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宁波万里国际学校 马连振 侯利 PowerPoint Presentation
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宁波万里国际学校 马连振 侯利

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宁波万里国际学校 马连振 侯利 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Gifted Director. Steven Spielberg. 宁波万里国际学校 马连振 侯利. Skimming. 1. How many films are mentioned in the passage? What are they? 2. What are Steven Spielberg ’ s later films about?. A List of Steven Spielberg’s films.

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A Gifted Director

Steven Spielberg

宁波万里国际学校 马连振 侯利



1. How many films are mentioned in the passage? What are they?

2. What are Steven Spielberg’s later films about?


A List of Steven Spielberg’s films

《大白鲨》1975 《JAWS》《第三类接触》1977 《Close Encounters of the Three Kind》《外星人》1984 《Gremlins》《紫色》1985 《The Color Purple》 《太阳帝国》1987 《Empire of the Sun》《胡克船长》1991 《Hook》《侏罗纪公园》1993 《Jurassic Park》《辛德勒名单》1993 《Schindler's List》《失落的世界》1997 《The Lost Word》《勇者无惧》1998 《Saving Private Ryan》1998



  • What was Spielberg’s dream?
  • Why did he study English instead of film?
  • Why were people who saw the film “Jaws” afraid to swim in the sea?
  • 4. How important is his family to Spielberg’s career?

Picture 1

get a small job

be born in 1946 in


start making a

young boy

win a prize for

work on

win a job as

picture 2
Picture 2

about a big white shark

attack swimmers

spend holidays

picture 3
Picture 3

about a young boy

make friends with

ET from outer space

love and friendship



Picture 4

about a park a rich man

keep different kinds of dinosaurs

hit by the storm

go wrong

Jurassic Park


Spielberg,_ _______ mother was a teacher, was born in a small town.

  • This was a film_ ______ _____ Spielberg used real actors instead of toys.
  • The reason______________ he could not go there was that his grades was too low.
  • This was the moment ______________ Spielberg’s career really took off.
  • Jurassic Park,______Spielberg made in 1993, is about a park______a man keeps different kinds of dinosaurs.
  • ET is about a young boy ____________makes friends with a small creature from outer space.

The Attributive Clause


in which

why / for which

when / at which



who/ that