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Here's my experience with an inversion table

If someone prone to back pain uses inversion therapy on a regular basis, they can live virtually pain free for decades without having to undergo surgery!<br><br>

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Here's my experience with an inversion table

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  1. inversiontablereviewsblog.com Jacob A.Bair Why and how does a inversion tablework? What Makes a Good InversionTable If someone prone to back pain uses inversion therapy on a regular basis, they can livevirtually pain free for decades without having to undergosurgery! There is an excellent February 2003 to September 2006 clinical research study conducted at Newcastle University in England that supports this point. In this study, twenty-two patients suffering from sciatic nerve pain due to a disc protrusion were studied. In all cases, their physicianhadrecommendedbacksurgerybuttheywereallhopingtoavoiditbyundergoing physicaltherapy.

  2. ”Inversion therapy involvesbeing upside down or at an inverted angle while hanging by the legs, ankles, or feet with the intention of therapeuticbenefits. The process of doing so is called inversion. It is a form of spinal decompression andis a formof These patients were split into two groups, one receiving physical therapy alone, and theother receiving both physical therapy and inversion therapy on an inversiontable. The results of the Newcastle University showed an overwhelming advantage for the groupthat did the inversion therapy. Here is a summary of thoseresults: 78percentofthosepatientswhoreceivedphysicaltherapyonlystillhadto have backsurgery. On theotherhand,only23percentofthosepatientswhodidtheinversiontherapystillhadto have back surgery. This means that inversion therapy saved 77 percent of that group fromhaving toundergopainful,andalltoooftenineffective,backsurgery! For years, itwasbelievedthatasurgicaloperationwastheonlywaytotreatchronicbackpainor herniated discrupture. Though it does relieve the excruciating pain that accompanies a vertebrae problem, it’s majorlya farce. While the pain might be diminished by a large extent providing you with a much-needed relief,the recoverytimeisfrustratinglylong,andinmostcases,thepainfindsitswayback. These equipment are a technological marvel of thisage. Asimple,yethighlyeffectivetooltocombatchronicbackpainandothervertebrae illnesses,the everyday engineering behind this product takes home-made therapy togreat lengths. The market is flooded with hundreds of designs and brandsevery year. You might think that there are hardly any ways that these gear can largely differ from anyother brands. You’re probablyright. But also,wrong. It is true that designs of these various products might seem a lot similar butas they say, the devil lies in the details, and you get what you payfor. The equipment provides a range of ergonomic functionalities that almost all sub-standardones miss outon.

  3. To give you a comprehensive outlook about what makes a one of these the best in its classand whattolookoutforawhilepurchasingone,here’s alistofcharacteristicsthat • great product possesses- So finding a good inverted table iskey. • What makes aninversion • table easy touse? • While this is what it’s generally designed for, there are a lot of products in the market that offersa restricteddegreeofmovementwhenitcomestoironmaninversiontablereviewcapability. • To extract optimum functionality, the table must be able to invert tovarying angles and that too, easily. • Machineswhichprovidetheabilitytoshiftangularconstraintswhilestillrestingonthemachinein its standard position are all the rage in today’smarket. • Safety- • Thisformofphysiotherapydemandsthebodytobeinvertedtovaryinganglesformaximumback flexibility. In such a case, it is highly necessary for the machine to be built of high strength materialtobeabletosustainyourweightwhenyou’reinvertinganywherefrom180ºto 270º. • Sincetheupperbodywillbefree toflexandmove,theequipmentmustbeefficientlystabilized • byfootsupport.Safetyanddoingtheexercisewithsomeonetohelpyouincaseyougetstuckor something is always a recommended choice to reducerisk. • Adjustability- • Ergonomic design is generally a pre-requisite for any manufacturer of these. It shouldbe • fabricatedinawaythatitwillcatertoyourbody aswell as anyoneelse inyourhometoo. Each person holds a unique Centre of Gravity position and these products must be able to adjust to it(almostallofthemdoexcepttheverycheaponesmightnothave it). • Even WeightDistribution- • Since most of the body weight will be impressed upon your ankles while stretching at an upside- downinclination,itisnecessaryforittohousecomfortableandergonomicankle bracestoevenly distribute the weight and avoid any footinjuries.

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