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Types of Organizations PowerPoint Presentation
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Types of Organizations

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Types of Organizations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Examining Marketing and Business Marketing I Competencies: #34- Explain the different types of organizations. Types of Organizations. Three Categories of Organizations. For Profit In business to make profit from operations Non-Profit In business to fund cause Government

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Examining Marketing and BusinessMarketing ICompetencies:#34- Explain the different types of organizations

Types of Organizations

three categories of organizations
Three Categories of Organizations
  • For Profit

In business to make profit from operations

  • Non-Profit

In business to fund cause

  • Government

In businesses to finance governments services

for profit organization
For Profit Organization
  • Primary goal is to generate a profit
  • Profit is returned to owner(s)
  • May be formed to conduct any number of lawful business activities
  • Pays state and federal taxes on profit in accordance to state, and federal regulations
  • Additional taxes paid on property owned
  • Assets and property belong to owner(s)
  • If business dissolves, company may keep or sell property
  • Raise capital through investors- share of profit given in exchange for the investment
non profit organization
Non-Profit Organization
  • Primary purpose for common cause of community- often religious, charitable, or educational purposes
  • Profits raised MUST be re-circulated back into the organization to fulfill mission- MAY pay salaries and administrative costs
  • Does not pay state and federal tax exemption if qualifies for 501c (3) exemption
  • Assets belong to organization
  • If organization dissolves, assets and property must be donated to another non-profit organization
  • Capital raised through donations- donors may receive tax credit
effects of competition on for profit and non profit organizations
Effects of Competition on For Profit and Non-Profit Organizations
  • BOTH types of organizations compete for limited resources
  • BOTH types of organizations promote and market for customers
  • BOTH types of organizations must manage business for efficiency, profit, and positive public image to gain customers and remain competitive
class assignment
Class Assignment
  • Students will work in small groups (2-3 people per group)
  • Select a non-profit of choice to research
  • Prepare a PPT presentation summarizing research. Use the outline handout provided by the marketing teacher.