pastor parish relations committee training
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Pastor-Parish Relations Committee Training

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Pastor-Parish Relations Committee Training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pastor-Parish Relations Committee Training. Eastern Shore District of the Virginia Annual Conference April 5, 2008. Who We Are... (page 1). Professing members of the local church Associate members People engaged and attentive to our own Christian spiritual development

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pastor parish relations committee training

Pastor-Parish Relations Committee Training

Eastern Shore

District of the Virginia

Annual Conference

April 5, 2008

who we are page 1
Who We Are... (page 1)
  • Professing members of the local church
  • Associate members
  • People engaged and attentive to our own Christian spiritual development
  • Elected by Charge Conference
  • At least one representative from each church on the charge
  • Lay Delegate and Lay Leader (voice & vote)
who we cannot be page 1
Who we cannot be...(page 1)
  • Staff members
  • Immediate family members of the pastor or staff
  • Retiring members cannot succeed themselves
  • More than one immediate family member from the same household
committee basics page 1 2
Committee Basics: (page 1-2)
  • Between 5 and 9 persons (one young adult, and possibly one senior high youth)
  • Divided in three-year classes
  • Oversee the work of all staff
  • Pastor should be present, unless s/he excuses self or if D.S. is in attendance
meetings page 1 2
Meetings(page 1 & 2)
  • At least quarterly
  • Written “minutes”
  • May meet in closed session
  • Confidentiality of the utmost importance
pastoral orders par 305 315 336
Pastoral Orders (par. 305, 315-336)
  • Lay Supply
  • Part Time Local Pastor
  • Full Time Local Pastor
  • Associate Members
  • Probationary Members
  • Elders in Full Connection
  • Deacons in Full Connection
pastor s job description pg 15 16

Pastor’s Job Description (pg 15-16)

The 2004 Book of Discipline,

paragraph 340

the discipline covenantal language page 15 16
The Discipline – Covenantal Language (page 15-16)
  • Preach the Word, oversee worship life, read and teach the Scriptures, engage people in study and witness
  • Administer sacraments with preparation
  • Encourage reaffirmation of baptismal covenant
  • Give oversight to total education program of church
discipline continued
Discipline -- continued
  • Provide leadership for funding ministry
  • Lead congregation in ministry with people with disabilities
  • Lead the congregation in evangelistic outreach
  • Instruct candidates for membership
  • Perform marriages after due counsel
discipline continued1
Discipline - continued
  • Counsel those in marital difficulty
  • Counsel the bereaved
  • Counsel re: military service
  • Visit in homes, especially among sick, aged
  • Participate in community, ecumenical concerns, leading congregation to be involved
  • Search for persons to be in ministry
discipline continued2
Discipline -- continued
  • Give leadership to ordering the life of the congregation for nurture and care
  • Offer counsel and theological reflection
  • Lead the congregation in experiencing racial and ethnic inclusiveness
  • Participate in denomination/conference
  • Willing to assume supervisory responsibilities within the connection
discipline continued3
Discipline -- continued
  • Lead the congregation in fulfillment of mission in apportionments
  • Be the administrative officer of the local church: goal setting, planning, working programs, giving account of ministries
  • Make disciples for Jesus Christ
s pprc functions what really matters
S/PPRC Functions -- what really matters:
  • Listening to pastor, to staff, to congregation.
  • Holding in tension: Covenant of Expectations.
  • Advocating for the pastor, for the staff.
  • Trust between members, Pastor and Staff
  • Go to the top and do it again!!
pastoral function what really matters
Pastoral Function – what really matters:
  • Spiritual leadership
  • Self-care (page 23)
  • “Standards for Clergy Leadership” – new resource from our Conference Board of Ordained Ministry (page 67)
  • Expectations of Pastoral Leadership (enclosed)
duties of committee part 1 page 2 4
Duties of Committee-part 1 (page 2-4)
  • Confer and counsel with pastor & staff, advising them of ministry conditions
  • Continually interpret to people the nature and function of ministry
  • Develop and approve job descriptions for staff other than pastor
  • Counsel pastor & staff on relationships with congregation, priorities, skills, goals
duties of committee part 2
Duties of Committee - part 2
  • Provide annual assessment for pastor & staff to encourage effective ministry (page 68-73)
  • Consult: pulpit supply, compensation, vacation, insurances, pension, housing -- making recommendations to Council/Board.
  • PPRC Chair meets with Trustee and Pastor for annual review of parsonage (April-May) and is responsible for returning completed form to District Office.
  • Consult; continuing education, renewal
duties of committee part 3
Duties of Committee - part 3
  • Enlist, interview, evaluate, review, recommend to charge conference: Lay Speakers, Candidates for Ministry and missionary service
  • Interpret to congregation: preparation for ordained ministry, Ministerial Education Fund (page 66)
  • Recommend to Council other staff positions
  • Offer support and nurture to pastor, staff and their family members
duties of committee part 4
Duties of Committee - part 4
  • Appreciation Sunday for pastor
  • Recommend to council/board adequate health and life insurance for all lay employees
  • Promote unity in the church(es)
  • Recommend to Finance Committee compensation for pastor and staff (page 17-20)
  • Maintain church profile on conference website (pages 61-64)
confidentiality integrity issues
Confidentiality/integrity Issues
  • Issues are discussed during meeting, not between meetings
  • All matters under discussion are kept in strict confidence, i.e., a “safe” place
  • All input brought to the meeting is held in confidence, but is “owned” input
  • Careful reporting to Council/Board
duties of committee pastoral change
Duties of Committee – Pastoral Change
  • Confer with pastor & cooperate with pastor, DS, and bishop in securing clergy leadership when its becomes evident that the best interests of the church and pastor will be served by a change. (page 54-55)
  • Such conferring and cooperating with DS and bishop are advisory only. (page 54-55)
the appointment process

The Appointment Process

Pastoral Transition

for Church and Pastor

(pages 54 -65A)

the preference form pages 58 60
The Preference Form - (pages 58 - 60)
  • Filled out in early January
  • May include input from out-going class
  • No polls, petitions, straw votes
  • Signatures of committee and pastor on both forms
  • Forms are advisory to Bishop and Cabinet
profiles pages 61 65a
Profiles (pages 61-65A)
  • Three Profiles: Pastor, Church, Community
  • Laity responsible for inputting, editing, and updating the Church and Community Profiles
  • Profile utilization is ONLY through Conference Web Page
  • Profiles are taken VERY seriously!!!!
cabinet guidelines for appointment making
Cabinet Guidelines for Appointment-Making
  • Itinerancy
  • Open-itinerancy, gender issues
  • Family Situations
  • All appointments are for one year
  • Longer pastorates make for healthier churches
priority of needs
Priority of Needs
  • The Mission of the Church in relation to the conference
  • The Needs/Mission of a specific church as it relates to the community
  • The Needs of the clergy
  • Gifts and Graces of the clergy
  • Housing and family needs
  • Salary
steps in the process
Steps in the Process:
  • Profiling of the Church
  • Nomination of pastors
  • Selection of “projected pastor”
  • Meet your Pastor
  • Appointment confirmed
  • Appointments final when “read” at Annual Conference Session
calendar flow page 5
Calendar Flow (page 5)

First Quarter (January thru March):

  • Organize Committee (vice-chair, secretary)
  • Discuss and fill out “Preference Form”
  • Review job descriptions for lay staff
  • Look at S/PPRC Goals for year
calendar flow
Calendar Flow

Second Quarter (April-June):

  • Annual Pastoral Assessment -- decide who will give input, what will be the areas/issues of assessment
  • Present written assessment to pastor -- ample time for feedback and discussion
  • Parsonage Inspection with Trustee Chair
calendar flow1
Calendar Flow

Third Quarter (July-September):

  • Budget work: salary (accountable reimbursement/travel), continuing education, heat, other budget items that relate to “staff” (page 20, 50A,43)
  • Review action items coming out of Spring assessment
calendar flow2
Calendar Flow

Fourth Quarter (October-December):

  • Look at Goals being set for new year – how do they impact staff (priorities, training, division of tasks)
  • Look at long range plan for pastor’s continuing education
  • Evaluate year’s work of PPRC