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How To Setup a Glow Party PowerPoint Presentation
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How To Setup a Glow Party

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How To Setup a Glow Party - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How To Setup a Glow Party

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  1. How To Setup a Glow Party

  2. Before doing anything you need to make a plan for it. So if you are planning to give a glow party to your friends, you need some arrangements for it. Here are some important ideas that will help those who are arranging a glow party for the first time. • Get Some Important Party Supplies: • Black lights • Glow Sticks • Brightly Colored Paper and Pens • Bright Lights and LED's • Colored Accessories • Glowing Body Paint • Great Music • Foods and Refreshment

  3. Black lights Black lights are the first thing comes in mind if someone planning for a Glow Party because it gives glow to brightly colored objects.

  4. Glow Sticks Glow sticks are available in different styles like plastic stick or wearable flexible bands. It contains a chemical that glow in dark when activated. Try to wear flexible sticks around your neck like a chain or wear it as a wrist band.

  5. Brightly Colored Paper and Pens If you have a creative mind then try to decorate your party with your own ideas. Bright fluorescent colored papers glow under Black lights and colored highlighters also gives the same reflection.

  6. Bright Lights and LED's Ordinary glowing lights are another great addition for a glow party. Now a days, LED’s are available in variety of colors, cheap and much brighter that could easily use in parties.

  7. Colored Accessories Colored accessories like rings, bracelets, sunglasses etc. are also important things to wear during party. But you need to purchase it as cheap as you can because you don’t have to spend all your money on the stuff that could be lost or break.

  8. Glowing Body Paint Make some art on your body parts like arms, shoulder, hands, back or anywhere you like with glowing body paint. This paint glows under black and other lights.

  9. Selection Of Music No party is complete without music because it’s like butter and bread. You need to choose some energetic collection of music that makes your guest to dance and enjoy. Classic house/techno or modern EDM (electronic dance music) are best for parties like this.

  10. Foods and Refreshment Enjoying, dancing, talking or laughing is not enough. Because after doing all these things, you starts to feel hungry and thirsty. So having a selection of food and drink available is always a good idea.

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