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Customer experience in B2B - 8 questions for your CEO PowerPoint Presentation
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Customer experience in B2B - 8 questions for your CEO

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Customer experience in B2B - 8 questions for your CEO
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Customer experience in B2B - 8 questions for your CEO

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  1. 8 Customer Questions Every CEO of a B2B Company Should Be Asking Himself. FUTURELAB

  2. FUTURELAB Reality check Customer satisfaction will not provide you with extra profit or customer loyalty. After all, when did you last pay to be dissatisfied? As such, most customers that defect a business, were satisfied at their time of defection. How Futurelab can help We let you look beyond the satisfaction metrics and discover your customer’s real motivations. Once these are known, we assist in devising the strategies that drive loyalty and customer profit. Question #1 Do you still measure “satisfaction”?

  3. FUTURELAB 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Reality check Not all customers are equally profitable. In fact, the customers who are the happiest with your services often make up most, if not all of your profits. How Futurelab can help We can show you which customers are most and least profitable for your business and devise strategies that maximises your profit by not treating all customers equal. Question #2 Can you tell your most profitable customers from the money losers?

  4. FUTURELAB Reality check B2B customers consist of many stakeholders which each play a part in the ultimate decision to (re)purchase . If you can’t align their different perspectives, your business could be at risk. How Futurelab can help We can help you understand the thinking of various individual stakeholders and help them develop a favourable perception of your business. Question #3 Companies are multi-faceted. Do you think in people or in accounts?

  5. FUTURELAB Reality check Most B2B companies only manage a fraction of their customer’s total experience. As a result they leave important steps in the customer decision process up to chance. If things go wrong, they slip up. How Futurelab can help We can help you map the complete customer experience and establish management methods & measures that allow your people to get it right at all moments of importance to your customer. Question #4 Have you got an experience process in place?

  6. FUTURELAB Reality check There is substantial evidence that B2B purchasing decision are at least 50% emotional. Companies which approach their clients with a purely rational business model, are therefore substantially undermining their chances of success. How Futurelab can help We can help you identify the emotional drivers that get your stakeholders to act. These allow us to assist your commercial teams to push all the right buttons. Question #5 Do you approach your customers as humans or as robots?

  7. FUTURELAB Reality check Customer profits are probably the most important focus area for any business. But most departments are driven by operational KPI’s which are not customer-centric. As a result they don’t really care about customer profis. And many opportunities go to waste. How Futurelab can help We can help align the KPI’s and mindsets of the people in your organisation around the customer. By getting everyone to focus on the right actions and behaviours, no profit opportunity goes to waste. FINANCE – OPERATIONS – SALES – MARKETING - … Question #6 In how far do your people care about customer profit creation?

  8. FUTURELAB Reality check Quality management has taught us to focus on fixing what our business is getting wrong. But the biggest leverage is often gained from expanding and amplifying the customer relationships you are already “getting right”. How Futurelab can help We can help you identify the unique strengths of your business (from a customer perspective), and leverage these for maximum profit in your business and in your industry. Question #7 Do you really leverage all your wins?

  9. FUTURELAB Reality check Most CEO’s carry the customer in their heart. But their ability to express this is often limited by the corporate straight-jacket of quarterly results, political balance and corporate legacy. As a result the employees never receive the leadership example they need to succeed. How Futurelab can help We can – privately – help you review the ways in which you can inspire your organisation to higher customer profits, all while remaining within the boundaries of your role as CEO. Question #8 Are you truly a customer-centric leader?