The place where Schools join the Internet revolution!
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the place where Schools join the Internet revolution!. Web Source International, Inc.

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Web source international inc
Web Source International, Inc.

“We provide websites and support to K-12 schools and enrich these sites with products and services that enable administrators, teachers, students, and family members to build and maintain an online natural community.”

Natural community
“Natural Community”

iHomeRoom within the Natural Community

Ihomeroom reverse portal tm
iHomeRoomReverse PortalTM

“Maps the Benefits of the Internet into the Natural Community”


  • Large market - 58 Million K-12 Students

  • School Internet Sites Need Professional Management

  • Education is the #1 Issue

    • Community, State, and National Levels

  • K-12 Market is Extremely Fragmented

  • Business Seeking Access to this Market

  • Website brings Schools to the Community

K 12 market 300 b
K-12 Market: $300+B

15,000 school districts

$11B on education, training and curriculum dev’t$6B on education technology$650M on standardized testing

112,000 K-12 Schools

$3B on new textbooks$6B on supplies

3.2 million Teachers

$130B on discretionary spending

58 million students

$19B on educational games and software$126B on their children

50 million parents










  • Consistent Look

  • Flexible Participation

  • Open House to the Architecture

Competitive advantages
Competitive Advantages

  • Hierarchical

    • Top Down Control

    • New Sites Generated by Administration

    • Data can be Added from Above to All Sites

    • View of User Activity at Each Level

  • Template Based

    • Look, Color, Fonts, Graphics

  • Data Driven

    • Simple Entry Fields for Data and Pictures

  • Publish Capability

  • Video Services

Benefits to the school
Benefits to the School

  • Unique Website Technology

  • Save Time and Resources

  • Enhance Communication

    School, Home, Community

  • Generate Extra Revenue

School revenue for a 500 student school
School Revenue(for a 500 Student School)

Sales status
Sales Status

  • 92 of the 500 Orange County Schools

  • Negations with NYC School Dist

  • Test Marketing in Broad Markets

Capitalization structure
Capitalization Structure

  • Founders $400,000

  • Software Rights for MLM to OhGolly*

    • Deal Value = $2,900,000

  • 1st Round $935,000 @ $.70, Jan ‘00

    • JAIC, AmTech, Ventura


  • First Hierarchical Web System

  • Began Development in Jan ‘99

  • Sold MLM Version to OhGolly for $2.9M

  • Incorporated iHomeRoom Aug. ’99

  • Completed Systems Development Dec. ‘99

  • Beta Testing Mar. ’00 – Orange County, Walsworth, LA and Riverside Schools

  • Developed over 115,000 Websites `01

  • ASP Websites & Flash Technology Acquired `02

Competitive advantages1
Competitive Advantages

  • Hierarchical System

  • Data Driven

  • Template Based Site Generation

  • Simple Data Entry Fields

  • Account Tracking at All Levels

  • Promotion and Product Sales Control

  • Calendar, Homework, News

  • National and Local Sponsorship Logic

  • Video Enabled

  • Can add Voice to Text / Text to Voice

Site navigation
Site Navigation

  • School Site:

  • Teacher Site:

Site generation
Site Generation


School Admin


Edit Data

Generate Site

Hand Site to School

Edit Site

Edit Data

Hand Site to Teacher

Generate Site

Edit Data

Site features

Logo & Photo


About Us

School News

Fund Raisers




Internet Shopping

School Store

Wish List



Weekly Poll


National Sponsorship

Local Sponsorship


Site Features

Future developments
Future Developments

  • Publishing

    • Static Content – School Brochure, Kids Reports

  • Support Links for Teacher, Parents and Students

    • Sources for Aid, Learning Tools for Parents, etc.

  • “The Hunger Site”

  • Alumni, Club and PTA Sites

  • Enhanced Communication Features

  • Enhanced Learning Aids

Home page features
Home Page Features

Provides a quick overview of the school with all of the pertinent contact names and numbers.

Schools can setup their personal greeting to parents and students.

School News can be easily updated and maintained. Old news is automatically archived.

School Title

School Location

School Photo

School Logo

Users can easily login to share the same computer.

Parents, teachers and students can get the school calendar quickly and easily.

List of faculty members with direct access to teacher sites.

We provide revenue from national sponsors. Schools can make revenue from local sponsors.

Administrators and teachers can let parents know what the school needs. Parents can purchase and make donations towards the school’s needs.

We provide many specials & promotions to enhance the shopping experience.

Users can display a map of the school and get driving directions.

Friends and family can be easily made aware of the site

Users can easily send comments to administrators.

Visitors can buy nearly any product over the Internet from the biggest brands and the school receives a portion of these sales.

We provide a place where schools can sell their school branded products such as cups, sweatshirts, banners, etc.

Administrators can develop a weekly poll on pertinent issues.

We support continuous fund raising including all product merchandising.

Christopher O’Banion, President Web Source International, Inc.

9415 S. Rhodes Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60619-7420

773-837-6217 [email protected]

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Providing websites and support to CPS K-12 schools. Web Source International, Inc.

Enable administrators, teachers, students, and family members to build and maintain an online naturalcommunity.

Capitalize on the large market - 58 Million K-12 Students

School Internet Sites Need Professional Management

Education is the #1 Issue

Community, State, and National Levels

K-12 Market is Extremely Fragmented and Businesses are Seeking Access to this Market

Websites brings Schools to the Community

CPS will Save Time and Resources while Enhancing Communication within the School, Home and local Community.

Generate Extra Revenue $$$

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