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Funeral Home Miami, FL - Bernardo Garcia PowerPoint Presentation
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Funeral Home Miami, FL - Bernardo Garcia

Funeral Home Miami, FL - Bernardo Garcia

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Funeral Home Miami, FL - Bernardo Garcia

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  1. Bernardo Garcia Funeral Home Miami, FL Bernardo Garcia Funeral Home MiamiEmail id- marketing@bernardogarcia.comLink- Contact us - 305 226 1010

  2. About Us • Death is the bitter truth of life. Body leaves the soul but it leaves behind a devastated family who are looking for support with teary eyes. It is such a difficult time when one has to come to terms with the loss of a loved one and at the same time the family has to prepare for the last rites of the deceased. This is not an easy task. We understood the difficulty of this situation many years ago and that is the reason we came up with this concept of Funeral Homes in the US

  3. Bernardo Garcia Funeral Homes: Personal Care When You Need it the Most! • Preparation of the last rites of a loved one that you have lost involves many things. One needs to prepare for the burial and cremation. There are times when the loved one takes his last breath in a foreign land. In such cases, you have to complete a number of formalities like completing the legalities and preparing the body for the ship in etc. The situation can be reversed. That is a person may die in places like Hialeah, Westchester, Miami, Florida and his loved ones may be elsewhere. Then the ship out formalities is to be completed. Our Funeral Home Hialeah, FLprovides all these type of services.

  4. Service With a Difference from Bernardo Garcia Funeral Homes: • It must be noted that we provide services for everyone. We make no discrimination between different religions, faiths, communities and background. There is only one faith and there is only one community that we know and that is humanity. So irrespective of which religion or faith you belong to we are willing to provide the best services. If you want us to arrange for a decent burial for the loved ones you can approach us. If you want to offer a befitting tribute to the dead then you can select our cremation services. In the cremation services we will make all the required arrangements that are required to give the best farewell to the soul of the loved ones.

  5. Why Leave it for Someone Else? • We all need to understand one thing that none of us can escape death. In that case, why leave the hassles of arranging for our funeral on someone else. Don’t you think it will be better if we make these arrangements on our own. We know what your next question is! You must be wondering how we can make arrangements for our own cremation or burial? The answer lies with us.All you have to do is opt for our pre-planning services. Yes, this may sound a bit weird but try to understand that this is one of the most practical ways of looking at life. You have to only pay a small amount every month for our pre-planning services. There is no tax and no interest involved in this case.  When your body says good bye to your soul it becomes our responsibility to make sure that your body gets the funeral that you desired.

  6. Come and Have a Look at Our Services: • We would like to emphasize here that this family owned business has been managed by our Funeral Directors Hialeah FLin the best possible way. We offer our services in many locations like Hialeah, Westchester, Miami, Florida etc. There is no time limitation to get in touch with us as we know the axe of death can fall on anyone anywhere and at anytime. This is the reason that we provide services round the clock. You can get in touch with us round the clock. Our efficient staff is always there to provide services with a healing touch.The fact that we have been around for almost a century gives you a clear idea about the types of services that we provide to the community. We are a family which beliefs in helping other families. We know that death is the family is one of the worst things in life. It during this worst phase we are there to help you. Every member of our family is willing to lend a helping hand is this service to the community.

  7. Whether you want to pre-plan your own funeral, you have the task of arranging for the funeral of a relative, or friend then get in touch with us. We have been providing funeral services at affordable rates. Our entire family is involved in this noble cause. We offer these services at affordable rates and our services are available at convenient locations in the US. We have helped a large number of families in their difficult times. If you too happen to go through this phase and need assistance in burial and cremation then get in touch with us. We will assist you in the best possible way.

  8. Contact Us Bernardo Garcia Funeral Home MiamiEmail id - marketing@bernardogarcia.comWebsite - Contact us - 305 226 1010