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How To Offer Leveraged Cryptocurrency Trading As A Forex Broker

Global Liquidity provides industry-leading cryptocurrency liquidity with aggregated spreads to Forex brokers. We take the BBOs of the world's top crypto exchanges and tighten the spreads by matching the best bid prices with the best ask prices. Get a head start. Dominate your competitors, and offer leveraged trading on 50 crypto instruments. Connect your broker today free of charge: http://www.global-liquidity.com/<br>

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How To Offer Leveraged Cryptocurrency Trading As A Forex Broker

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  1. How To Offer Cryptocurrency Trading With Very Low Spreads global-liquidity.com Trust Company Complex Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands MH96960

  2. Welcome To Global Liquidity How To Get Industry-Leading Crypto Liquidity As A Forex Broker Why Offer Your Clients Leveraged Crypto Trading? Attract and retain more clients • The total cryptocurrency market capitalization is projected to reach into the trillions over the next few years • The daily volume of all cryptocurrencies (April 2018) is already in excess of 24 billion USD • According to Fortune.com (April 2018), Japan alone has over 3.5 million crypto traders (but they are not trading leveraged) • The high volatility of the current crypto market is very attractive to current Forex traders • Many existing cryptocurrency traders and portfolio holders are not aware of margin trading which provides new marketing avenues for your broker See an increase in profits • Higher volatility allows you to charge higher markups on trades • Crypto trading is 24/365, so your clients can trade even on weekends and holidays • This means more commissions your broker will earn How Can Global Liquidity Guarantee This? Our platform allows your broker to offer your clients every trading pair available on Bitfinex (and if you need more, just ask!) We are in a tier 1 liquidity fee schedule with these world-leading crypto exchanges because of our high daily volumes We are in the highest volume tiers with each exchange and thus have the best rates which we share with you We aggregate liquidity from the highest-volume crypto exchanges in the world and are con- stantly adding more to offer you the best bid/ask prices The order books of all the exchanges we use are publicly visible During a trade audit, we provide all the information you need to know about your trade: • Exchanges used for aggregation • Bid and ask price • Time the trade was placed • Fees charged by the exchanges • • • • • • Why Choose Global Liquidity? We have taken the major hassle and with the API’s of each cryptocurrency tier 1 liquidity fee schedules of which of this, we aggregate the liquidity of spreads by combining the best bid Exchange A Exchange B extensive cost out of integrating smoothly exchange. Our high volume also lands us in the benefits we pass on to you. On top of all multiple exchanges to give you the tightest and ask prices of each. GLOBAL LIQUIDITY BTC/USD Market Execution 8229.33/8242.56 Variety - Offer your broker’s clients trading on 50+ crypto and crypto/fiat pairs Liquidity - Orders are processed straight through (STP) to the most liquid crypto exchanges in the world Transparency - Audit the flow of every trade Reliability – Liquidity aggregation of multiple exchanges (leading the crypto-space in volume) ensures your broker’s clients stability and execution speed Cost – Leverage the power of our propri- etary technology in combination with the most competitive spreads in the market. BTC/USD Market Execution 8229.33/8249.6 BTC/USD Market Execution 8229.33/8249.6 SPREAD: 20.347 SPREAD: 20.347 AGGREGATED SPREAD: 13.23 Aggregation - Because we work with several exchang- es, we simultaneously provide the best bid as well as the best ask price for the tightest possible spreads Simplicity - We han- dle all of the technical integration for you by connecting your broker to our liquidity using FiX API 4.4 Risk-free – Don’t let the volatility of the crypto market (flood- ing with savvy traders) devastate your bro- ker’s bottom line Support - We provide 24/365 VIP support to you and your broker Competition - Don’t let the brokers already benefiting from our service take away your clients! Connect your broker today! Please visit global-liquidity.com/form/

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