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Tamsui. By Paul Chen. Outline. Starting Questions Sample Conversations (1) A Trip to Tamsui (request) (2) One-day Tour to Tamsui (invitation) Vocabulary Useful Expressions (1) Tourist Spots (2) Local Specialties (3) Activities People Can Do in Tamsui Activity Discussion Questions

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By Paul Chen

  • Starting Questions
  • Sample Conversations
    • (1) A Trip to Tamsui (request)
    • (2) One-day Tour to Tamsui (invitation)
  • Vocabulary
  • Useful Expressions
    • (1) Tourist Spots
    • (2) Local Specialties
    • (3) Activities People Can Do in Tamsui
  • Activity
  • Discussion Questions
  • Reference
starting questions
Starting Questions
  • Have you ever been to Tamsui? How much do you like it?
  • What do people usually go to Tamsui for?
  • How can one get to Tamsui from FJU? How long would it take?
  • What aspect(s) of Tamsui do you like the most? (historical sites, local specialties, beautiful views and etc.)
sample conversation 1 a trip to tamsui
Sample Conversation (1): A Trip to Tamsui

Sara: Hey, Michael. I’m just thinking that since we havethe whole day off tomorrow, why don’t we go to Tamsui for a trip?

Michael: Oh, come on. We’ve been there so many times. Don’t you feel tired of it?

Sara:Not at all. In fact, I miss the boat ride we had last time during sunset. It’s so romantic. Besides, I truly enjoy being away from the hustle and bustle of city life there. So I really hope you could take me there again tomorrow. By the way, I remember you like the food there, don’t you?

Michael: Yeah,that’s true. All right then. Let’s go to Tamsui tomorrow. But remember I’m doing this all because of you.

sample conversation 2 one day tour to tamsui
Sample Conversation (2):One-Day Tour to Tamsui

Carrie: Hey, John. What’re you going to do this Saturday? My friends and I are going to Tamsui then. Wanna join us?

John: Actually, I still haven’t figured out what to do this Saturday. What are you planning to do there?

Carrie: We’re thinking of a one-day trip to Tamsui. First, we might take a tour toFort San Domingo around noon. Then we will walk along the riverbank and have a bite of some local specialties. After that, we’ll take a boat ride to Fisherman’s Wharf and enjoy the sunset viewing on the wooden path there.

John: Wow. Sounds like a lot of fun! Count me in!

  • to have (a day) off 放一天假
  • to go to (somewhere) for a trip 到哪兒遊玩
  • to feel tired of (something) 對(某事)感到厭倦
  • hustle and bustle 忙亂與喧囂
  • one-day tour / one-day trip 一日遊
  • to take a boat ride 搭渡輪
  • to walk along (the riverbank) 沿著河岸散步
  • to have a bite of (something) 吃(東西)
  • local specialty 當地特產
  • to take a boat ride to (somewhere) 搭乘渡船到某地
  • sunset viewing 觀賞落日
  • a wooden path 木製步道
  • to count (someone) in 算(某人)一份;讓某人參加
useful expressions 1 tourist spots
Useful Expressions (1): Tourist Spots
  • Tamsui Harbor 淡水碼頭
  • Tamsui Old Street 淡水老街
  • Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf 淡水漁人碼頭
  • Fort San Domingo/ Hongmau Castle 淡水紅毛城
  • Tamsui Mangrove Conservation Area 淡水紅樹林保育區
  • Shihsanhang Museum of Archeology 十三行博物館
  • Guandu Bridge 關渡大橋
  • first-grade/ first-class historical site 一級古蹟

※ 相關字彙:

  • cultural asset 文化資產 / anecdote 奇聞軼事
useful expressions 2 local specialties
Useful Expressions (2): Local Specialties
  • hard egg 鐵蛋
  • fish dumpling 魚丸
  • shrimp roll 蝦卷
  • peacock clams 孔雀蛤
  • fish crackers/ fish crisp 魚酥
  • Argi (fried meat pastry)阿給
  • carbon-roast & strong-smelling fermented beancurd 碳烤臭豆腐
  • sour plum juice 酸梅湯
useful expressions 3 activities people can do in tamsui
Useful Expressions (3): Activities People Can Do in Tamsui
  • sunset viewing 觀賞落日
  • to take a boat ride 搭渡船
  • to walk along the riverbank / the wooden path 沿著河岸/木製步道散步
  • There are four pictures taken in Tamsui in the following slide. See if you can recognize(辨識) them and tell where they are located (座落).



a bridge in the shape of a boat in Fisherman’s Wharf

sunset at Tamsui Harbor



the wooden path in Fisherman’s Wharf

Tamsui old street along the riverbank

discussion questions
Discussion Questions
  • Do you think Tamsui’s prosperity is tightly connected with the development of MRT?
  • Naruwan—Welcome to Taiwan <>.
  • Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf <http://www.fisherman.com.tw/index.asp>.
  • Tamsui Historical Sites <http://www.tshs.tpc.gov.tw/eng/>.