The Web is Stateless

  17. The Web is Stateless With a State Machine (like your PC) a program keeps track of every process at all times The PC can always know what is and has happened at all times.

  18. The Web is Stateless The Web Server is optimized for speed so it can send multiple objects simultaneously to multiple users After it sends an object or page it promptly forgets about it and concentrates on sending the next object.

  19. The Web is Stateless At any given time, the web server can never be sure what object was sent, what order it was received processed or who requested it… ? ? ? Therefore at any given time the web server can not determine the “state” of the program.

  20. The Web is Stateless To determine the state of the program the client (web browser)MUST constantly remind the web server where it is. • There are two ways to for the client to return information: • Cookies • URL Variables

  21. The Web is Stateless A Cookie is a small bit of text the server asks to be held by the browser Page Request Send Cookie Return Cookie COOKIE: CUSTID=12345 ShoppingCart=On Serve Page On each request for a page, the browser returns the cookies (text) to the server

  22. URL Variables URL Variables are included with the page request Page Request Serve Page On each request for a page, the server is told where in the program it is

  23. Cookies Server level can be used regardless of the pages being served (HTML, TXT, CFM…etc) Users can (and do) turn off cookies in the browser With Cookies off you can’t track the user URL Variables Application Level Variables only used by application programs (Cold Fusion, ASP, CGI) and not HTML pages Special Coding required Security issues Users can change the URL variable in their browser Design Issues - The Web is Stateless

  24. Are used to track movement though the web site The web site determines what information is in the cookie Can only be read by web site (domain) that sent them Flaws: A web page can have embedded information from several web sites. Each web site can set a cookie Users can turn off accepting cookies and the web site may become unusable. Cookies & Security

  25. A Database Driven Web Site

  26. Why a Database? • Structured DataAll data about a product is in a structured format • Easier to manage and organizeRelational data structures clearly defines the products and all associated information • Decisions can be made based on user input • Content can be changed without the need to know HTML or page layout

  27. Interacting with a database Web server * Cold Fusion * ASP (Active Server pages) ApplicationServer Database Application files - index.asp - index.cfm Web Server

  28. Interactivity Example: The Company Directory • 1,000 employees, List by First letter of last name, display Detail page for each employee. Using HTML: • 26 pages for the list + 1,000 pages for the details= 1,026 pages Using Cold Fusion: • 1 template for the list + 1 template for the details = 2 pages

  29. The Company Directory Using Cold Fusion Template Enter First letter of last name: GO Find all records where the first letter of the last name equals {input} Display using the format Create link to detail page Output as html to web server Company List for {letter} {Last name}, {First name}

  30. Using HTML: Edit two pages for each employee change Must know HTML More difficult to search Cannot use data for other functions Using Cold Fusion: Maintain the data in the database – Automatically updates the web pages – no html Easy to do searches Can use the data for other functions Maintenance

  31. Uses & Marketing Should you have a web site?

  32. Common Misconceptions • If you build it they will come!(apologies to: Field of Dreams screenwriter/director Phil Alden Robinson and Author William P. Kinsella) • You need to use the latest and greatest technology! • Selling on the web will make you rich!

  33. Common Misconceptions - 1 If you build it they will come! WRONG!

  34. Common Misconceptions - 1 • You need to market your web site • In Print/Radio/TV or other advertising • On all business correspondence and cards • Targeted Internet ads or sponsorships (industry centric sites) • Do not rely on search engines • Most now charge for listings • Yahoo=$299.00 a year • Lycos=$18.00 a year for 1 page • InfoSeek= $99.00 Plus $0.05 per click-thru • Google = $0.00 4 to 8 weeks for inclusion no guarantee

  35. Common Misconceptions - 2 You need to use the latest and greatest technology! WRONG!

  36. Common Misconceptions - 2 • Know the browser technology level of your target market. • High Tech Products – Latest & greatest • Commercial Market – AOL (America On-Line), No Microsoft specific HTML formatting • Government – No Java, No JavaScript, No Flash, No HTML email • Academia / Education – No HTML email, limited Java and Flash

  37. Common Misconceptions - 3 Selling on the web will make you rich! WRONG!

  38. Common Misconceptions - 3 • Evaluate the investment and return. • Know your market. • What is the market potential? • What will it cost to get/keep customers? • Know your customers. • What percentage will/can use the web? • Know your business process. • What is saved by the customer using the web? • What is the cost to do business on the web?(development, infrastructure, personnel)

  39. Common Misconceptions - 3 • What is the ROI (Return on Investment) ? • Is the business model sound?

  40. Why do youwant a web site?

  41. A Web Design and Hosting Company For questions or additional information: Call (203)-879-2844 Email: