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Science Fair Orientation

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Science Fair Orientation. Peyma Oskoui Stephanie Youngquist 2012 Co-Chairs. What is the JLS Science Fair?. A unique way for kids to explore an interesting question and be involved with a lot of excitement around science. The JLS Science Fair is non-competitive.

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science fair orientation

Science Fair Orientation

Peyma Oskoui

Stephanie Youngquist

2012 Co-Chairs

JLS Science Fair Orientation

what is the jls science fair
What is the JLS Science Fair?

A unique way for kids to explore an interesting question and be involved with a lot of excitement

around science.

The JLS Science Fair is non-competitive.

Instead, there is feedback for all participants

This is an annual event, held at JLS.

Coordinated with JLS Science Teachers

Science teachers help students to choose a good topic and use the scientific method

Students will create a poster and present at the Science Fair.

This event is voluntary, but some science teachers require students to present

Hosted by parent volunteers, PTA, & Synopsis Silicon Valley Science and Technology Outreach Foundation

Poster board is supplied for participants.

Good preparation for state fairs, Synopsys

JLS Science Fair Orientation

why do we have a science fair
Why do we have a Science Fair?
  • We live in a science-infused world
  • Science as an extra-curricular activity
  • Develops great skills – for science and beyond
    • Encourage curiosity
    • Learn to ask good questions
    • Investigation methods, rigor and follow-through
    • Receiving constructive feedback (judges)
    • Presentations – paper, poster & talk
    • Critical thinking & evaluation
    • Organization

JLS Science Fair Orientation

getting started
Getting Started
  • Start with something STUDENT is interested in!!
    • Brainstorm topics (newspapers, magazines, your eyes)
    • Consult resources and do some research
      • Web site, Library,, Teacher
    • Focus on simple testable questions
    • Discovery (student shouldn’t know the answer yet!)
    • Plan for AT LEAST 3-4 weeks of experimentation
  • Keep it simple – gadgets, money, experts - are a sign that the project may be a little out of control
    • Students will be evaluated on how clearly they can communicate their problem statements, hypotheses, how they collected data…

JLS Science Fair Orientation

scientific method
Scientific Method
  • Ask a question
    • Brainstorm: what interests you?
    • Make sure your topic can be tested.
  • Investigate question / topic
  • Form an hypothesis
  • Design an experiment
  • Collect data from the experiment
  • Examine data
  • Compare data to hypothesis
  • Draw conclusions

JLS Science Fair Orientation

types of projects
Types of Projects*
  • Experiment (All grades)
  • 6th graders can also:
    • Demonstration
    • Invention
    • Model
    • Collection
    • May work in pairs

* Project types: discussed on the website and in the handbook.

    • Science teachers may limit choices for the purposes of their classes.
    • If your child is planning on entering the Synopsis Fair, check their restrictions (

JLS Science Fair Orientation

project expectations
Project Expectations
  • Student Project (limited direction)
    • Simple project, thorough knowledge
    • Neat, well presented graphics that student generates and fully understands
  • How long will the project take?
    • 4 to 8 weeks
      • 1 week research
      • At least 2-3 weeks experiment
      • 1-2 weeks to do the poster and report

JLS Science Fair Orientation

interests questions

JLS Science Fair Orientation

interests questions9

JLS Science Fair Orientation

evaluation form
Evaluation Form

1. Objective/Problem:

Student communicates objective/problem clearly and/or hypothesis is testable.

In case of a demonstration or a model, the description is clear.

2. Study Design/Process:

Experiment can validate hypothesis or achieve objective. Description includes enough detail to make it repeatable.

3. Data Collection/Analysis/Experimental Design:

Data collected appropriate for the project. Student effort evident from thoroughness and complexity of data presented. Lessons learned and how student used the knowledge gained.

4. Poster Presentation:

Poster is neat, clear and legible. Explains ideas and execution of project; includes appropriate references and reasonable conclusions.

5. Interview/Communication:

Student effort and understanding is evident from oral presentation and responses to questions. Student shows knowledge of project in his/her own words.

JLS Science Fair Orientation

details and rules
Details and Rules
  • Consult with Science Teachers
  • Read handouts: web-site, handbook.
  • Choose experiment / project / question
  • Register online (possibly teacher forms)
  • Decide if you want to participate in other fairs (more forms, different rules)
  • Extra time: Animals, chemicals, humans…

JLS Science Fair Orientation

jls science fair registration
JLS Science Fair Registration
  • Early Bird registration deadline: December 15th
    • Automatically entered into a special raffle.
  • Final registration deadline: January 19th
  • On-line registration is open now.
  • Students MUST register online to participate

JLS Science Fair Orientation

important dates
Important Dates
  • Orientation/On-line Reg. starts: Oct 25th, 7 – 8pm
  • After-School student clinics student: Nov.16th & Dec 7th, 1:45 – 2:45pm
  • Choose topic/Run experiments Nov/Dec/Jan
  • Create posters: Jan
  • JLS Science Fair: January 25th and 26th, 2012
    • 4 sessions in the Cafetorium:
      • Wednesday, Jan 25th 6:30 – 7:30 and 8 – 9pm
      • Thursday, Jan 26th 6:30 – 7:30 and 8 – 9pm
    • Each students poster is displayed at one session
      • The session will be assigned dependent upon

teacher preference and space

JLS Science Fair Orientation

synopsys championship
Synopsys Championship

Regional Science Fair at San Jose Convention Center

March 6-7, 2011

Registration deadline requiring SRC approval - Jan 6, 2011

Some experiments require review and early registration

(see handout for more details): humans, animals, chemicals, etc.

Regular registration deadline - Jan 27, 2011

Championship: April 30th & May 1st, 2011 in Los Angeles

Interested students:

Tell your science teacher

Look at the registration materials before choosing a topic

Because there may be a special form

Read the HANDBOOK!

Be aware of deadlines.

JLS Science Fair Orientation


Parent volunteers run the Science Fair

It can’t happen without you!

Co-Chairs (Peyma Oskoui & Stephanie Youngquist)

PR – open

Food for volunteers (1-2) - open

Packet prep (1-2) – open

Greeters/Student registration (many) - open

Evaluators (many) – open

You can be an evaluator for one session of one night

or the whole fair!

Website – Allen Simon

JLS Science Fair Orientation

  • Questions? Interested in volunteering?

Contact Science Fair Co-Chairs

    • Peyma Oskoui
      •; (650) 856-7846
    • Stephanie Youngquist
      •; (650) 327-4284
  • Science Teachers
  • Resources:

JLS Science Fair Orientation