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Campus Love

Campus Love

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Campus Love

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  1. Campus Love • Introduction • Survey • The value orientation of love • Ways to love • Reasons to love • Influence on both • Views from different aspects • Our Suggestions • Conclusion

  2. Questionnaires 1 Please choose the answer you think is the most appropriate. (A: strongly agree; B: agree; C: I don’t know; D: disagree; E: strongly disagree • Campus love is pure and full of Romance (A B C D E) • College students do not have true love at all (A B C D E) • College students want to have a campus lover just because they want to idle their time away (A B C D E) • Campus lovers are not likely to get married (A B C D E) • It does not matter whether to get married or not, anyway, process of is more important than the result (A B C D E) • Campus love surely has bad influence on students’ study (A B C D E) • Campus love affects students’ mood violently sometimes just because of some trivial things. (A B C D E) Next

  3. Questionnaires 2a • Please answer the following 7 questions: • 1. Are you involved in campus love?  •           A. yes B. no         If your answer is yes, then what is your motive of love?          A. free from loneliness or depression B. curiosity C. for entertainment D. follow the fashion E. true love F. prove one’s charm G. accumulate experience for future H. find a partner with same interest       2. How did you get to know each other?         A. fall in love at first sight B. cultivated through work or study C. grow up together brought together by others E. through internet       3. What's your value orientation of love? (Please list them from the most costly to the least costly) • For boys only          A. gentle and considerate B. lovely C. pure and noble D. talented E. docile and obedient F. be attached to the family G. independentFor girls only           A. steady and mature B. talkative C. witty and humorous D. considerate E. knowledgeable F. romantic G. manhoodnext  

  4. Questionnaires 2b • 4. Do you think love is costly? If so, in which way? (multiple choice)            A. yes B. no          a .public place of entertainment (restaurant ,bar, coffeehouse, cinema etc)    b. gifts on some special day (rose, ornament, clothes etc) c. phone or short message  d. traveling expenses  e. rent         5. What’s your opinion on college students’ cohabitation? •      A. acceptable B. have no idea C. unacceptable         6. Do you have such experience? •       A. yes B. no •   7. If you have a campus lover, do you wish to marry him/her in the future?  • A: Yes B: I don’t know C: No

  5. Introduction Statistics show that 27.4% of the college boys and 30.9% of the college girls are in love. Therefore, we are facing a question, i.e. To LOVE or NOT to LOVE

  6. For boys *Gentle and considerate *Lovely *Pure and noble *Talented *Docile and obedient *Be attached to the family *Independent For girls *Steady and mature *Talkative *Witty and humorous *Considerate *Knowledgeable *Romantic *Manhood The Value Orientation of Love

  7. Ways to Love • Fall in love at first sight • Cultivated through work or study • Grow up together • Be brought together by others • Through internet

  8. Reasons to Love n60% ---- for finding a partner with same interest n63.2% ---- for dealing with loneliness n98.3% ---- for pursuing romance n1% ---- for entertainment

  9. Campus Love-------- A Double-edged Sword • Love VS Psychological health • Love VS Study • Love VS Life attitudes & value orientation

  10. The active sides The main means to release one’s emotional impulse Promote development of the sexual sense ness Conquer one’s own character weaknesses The passive sides Excessive excitement and sadness related to love affairs will cause emotional tensions The failure in love affairs results in youth’s blues, facileness and mental illnesses Love VS Psychological Health

  11. Love VS Study • Promoting study • study in pairs make study more interesting and less tiring • Help each other and offer mental support when encountering study difficulties • A huddle to study • To much interesting things to do to find study tedious • More easily distracted and time-consuming

  12. Love VSLife Attitude & Value Orientation • Modern Love attitude impair traditional concept • Illegal sexual affairs before marriage • Less sense of responsibilities • High Pay in Loving • Put more burden on parents • Unreasonable consuming and bad management of money • Passive life attitudes

  13. Views From Different Aspects • College Student • Parents • Teachers and Experts

  14. Words From Students According to our survey, we divide students’ point of view into two groups: positive and negative.

  15. Positive • Campus love is pure and full of Romance • Process is more important than the result • Love has power to combine two persons together • Love helps achieve the goal in common

  16. Negative • It costs a lot of money,especially for boys . • Some students love not for love’s sake while instead, they just want to idle their time away. • Some students cannot cope with the relation between study and love • Daily mood is violently influenced by the immature campus love

  17. Parents’ Point of View • Mostly, boys’ parents do not care much about whether they love or not • Most girls’ parents are quite nervous about how their daughters deal with friendship with boys • Interestingly, parents of both boys and girls mostly consider study the most important thing in campus

  18. How Teachers and Experts Think • Love, if not conducted properly, will surely affect students’ study • Love calls for a healthy and mature attitude • On one hand, love can help in developing mentality of young people, on the other hand, it also brings about a serious of psychological problems

  19. Suggestions • Love out of boredom is very dangerous. Be careful not declare love on impulse otherwise both of you will get hurt. • Learn to use time properly and reasonably • Participate in activities that are wholesome and useful to your study. • Study must not be neglected • When you are in hard time with your lover; Try to tolerate each othernext

  20. Suggestions ※When you are in hard time with your lover, first try to tolerate each other, after all no one are a saint, try to make yourself understood and try to understand your other part. When in love, you may find the shortcomings of each other; you may perfect yourself in the process next

  21. Suggestions ※ Love is a complicacy. Sometimes it is common to split up. You can control your emotion by exerting that negative sentiment out: talking to your friend or seek advice from your parents, do not shy to do that. Then transfer that feelings to our study, let work and time help you forget the unhappy things

  22. Our Conclusion • Campus is a special place for love. Campus love has the quality of pure as well as vulnerable and it has great influences on students in many ways. Through our survey today, we found that students are not as verdant as some people imagined; mostly, they know what they are doing. Therefore, we send our wishes to them! 

  23. Thank you for watching! ---------- by Group 2 Class 2