cryomodule helium volumes n.
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Cryomodule Helium Volumes

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Cryomodule Helium Volumes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cryomodule Helium Volumes. Tom Peterson, Fermilab AWLC14 13 May 2014. Introduction. Most helium inventory in a long string of TESLA/ILC-style cryomodules is in the helium vessels Most volume is in the 300 mm pipe

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cryomodule helium volumes

Cryomodule Helium Volumes

Tom Peterson, Fermilab


13 May 2014

  • Most helium inventory in a long string of TESLA/ILC-style cryomodules is in the helium vessels
  • Most volume is in the 300 mm pipe
  • During a power outage or severe cryogenic plant outage, the cryomodule string itself may act to provide temporary helium storage
  • The following provides a rough estimate of this storage capacity

AWLC14, Cryomodules, Peterson

cryomodule cross section
Cryomodule cross section

AWLC14, Cryomodules, Peterson

cryomodule helium inventory
Cryomodule helium inventory

AWLC14, Cryomodules, Peterson

closed volume warm up process
Closed-volume warm-up process
  • Assume valve control is available
    • Isolation of supply valves to 2 K space
    • Isolation valve closes on 2 K vapor return
  • Retain insulation vacuum and beam vacuum
  • Static heat load warms helium
  • Process is warm-up of the 2-phase system starting at 2.0 K, 31 mbar

AWLC14, Cryomodules, Peterson

results of first coarse analysis
Results of first, coarse analysis


AWLC14, Cryomodules, Peterson

what that table says
What that table says
  • Warm-up from 31 mbar to 1.5 bar takes 39 hours
    • Assuming relief valves open at 1.5 bar, venting would begin at approximately 39 hours
  • Result is evaporation of almost all the liquid
    • Final state is almost pure vapor at 1.5 bar

AWLC14, Cryomodules, Peterson

sources of error refinements
Sources of error, refinements
  • Seems nice, but
    • Thermal shield also warming up
    • Need second-order analysis incorporating slowly increasing static heat load
  • Still expect about one day before reaching venting pressure

AWLC14, Cryomodules, Peterson

  • This is just an order-of-magnitude analysis
  • Nevertheless, it illustrates the potential of the cryomodule itself as a temporary storage volume during lack of cooling
  • Implementation requires supply and return valves closing to provide closed volume
  • Suggest further analysis and consideration of options
    • Secondary effect of slow thermal shield warm-up
    • Actual volumes including distribution system
    • Real practical venting pressures
    • Required valves and control for inventory management
    • Etc. . . . This is just a quick look.

AWLC14, Cryomodules, Peterson