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Web services at TRFIC

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Web services at TRFIC.

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web services at trfic
Web services at TRFIC
  • TRFIC has developed the Access Technologies to achieve its goals of interoperability and provide access to data and information on the state of the world’s tropical forests to support the needs of the global change research community, international policy makers and natural resource managers.
  • The concept is proofed with a partnership with the USGS/EROS Data Center to integrate archives.
  • It also has formed franchise partnerships with foreign ground stations to support one-stop shopping for all world wide Landsat holdings.
  • Is open to anybody who wants to share data.
what can access do for you
What can Access do for you?
  • Access supports a network of dataholders who want to share data and access data owned by other dataholders.
  • Any potential partner can create its own client/server applications in his language/platform of choice, or use the ones available written at TRFIC. Currently there are clients available in:
    • Perl
    • ASP
    • C#
    • PHP
  • Each Access partner can query the TRFIC archive, the USGS/EROS archive and the other partners archives. The vehicle for queries is XML and/or Z39.50
technology integration
Technology Integration
  • Access leverages and uses known technologies:
    • Information flow is based on XML
    • Metadata is transmitted on XML and XML esquemas and Z39.50
    • SOAP
  • Security can be enhanced and controlled at the data owner will
  • All communications are at URL level
datasets served
Datasets Served
  • Domain: Land Use Land Cover
  • Variables: Location, cloud, time, parow
  • Landsat ETM
    • Holdings on USGS/EDC to current date
    • Holdings on the TRFIC archive
    • Holdings on Phillipines
    • Holdings on Indonesia
  • Landsat MSS
    • Holdings on USGS/EDC to current date
    • Holdings on the TRFIC archive
  • Landsat TM
    • Holdings on USGS/EDC to current date
    • Holdings on the TRFIC archive
  • Deforestation datasets for the Tropical Rain Forest
    • data products derived from the analysis of Landsat MSS and TM satellite data
services provided 1
Services Provided (1)

Data discovery:

  • Time & Location Querying for multiple datasets
    • Bounding box and/or date limits
    • SOAP & web form with XML
    • Query returns a list of unique object ID’s (granules)
  • Metadata for each granule
    • User decides what components of metadata is interested
    • SOAP & web form with XML
    • Query returns metadata for granules listed by user
  • Basic Visualization tools
    • Access to simple browse products to help decision making
  • Seamless ordering system
    • User orders data from wherever it is located seamlessly
services provided 2
Services Provided (2)

Data visualization:

  • GeoZoom client
    • Provides access to one ETM granule with full resolution
    • Information is passed via http request and XML
  • Seamless GeoZoom
    • Provides access to ETM mosaic that covers the world
    • Is WMS conformant
    • Can be instantiated from inside other applications
  • Text query
    • Uses Z39.50 as a vehicle of communication
    • Can link any library collection
why use access7
Why Use access7?

The rationale:

  • Individual science facilities are becoming large repositories of data
  • Open and distributed access are becoming common with new internet protocols, languages, scripting, and tools
  • Web GIS is coming of age.
  • EOS/L7 et al is making available massive amounts of public domain data onto the science scene.
why use access71
Why Use access7?
  • Science driven data systems
    • meeting science community needs
  • Open and distributed approach
  • Utilization of standards
  • Emphasis on the interfaces over rigid architecture
  • Re-use of technology
  • Flexibility and adaptability to changing technology mix
the data broker model

Why Use access7? (2)

The Data broker model
  • Imagine a supply chain management approach to science data
  • The downlink point and long term archive provides a wholesaler function
  • Access to data for various communities occurs through data brokers or retailers
  • These data brokers serve their communities and provide more than just data – domain expertise
  • These data brokers form alliances or franchises in an network of distributed regional providers of data and science information











The broker model

implementation challenges
Implementation Challenges
  • [Interface choices, challenges encountered, etc.]
benefits of using web services
Benefits of Using Web Services
  • [List your favorite benefits]
  • Pervasiveness of SOAP/WSDL/UDDI in business
barriers to infusion
Barriers to Infusion
  • [Many semantic interfaces, SOAP adoption, etc.]
future plans
Future Plans
  • [Coming highlights]