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ETE 335. Elementary Social Studies Lesson Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences. ETE 335. Elementary Social Studies Lesson Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences. Lindsay Schell Geography Grade 5 What about Illinois?. ETE 335. Elementary Social Studies Lesson Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences.

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Ete 335

ETE 335

Elementary Social Studies Lesson

Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences

Ete 335

ETE 335

Elementary Social Studies Lesson

Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences

Lindsay Schell


Grade 5

What about Illinois?

Ete 335

ETE 335

Elementary Social Studies Lesson

Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences


The students will understand the physical characteristics of Illinois, as well as important information about the state and its history, as well as human interaction with the geography of Illinois.



Students will demonstrate knowledge of physical characteristics of Illinois

Students will demonstrate knowledge of the history of Illinois

Students will demonstrate knowledge of human interactions with


Interpret, Classify, Demonstrate


Receiving, Responding, Valuing

Ete 335

ETE 335

Elementary Social Studies Lesson

Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences


Students need to know about their state. It’s important, to become a good citizen, that we are informed. We need to learn from our past in order to be successful in the future.


State – Illinois Common Core or Learning Standards

17.A.2a Compare the physical character­istics of places including soils, land forms, vegetation, wildlife, climate, natural hazards.

17.C.2b Describe the relationships among location of resources, population distribution and economic activities (e.g., transportation, trade, communications).

17.D.2b Identify different settlement patterns in Illinois and the United States and relate them to physical features and resources.

National – NCSS Themes

Standard 4. The physical and human characteristics of places.

Standard 8. The characteristics, distribution, and migration of human populations on Earth's surface.

Standard 12. The processes, patterns, and functions of human settlement.

Standard 15. How physical systems affect human systems. Standard 16. The changes that occur in the meaning, use, distribution, and importance of resources.

Logical mathematical1

  • The students will be organizing fast facts about Illinois into chronological order. Each student will be given a sheet with 20 dates, event, etc. and will have to put the events into chronological order using resources of their choice (books, encyclopedia, internet, friends, etc.) They will have 25 minutes to complete their assignments in class.

  • Materials:

    • Research materials (computer, encyclopedia, social studies textbook, etc.)

Verbal linguistic1

  • Hold an “Illinois Facts and Places" spelling & pronunciation bee. Students will be given a general list of topics which might be selected for the bee. One week later, the bee will happen. Students must spell the correct person, place, or date to continue in the bee. The last student standing is the winner.

Musical rhythmic1

  • Students will be creating a sound/tonal based legend for a map of Illinois. They will draw their maps, with significant points, and create different sounds, beats, noises, etc. to signify specific items on their maps. Each map must contain at least 4 elements of sound to signify items. Students will trade maps, and listening to some sounds, they will attempt to find objects on another student’s map.

  • Materials:

    • Maps

    • Sound examples

Visual spatial1

  • Students will be drawing maps of Illinois. They will be labeling the most significant cities, rivers, etc. They will work in pairs and drawing their final drawings on a large poster. Their posters will also be in color and each pair will present their poster to the class, explaining the significance of the items they chose to label.

Body kinesthetic1

  • Students will be in groups of 4, writing a play. Each group will be given a beginning scenario. Each scenario will have a family traveling to settle in Illinois for a different reason, and possibly, time period. The students will choose characters, write the play, practice, and perform the play for their classmates. They will have costumes and any props they choose to bring or use.

  • Materials:

    • Props and costumes provided by students

    • Scenarios for each group


  • Students will assume the role of the Illinois or Illinewek Indians. They will write a short essay, in class, about some struggles they may have ensued because of people moving West. They will talk about both the good and bad aspects of people moving to Illinois.


  • The students will be keeping a journal throughout the Illinois unit. They will reflect on how they would have been different if they had grown up somewhere else, or how they are different because they were born and partially raised away from their current location. They should discuss culture, climate, etc.


  • Students will be investigating about how humans have affected the environment of Illinois over time. They will create a report about why people moved (or wanted to move) to Illinois. What was so appealing about our soil, crops, animals, etc.? They will also include, in their report, what has happened since our state has become inhabited. Have any animal or plant populations decreased? Increased?

Ete 335

ETE 335

Elementary Social Studies Lesson

Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences

Visual Learning and Assessment:

Visual Learning, Assessment, and Online Resources:

Visual Learning


1. Students will be graded on the various assignments throughout, as well as they will have a final test over Illinois history and geography

Online Resources: