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Retail Business Loans PowerPoint Presentation
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Retail Business Loans

Retail Business Loans

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Retail Business Loans

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  1. Retail Business Loans FUNDING EASILY Business Funding Made Easy Qualification Criteria for retail business loans The qualification criteria that we have to provideretail business fundingare as follows; the business owner should not be in an active state of bankruptcy. The business needs to be at least 12 months old and a running business. Finally, the gross income of the business needs to be at least $10 thousand a month or over that amount. These are basic and simple qualification criteria, and most small businesses easily qualify for these.

  2. Other requirements and benefits To make the entire process easier and simpler to apply for afunding forretail business,we do not require excellent credit scores and often fund businesses whose credit is shot. In addition to this we do not ask for collateral, security and or personal guarantees. These are features that are required at banks

  3. Processing Time frames The processing time frames for aretail business loans in USAare at the quickest 48 to 72 hours from the time we receive the completed loan application. At the latest we will take a few weeks or within a month. These are a far cry from the time frames of banks whose stringent criteria result in bank processing times to be a lot longer.

  4. Apply now with Funding Easily You can apply for retail business funding in the US by either filling in the form directly on our website, click on the 'get started' tab and fill in the simple application form. Alternatively, you can contact us and our funding team will assist you with information related to the application process and filling in the form for you.

  5. Funding Easily New York (NY) Contact - (888) 239-1517 Website -