Ieee computer society bog caucus may 8 2003 vancouver bc
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IEEE Computer Society BoG Caucus May 8, 2003, Vancouver, BC - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IEEE Computer Society BoG Caucus May 8, 2003, Vancouver, BC. Michael Lightner VP IEEE Publication Services and Products Board. Candidate for 2004 IEEE President - Elect. My personal background My professional background My IEEE background Some key issues for IEEE. Personal Background.

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Presentation Transcript
Ieee computer society bog caucus may 8 2003 vancouver bc

IEEE Computer Society BoG CaucusMay 8, 2003, Vancouver, BC

Michael Lightner

VP IEEE Publication Services and Products Board

Candidate for 2004 ieee president elect
Candidate for 2004 IEEE President - Elect

  • My personal background

  • My professional background

  • My IEEE background

  • Some key issues for IEEE

Personal background
Personal Background

  • Born in Florida, 1950 - Region 3

  • Irish - German Family

  • Oldest of four children

  • Father and Mother worked for Telephone Company

  • Grew up in Florida, moving every year for 12 years

    • Telephone company moved employees when they were promoted

  • Married, no children

Professional background
Professional Background

  • BS, MS in Electrical Engineering from University of Florida

  • Ph.D. Carnegie Mellon University

  • Positions included

    • Member technical staff - Bell Labs

    • Summer Faculty - IBM Research

    • Assistant Prof. University of Illinois

    • Visiting Faculty - University of British Columbia

Professional background1
Professional Background

  • Have been at University of Colorado since 1981

    • Professor, Director Graduate Studies, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

    • Currently have a joint appointment with our Medical School - Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

    • Started the University of Colorado Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities with $250M private gift

    • Awards for Teaching and Service

    • Chair of the 4-campus University Faculty Grievance committee - received Special Training in Mediation

Professional background2
Professional Background

  • Research Interests

    • Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits

      • Simulation, Statistical Design, Synthesis, Testing, Formal Verification

    • Signal Processing

      • Multi-objective design of digital filters, adaptive filters

    • Technology for Cognitive Disabilities

      • Working at the intersection of cognitive science, cognitive neuroscience, learning science and computer science and engineering

Ieee background
IEEE Background

  • Member for 33 years

  • Primary Society - Circuits and Systems

    • Also, Computer, Signal Processing, Education, Communications, Engineering Medicine and Biology

  • Helped found Signal Processing Chapter in Denver

  • Have lived, worked (permanent, temporary, or consulting), or had direct research partners in every Region - except Region 9

Ieee background1
IEEE Background

  • Circuits and Systems

    • Reviewer and Author

    • Technical Committee Chair

    • Associate Editor and Editor - Trans CAD

    • Technical and General Chair, ICCAD

    • Member BoG

    • VP Technical Activities

    • President

Ieee background2
IEEE Background

  • TAB

    • Member

    • Division Director

    • Chair of Products Committee

    • VP-Elect, VP, Past VP

    • Management, Strategic Planning, Finance

Ieee background3
IEEE Background

  • Awards and Honors

    • Fellow

    • Millenium Medal

    • CAS Golden Jubilee Award

    • Distinguished Service Award

    • Best Paper

Ieee background4
IEEE Background

  • Board of Directors

    • Division Director

    • Member of Audit Committee

    • Member of Executive Committee

    • Member of Operations Review Committee - hire consultants and oversee the review of headquarters infrastructure - BDO Seidman Report

    • Member of the governance committee - part of current strategic planning

  • Currently VP Publications Services and Products Board

Key issues for the ieee
Key Issues for the IEEE

  • Top operational issue - clear, consistent, continuous communications within the organization

    • Absolutely necessary to build trust

    • Trust is absolutely essential to enable change and growth

Key issues for ieee
Key Issues for IEEE

  • We must operate in a business like manner

    • Analyze plans and opportunities

      • What will something cost - life cycle costing?

      • Where will the money come from?

      • Is it part of our strategic plan?

      • What are the tangible and intangible benefits?

      • Can we scale an activity to support many members?

      • What are the costs of not doing something?

Key issues for ieee1
Key Issues for IEEE

  • Finances continues to be a difficult challenge.

  • The latest results show a problem for 2003

    • We are working hard on this

  • 2004 will inherit some of the challenges

  • This one issue can tear us apart!

    • We must communicate clearly and often - the issues, reasons and what we are all doing to address the problems

    • It is a challenge for us all in both IEEE and our professional and personal lives

    • We will live through it and we must work to maintain our key values and activities as we move forward

Key issues for ieee2
Key Issues for IEEE

  • How can we share across our organizations?

    • Imperative for future success

    • First establish trust - communications

    • Develop understanding of opportunities for mutual success

    • Build infrastructure to support sharing

Key issues for ieee3
Key Issues for IEEE

  • Our entire business model is or will be facing incredible challenges

    • Publications

      • Access all IEEE IP through IEL

        • Will be available to all members (and non-members) through a variety of mechanisms in the next 5 years

      • Raises issues of member in societies and even membership in IEEE

    • Conference are in difficulty because of economy

      • They may emerge with quite different characters

    • Continuing/Professional Education

      • Absolutely required for our members - we must be part of the solution

Key issues for ieee4
Key Issues for IEEE

  • We need a continuing multiple year:

    • Budget process

    • Analysis of risks

    • Analysis of multiple scenarios and generation of potential responses

      • We react to a problem, often too late - we must become proactive

    • Planning for integration of projects/initiatives across the Institute

  • We need to become much more data and information driven in our decision making

  • We must have an informed BoD - we don’t!

Key issues for ieee5
Key Issues for IEEE

  • Membership and Volunteers

    • How many, how to grow into new areas, cost, benefits

  • While I stand firmly for a de-centralized and locally driven structure the values of centralizing some portions of the infrastructure are clear - Pubs

  • One major challenge is to maintain the local flavor while supplying appropriate centralized infrastructure

    • Insure that central infrastructure supports local creativity

Operational vision
Operational Vision

  • Creativity

    • Driven from the Societies, Chapters, etc.

      • Enable and Encourage

  • Coherence

    • As appropriate activities must be scalable across the range of our organization

      • Coordinate at the OU level

  • Effectiveness

    • Our activities have to work from a fiscal setting

      • Coordinate between OU’s and BoD

A personal vision for ieee
A Personal Vision for IEEE

  • In the many different areas I have worked technically and geographically there has always been IEEE

  • IEEE has been the integrating thread, the constant, in my career

  • I believe that IEEE can be this integrating thread in the careers of all members

  • This is done by maintaining a highly diverse organization of excellence which encourages, acknowledges and rewards participation and is as broad as our growing field

  • We should ask what is needed to be a constant support and point of focus and integration in the careers of our members - not just what we can give them.


  • Many problems/challenges

  • Cannot waste time and talent on trivial issues

    • Must look forward, use current situation and facts and not urban legends in our decision making

  • Must utilize talent from all parts of this vast organization

  • There are excellent candidates for President-Elect, Directors, VP TAB and all the other elected positions

    • Think about running for a position yourself!

  • Must engage more of our membership in voting, voicing opinions and knowing that they can make a difference and their opinion is important - please vote