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2010 電資院 「頂尖企業暑期實習」 經驗分享心得報告 PowerPoint Presentation
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2010 電資院 「頂尖企業暑期實習」 經驗分享心得報告

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2010 電資院 「頂尖企業暑期實習」 經驗分享心得報告 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2010 電資院 「頂尖企業暑期實習」 經驗分享心得報告. 實習學生:電資院學士班 陳庚佑. Summer Internship (1/2). Time: 2010/7/1 ~ 2010/8/31 Company: Novatek Department: MB/SA2 Manager: Charley Chou Instructor: Allen Lu

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summer internship 1 2
Summer Internship (1/2)
  • Time:2010/7/1 ~ 2010/8/31
  • Company:Novatek
  • Department:MB/SA2
  • Manager: Charley Chou
  • Instructor: Allen Lu
  • Motivation: Nothing special. I just let others choose their jobs first. After that, I pick up the job they don’t want.
summer internship 2 2
Summer Internship (2/2)

Novatek Microelectronics Corporation is a leading fabless chip design company specializing in the design, development and sales of a wide range of display driver ICs & SoC solutions that help our worldwide customers meet emerging needs for sophisticated flat-panel display applications and audio/video applications for all digital devices.

my job 1 5
My Job (1/5)
  • Our SA2 (System Application Team II) already has a Touch Controller Program (codename: Touch IDE) that can be run on any Windows PC (2000, XP, Vista, 7).
  • Although Touch IDE has a GUI interface, it also has Macro System that allow our testers to manipulate by writing macro.
  • My job is to extend the Macro System.
my job 2 5
My Job (2/5)
  • In two months, I’ve created a platform (codename: Touch SDK) for the tester who use Macro System in Touch IDE.
  • Now with Touch SDK, our tester can spend less time handling rigmarole ,such as Coordinate Rotation, Jitter Simulation, Report Generation, and so on. It means our tester can concentrate on designing test pattern and test method.
my reflections 1 3
My Reflections (1/3)
  • The engineers in SA2 think that learning how to talk clearly with other engineers is more important than just trying to do more work by yourself. Also, learning how to accept the latest technology fast is more important than just trying to do all your work by the skills you’ve learned.
  • After these two month, I cannot agree with them more.
my reflections 2 3
My Reflections (2/3)
  • However, there’re some real experience I’ve learned. First, understanding the customers requirement clearly is more important than constructing program’s structure beautifully. Second, constructing program’s structure beautifully is more important than writing code clearly. Third, writing code clearly is more important than writing code skillfully.
my reflections 3 3
My Reflections (3/3)
  • Also, when working with other engineers, not only do you need to describe others requirement to make sure both cognitions are matched but also you need to double check they are still consistent while you’ve done any small part of your work.
  • If you just check the requirement first and do all the work without double checking part by part… well... Good luck!
  • All the computer in Novatek has a pre-installed hardware USB locker. I can only copy 10MB data to my USB per day.
  • This makes me feel that the company doesn’t trust the employees.
the end
The End
  • Thank you for your attention.