the explosion n.
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The Explosion

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The Explosion . Vocabulary pg 9 Workshop I: Where am I going?. Rocket Boys Festival. http:// a pparently (adverb). MEANING . EXAMPLE. s eeming to be *.

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the explosion
The Explosion

Vocabulary pg 9

Workshop I: Where am I going?

rocket boys festival

Rocket Boys Festival

a pparently adverb
apparently (adverb)



seeming to be *

Joseph apparently found the situation funny, since he was trying hard not to laugh. *

Apparently, you think I am a moron if you think I believe that story.

Hector apparently _________ because_____________.

c reative adjective
creative (adjective)



showing imagination and originality *

Leticia’s fashion designs are beautiful and creative.

Linda shows how creative she is with her imaginative stories.

To be more creative Jerome will______________.

i ndustrial adjective
industrial (adjective)



having to do with industry

The class visited an industrial paper plant to learn how cardboard is made.

Her father worked at an industrial park where metals are recycled.

I want to work in an industrial building that ________________.

c areen verb
careen (verb)



to swerve crazily while moving forward

We watched the hubcap careen across the highway and into a ditch. *

The birds careen in and out of the nest.

The __________ careened across the _____________.

e xclamation noun
exclamation (noun)



a loud, emotional statement

My brother made an exclamation of disgust when I shoved a bug in his face.

The exclamation of the bells startled the sleeping student.

He made an exclamation when ____________.

s molder verb
smolder (verb)



to burn without flames

The flames have died down, but the campfire will smolder for hours.

The cigar smoldered in the night air.

A person can smolder when they experience __________ feelings.

s nicker verb
snicker (verb)



to laugh quietly in a mean way

When I spilled my soup on the floor, Ed and Zack snickered.

When he spilled his food, the rude boys snickered.

The group began snickering when _______________.

w rath noun
wrath (noun)



intense anger; rage *

Leo was filled with wrath when he heard that three older kids had bullied his little sister.

His wrath was worse than being burned alive.

I hope I never experience __________’s wrath because_________.