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Curia Iulia (Senate House), 29 BCE PowerPoint Presentation
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Curia Iulia (Senate House), 29 BCE

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Curia Iulia (Senate House), 29 BCE - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What is the intended interplay among the processions, the four smaller panels, and the function of the Ara Pacis ? How is the monument polysemiotic and multivalent?. Curia Iulia (Senate House), 29 BCE. Coin of Augustus celebrating the triple triumph in 29 BCE and the commemorative arch.

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What is the intended interplay among the processions, the four smaller panels, and the function of the Ara Pacis? How is the monument polysemiotic and multivalent?


Palatine Hill, Temple of Apollo, houses of Augustus and Livia: temple vowed after Naulochus (vs. S. Pompey) in 36, again in 31; dedicated in 28, part of the LudiSaeculares in 17 BCE

remains of the horologium obelisk in the piazza di montecitorio 800 south of its original position
Remains of the horologium (obelisk in the Piazza diMontecitorio, 800’ south of its original position)
horologium inscription inscriptiones latinae selectae 91 k35
Horologium inscription (InscriptionesLatinaeSelectae91) = K35

Imp(erator) Caesar divi f(ilius)



imp(erator) XII, co(n)s(ul) XI, trib(unicia) pot(estate) XIV

Aegypto in potestatem

populi Romani redacta

Soli donumdedit

“Emperor Caesar son of the divine

chief priest,

hailed imperator 12 times, consul 11 times, holding tribunician power for the 14th time

once Egypt had been reduced to the

power of the Roman people

gave this as a gift to the Sun.”

mausoleum of augustus 28 bce
Mausoleum of Augustus, 28 BCE

Res Gestae would have been displayed on the doorposts


Tomb markers of Marcellus and Octavia(Gaius Marcellus, son of Octavia, husband of Julia & son-in-law and nephew of Augustus,and Octavia, sister of Augustus)

Marcellus s(on of) G(aius) Octavia d(aughter of) G(aius)

nephew sister

of Augustus Caesar of Augu[stus Caesar]

naumachia augusti 2 bce
NaumachiaAugusti, 2 BCE

Ancient Naumachia, F.-P. Charpentier(1782)

Modern Naumachia, Treasure Island, Las Vegas