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Facts to Know

Facts to Know

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Facts to Know

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  1. Hinduism is the Oldest major religion • Islam is the youngest major religion • Monotheistic Faiths studied -Judaism -Zoroastrianism -Christianity -Islam • Polytheistic Faiths studied -Hinduism -Jainism -Shintoism • Abrahamic Religions = Judaism, Christianity, Islam Facts to Know

  2. These are the 5 actions Muslims must make • 5 Pillars of Islam • 1. Shahadah – Statement of Faith (I believe in Allah) • 2. Salat – Pray 5 times a day • 3. Sawm – Fasting (giving up food/drink, something) • 4. Zakat – Giving $ to needy (or donating in Mosque) • 5. Hajj – Must make 1 trip to Mecca in your life Ideas that are more complex

  3. These are not meant to be depressing or sad • This is a belief-system about overcoming suffering and becoming enlightened • Just know the 4 truths, you will not need to explain the 8-fold path (look up if interested) • The 4 Noble Truths of Buddhism • 1. Life is suffering • 2. Suffering comes from Desires • 3. If you end desire, you can end suffering • 4. The 8-fold path is the path to ending desire Ideas that are More complex cont.

  4. Hinduism believes in the Caste-System Buddhism and Jainism believe in Equality of all life. Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism are all Indian. Believe in not harming any life form? 1). Buddhism 2). Jainism (yes, pronounced Ji-niz-um) Which religions?

  5. 1). Similarities/Differences -Hinduism is pro-caste system -Buddhism/Jainism are against it b/c of equality -All 3 are Indian Religions, believe in Karma, and believe in Reincarnation -Buddhism have no gods/deities in their religion -Jainism & Hinduism can have many gods Essay Question to prepare for are…

  6. 2). Divisions of religions Christianity (hardest one for this question) = Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Protestant; divisions are based on differing beliefs about Christianity. Protestants believe in a personal relationship with God instead of needing a church to build the relationship with God. Essay Question to prepare for are…

  7. Islam (easier) = Sunni – Believe the Caliph (leader of Islamic Faith) should be elected after Muhammad’s Death Shi’ite (or Shi’a) – Believe the Caliph should be a relative of Muhammad (Ali) instead of elected Divisions Continued

  8. Buddhism (easier) = Theravada(less religious branch)– These Buddhists believe in the old teachings and do not think Buddha should be worshipped or include lots of rituals. Mahayana (more religious branch) – These Buddhists believe that there should be rituals and practices to guide followers of Buddha Divisions Continued

  9. 3). Relationship between Gov’t and religions -Government sometimes adopt religions and then they become more popular and spread. -Examples: Christianity in Rome Hinduism in India -Government sometimes oppress religions because their beliefs don’t fit with the culture -Examples: Rome oppressing Jews/Christians Buddhism oppressed in India Essay Question to prepare for are…

  10. 4). Why do some religions die and some don’t? -Diffusion: spread of religion through trade/war -Government adopts religion and it therefore spreads throughout the culture -Missionaries spread religion THE BIG ESSAY QUESTION