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Kinder-Garden. Ready, Set, Grow!. beauty. Clean water. Why are plants important to the Earth?. food. insects. c lean air. Click here to find out more. medicine. animals. Climate. Why are plants important to you?. What do plants need to grow?. Draw and label your findings here.

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kinder garden


Ready, Set, Grow!

why are plants important to the earth


Clean water

Why are plants important to the Earth?



clean air

Click here to find out more.




Why are plants important to you?

what do plants need to grow

What do plants need to grow?

Draw and label your findings here.

Click here to try this


Click here for Video

Click here for bulletin board ideas!

how do plants grow

How do plants grow?

Watch me Grow!

Now it is your turn. Plant a seed and watch it grow!

Click here for recording forms.

the parts of plants


The Parts of Plants


Click here for bulletin board and craft ideas.



why are roots important

Do we eat roots?

Click Here to find out.

What do roots do?

Why are roots important?

Experiment with Roots

to find out. Click Here

Predict: What will happen when you put the end of an onion in water? Try it!

Watch these videos

Read all about it!

Roots by Bodach, Vijaya

to learn more.

how do seeds move

How would you move?

How do seeds move?

Why do seeds move?

Click Here for Video

Read The Tiny Seed by Eric Carl to see what adventures a seed can have as it moves.

what s inside

Open two fruits:

Click Here to Compare!

What’s inside?

Parts of a Seed: Video

See for yourself…

Open up fruits to see what is inside!

Click here to label the parts of a seed


A Mango has 100s of Seeds?

Click here for a video!



Soak your own seeds and examine what is inside!

ready set grow

What are your favorite foods from the garden?

Graph your results here!

Have you grown anything from a seed before?

Ready, Set, Grow!

Do you know where your favorite foods come from?

Click on the picture to watch a video about gardening!

What kinds of plants do you have growing in your yard?

Time to work in the garden!

unit summary for teachers

Unit Summaryfor Teachers

  • Students will use 21st century skills to investigate plants, their importance to the Earth, life cycle, parts, and needs.
  • Students will use the scientific method to predict, set up experiments, collect data, and share results.
  • Students will use knowledge gained from experiments, literature, informational texts, and video from United Streaming to answer content questions and essential questions from the unit.
  • Technology is integrated into the unit with interactive lessons, assessments, explorations, and for student sharing of ideas.
  • Hands-on explorations are part of every essential and content question from the unit as students learn when they do.
  • Students will work in collaborative groups to explore, collect data, record their observations, and share their findings.
  • Please continue to add to this unit as you too create lessons and discover questions that are essential to the study of plants!

Click on each box to access pre and post assessments.

Why are plants important?


What do plants need to grow?

How do seeds move?

Label the parts of a seed and explain the purpose of each part.

Rubric for Plant Journal


AZ State Standards

  • Science in Kindergarten
  • Strand 1: Inquiry Process
  • Concept 1: Observe, ask questions, and make observations.
  • Concept 2: Scientific Testing.
  • Concept 3: Analysis and Conclusions
  • Concept 4: Communication
  • Strand 4: Life Sciences
  • Concept 1: Characteristics of organisms
  • Concept 2: Life cycles
  • Concept 3: Organisms and Environments




All Videos were taken from Discovery Education at


Valley Permaculture Alliance offers workshops on community gardening



Carl, Eric. The Tiny Seed. Simon & Schuster: New York, New York. 1987.

Fowler, Alan. From Seed to Plant. Growling Publishing, USA. 2001.

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Bodach, Vijaya. Roots (Plant Parts Series). Capstone Press; 1st edition. 2008.