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Tudor Entertainment and Music PowerPoint Presentation
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Tudor Entertainment and Music

Tudor Entertainment and Music

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Tudor Entertainment and Music

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  1. Tudor Entertainment and Music By Amelia Marshall and Rosa Marks 5C

  2. Contents Pages 3-5 Tudor instruments Page 6 How instruments were made and which instruments are still here today Page 7 Animals in entertainment Pages 8-9 Travelling fairs Page 10 Home entertainment And at the end there might be a little BONUS!!!

  3. Tudor Instruments Music was very popular in the Tudor era. Here are some of the instruments that the Tudors had. Stringed instruments • The harp • The psaltery • The rebec or the rebeck • The fiddle • The viol • The treble viol • The dulcimer • The hurdy gurdy • The lyre

  4. Wind Instruments • The nine holed flute • The hautboy • The shawm • The sackbut • The pipe • The bagpipes

  5. Keyboard Instruments • The spinet • The harpsichord • The organ • The virginals • The clavicytheruim

  6. Percussion The Tudors had the same percussion instruments. Well, they probably didn’t have as many percussion instruments but the instruments they did have were either the same or something similar. Here are some of them: • The drum • The triangle • The cymbal • The tambourine

  7. What instruments were made out of and which instruments are still here today The sackbut is actually and old fashioned trombone and a nine holed flute is a recorder with nine holes. A harpsichord is a piano with more keys and instead of playing the strings the dampers pluck the strings. The lyre was made out of a tortoise shell. Sheep were killed for their meat, wool and can you believe it, they were also killed for their intestines. Sheep intestines were used for strings on instruments.

  8. Animals in entertainment As well as being used for meat and material, animals were also used a lot in entertainment. Bear-baiting was very popular in Tudor England. That was when people would set a bear against a dog and they would see who won. There wasn’t just bear-baiting, there was cock fighting and dog fighting. Bull, donkey, horse, leopard, lion, monkey and tiger baiting. Sometimes they would even set a criminal against a fierce dog or bear. It is illegal to do this in the UK and the USA, but in some countries they still use animals in fighting and baiting.

  9. Travelling fairs Animals weren’t just used in baiting and fighting, they were also used in travelling fairs. Bears were taught how to dance to a pipe. Some other acts in travelling fairs were fire eaters, jugglers, acrobats and people who performed tricks. There weren’t just travelling fairs there were also people who performed any where they could earn a few groats (Tudor money). These people were called street performers. A popular place where they would perform was a public execution. People would queue up for the whole night if they had to. They wanted to get the best seats.

  10. Waits and minstrels Minstrels were a type of street performer but instead of doing tricks they made music on recorders, lutes, fiddles and percussion instruments. They became out of fashion and were feared. Waits quickly took there place and people loved them. Waits only played pipes.

  11. Home entertainment Even if there weren’t any waits or travelling fairs in the district people still had entertainment. Poor boys used to inflate a pigs bladder and play football with it whilst rich men played tennis. Sometimes when rich people were bored they would throw a banquet and in between each course they would have big plates of marzipan and other sweet things. Other rich people paid people to sing and dance for them. Here are some other sports that were quite popular: Throwing the sledgehammer, shin kicking with iron tipped boots, sword fighting, performing headstands, fox hunting and dancing to bagpipes.

  12. Bonus! Well done, you found the bonus! The lyrics to Greensleeves. Verse 1 Alas my love, You do me wrong to cast me off discourteously, For I have loved for so long, Delighted in your company, Chorus Greensleeves was all my joy, Greensleeves was my delight, Greensleeves was my heart of gold, And who but my lady greensleeves.

  13. Bonus continued! Verse 2 I bought thee petticoats of the best, The cloth so fine as fine could be. I gave thee jewels for thy chest, And all this cost I spent on thee. Chorus Verse 3 My favourite horse I gave to thee, To ride where ever liked thee. No lady ever was so fine, Yet thou wouldst not love me. Chorus

  14. Thank you for reading our PowerPoint. We hope you have learnt something.