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olet fittings branch connection and types of olet n.
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Olet Fittings (Branch Connection) and Types of Olet Fittings PowerPoint Presentation
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Olet Fittings (Branch Connection) and Types of Olet Fittings

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Olet Fittings (Branch Connection) and Types of Olet Fittings
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Olet Fittings (Branch Connection) and Types of Olet Fittings

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  1. Olet Fittings (Branch Connection) and Types of Olet Fittings Olet fittings (generally called Branch Connection Fittings or Outlet Fittings) which give an outlet from a greater pipe to a littler one (or one of a comparative size). Olets are branching fittings made by largest manufacturers of metal fittings like us. Olets offer a substitute method for connecting into the primary run and don't require fortification or reinforcement. Olets are pre-molded to the bend of the run pipe. Flat based weldolets are accessible for connecting with pipe tops and vessel heads. The principal pipe onto which the branch connection is welded is for the most part called the Run or Header measure estimate FITNESS. The pipe to which the branch affiliation or association gives a channel is called the Branch or Outlet measure. Branch connections are in all sizes, sorts, types, bores, and classes, in a broad assortment of stainless steel, chrome-molly, and distinctive amalgams combinations. Olets are mostly utilized for branching on high weight pressure and high temperature applications. Maximum admissible weight pressure of a fitting is same concerning connected straight consistent or seamless run pipe of proportionate material. Olet Pipe Fittings Materials and Grades (Weldolets, Threadolets, Sockolets) 1) Stainless Steel Olet Fittings - ASTM/ASME SA 182F GR. 304, 304L, 304H, 304N, 304LN, 316, 316L, 316H, 316N, 316LN, 309L, 310, 317, 317L, 321, 321H, 347, 347H AND UNS 31254 (254SMO) 2) Carbon Steel Olet Fittings - ASTM/ASME A105 / A350 LF2, ASME SA105, A694 - F42, F46, F52, F60, F65, F70, A36, A516 GR. 70, 60 3) Alloy Steel Olet Fittings - ASTM/ASME A182 GR. F1 / F5 / F9 / F11 / F22 / F91 4) Duplex Steel Olet Fittings - ASTM/ASME SA 182F GR. F44, F45, F51, F53, F55, F60, F61.WERKSTOFF NO. 1.4462 5) Nickel Alloy Steel Olet Fittings - ASTM/ASME SB 256 GR. NICKEL ALLOY 200, NICKEL ALLOY 20, MONEL ALLOY 400, INCONEL ALLOY 600, INCONEL ALLOY 625, INCOLOY ALLOY 800, INCOLOY ALLOY 800H, INCOLOY ALLOY 800HT, INCONEL ALLOY 825, ALLOY 20, HASTELLOY C-276, HASTELLOY C-4, HASTELLOY C-22, ALLOY 6XN 6) Low Temperature Pipe Olets - A/SA 350 LF2, LF3 Olet Fittings are also available in other metal like titanium, aluminium, bronze, Lead, tantalum, zinc, brass etc.

  2. Application or Uses of Olet Fittings are used in wide range of industries. Some of them are Power Plants Water Pipelines Refineries Food & Beverages Pharmaceuticals Textiles Railways Petrochemicals Nuclear Plants Sugar mills Types of Olet Pipe Fittings 1) Brazolet - Brazolet is used generally and mostly to interface or associate the sustained fittings. Brazolet is same like a weldolet, and is an awesome fitting for metal pipes, copper tubing and iron pipes funnels with brass. 2) Coupolet - Coupolet fittings are planned for use in fire/fire protection sprinkler structures and other low weight channeling applications. 3) Elbolet - Elbolet is used on 90° Long Radius Elbows (can be delivered for Short Radius Elbows) for thermo well and instrumentation affiliations 4) Flexolet - Flexolets resemble weldolets with a minor refinement i.e. flexolet has straight bore while weldolet has diminished bore. 5) Insert Weldolet - Insert Weldolet is the most broadly perceived of all branch associations, and is welded onto the outlet pipe. 6) Latrolet - Latrolets are an assortment of weldolets. You need to associate it in same way, however these Latrolets make a 45-degree association with the standard pipe rather than a 90 degree. 7) Nipolet - Nipolets is just a mix of olets with pipe nipples. These olets work like the weldolets or threadolets, yet are with nipple. 8) Sockolet - Sockolets are in a general sense like weldolets and threadolets; beside the route that in Sockolets there is one of a kind connection suited welding.

  3. 9) Sweepolet - Sweepolet is a formed, basically sustained; butt-weld branch relationship with a low stress heightening component for low weights and long depletion or exhaustion life. 10) Threadolet - Threadolets resemble diverse olets; the primary difference is that this olet is outfitted with female threaded association. 11) Weldolet - Weldolets or welding olets or welding branch association fittings are the most understood among all the olets. These are for the most utilized and arranged as buttweld fittings, as these are welded into the branch pipe. Manufacturing Standards ASTM A182 - ASME SA182 - Standard Specification ASME B16.11 - Forged Fittings Socket - Welding and Threaded MSS SP-97 - Integrally Reinforced Forged Branch Outlet Fittings - Socket Welding, Threaded and Buttwelding Ends For Olet Fittings you can contact us. They one of the largest manufacturer and supplier of Olet fittings and other Pipe Fittings.