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SP. Management and Alternatives

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SP. Management and Alternatives - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SP. Management and Alternatives. Main Readings: NATO's nuclear forces. Web site Arms control, disarmament and non-proliferation in NATO. & NATON’s position regarding….Web site. The Broader Context of NATO's Nuclear Policy and Posture- Michael RÜHLE

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SP. Management and Alternatives

Main Readings:

NATO's nuclear forces. Web site

Arms control, disarmament and non-proliferation in NATO. & NATON’s position regarding….Web site.

The Broader Context of NATO's Nuclear Policy and Posture- Michael RÜHLE

NATO's Nuclear Weapons in Europe: Beyond "Yes" or "No“- Karl-Heinz KAMP

NATO’s Deterrence and Defense Posture after Chicago Summit- David S. Yost.

NATO's Incredible Nuclear Strategy: Why U.S. Weapons in Europe Deter No One-Edmond Seay.

Tactical nuclear weapons and NATO - Nichols, Tom and others, US Army War College

SC118-8 The future of NATO’s nuclear posture, what to do with the Elephant in the Room

US Nuclear Weapons in Europe. Hans M. Kristensen.

Taking steps toward a world free of nuclear weapons. Sam Nunn.

NATO’s new strategic concept, nuclear weapons, and global cero. Ian P. Rutherford.

Spoiler and enabler: The role of ballistic-missile defence in nuclear abolition- Senn, M.

Mind the Gap. Healing the NATO rift over US tactical nuclear weapons in Europe. British American security information council.

US tactical nuclear weapons in Europe after NATO’s Lisbon Summit: why their withdrawl is desirable and feasible- Tom Sauer.

NATO Nuclear Sharing and the NPT - Questions to be Answered, joint PENN/BASIC-BITS-CESD-ASPR Research Note 97.3, June 1997

Questions of Command and Control: NATO, Nuclear Sharing and the NPT, PENN Research Report 2000.1, Martin Butcher et al., 2000

Nuclear Sharing in NATO: Is it Legal?, OtfriedNassauer, Institute for Energy and Environmental Research, May 2001

NATO Nuclear Power Sharing and the NPT, Denise Groves, Berlin Information-center for Transatlantic Security, 6 August 2000

NATO's Positions Regarding Nuclear Non-Proliferation, Arms Control and Disarmament and Related Issues, NATO, June 2005

United States Air Forces in Europe - Munitions Support Squadron,

Statement on behalf of the non-aligned state parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, 2 May 2005

Opposition to Nuclear Sharing Leads to Proposed Senate Amendment on NATO Expansion, British American Security Information Council, May 1998

NPT à la Carte? NATO and Nuclear Non-Proliferation, Nicola Butler, Acronym Institute, 2005

A Constructed Peace: The Making of the European Settlement, 1945-1963 (Chapter 5: Eisenhower and Nuclear Sharing), Marc Trachtenberg, 1999, Princeton University Press, ISBN 0-691-00273-8


SP. Management and Alternatives

Nuclear weapons management in NATO.

  • NATO posture. Strategic Concept and DDPR.
    • Sharing responsibilities: DCA and support
  • Planning: no targeting. USA and UK nuc Submarines.
    • Nuclear Planning Group- NPG. Consultation & Policy
    • SACEUR responsibility
  • Use and Decision making process:
    • extremely remote
    • Dual approval process: weapon owner and delivery state.
  • Training:
    • Annual “Able Staff” exercise . No publicity, low profile.
  • Factors for the future:
    • modernization, high cost, public opinion, France involvement.

SP. Management and Alternatives

Possible alternatives.

  • Missile Defence. Main candidate.
    • Official posture: NO SUBSTITUTE. DDPR. Complementary (Michael Ruhle)
    • Sceptics: it will promote proliferation and is not a good option. (Tom Sauer and Ian Rutherford)
    • Euro-Bomb. France and the “Europeanist”.
  • Concentrate instead in counter proliferation. (Rutherford)
  • NATO’s nuclear force.
    • Not feasible in the short/medium term
  • Modern Conventional weapons:
    • Not enough deterrence....
  • Strategic Nuclear weapons and submarines:
    • Already in place. Not an alternative
  • Factors:
    • Russia/USA negotiations. Link between MD and Nuclear disarmament. New SART treaty.
    • Border nations compensation. Poland, Chez Republic and Turkey