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Monocultures. L.O: to describe the impact of monocultures on biodiversity. Starter: AS BIOL1 recap! If Mono = one, ?? = Two, ?? = Three, ?? = Six Do you know any others? (Chemists!). Definition. The cultivation of a single crop in a given area . What? Why? So? Therefore?.

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L.O: to describe the impact of monocultures on biodiversity

Starter: AS BIOL1 recap!

If Mono = one, ?? = Two, ?? = Three, ?? = Six

Do you know any others? (Chemists!)


The cultivation of a single crop in a given area.

What?Why? So? Therefore?

why monocultures are created
Why Monocultures are Created

What?Why? So? Therefore?

why monocultures are created1
Why Monocultures are Created
  • Advantages of monoculture:
  • Reduced plant competition for nutrients, space and solar radiation
  • Control of undesirable (unprofitable) organisms
  • Reduction of costs by limitation of specialized machinery required for arable operations
  • Maximize profit from the growing of high gross margin crops

What?Why? So? Therefore?

impacts of monocultures
Impacts of Monocultures

Paper simulation!

Light Green is Noble Fir

Red is Western Red Cedar

Blue is Vine Maples

Yellow is Western Hemlocks

Orange for White Fir

Pink is Bigleaf Maple

Yellow is Western Dogwood

What? Why? So? Therefore?


When a habitat is very diverse with a variety of different species, it is much healthier and more ecologically stable.

  • One of the reasons for this is that disease doesn't spread as easily in a diverse community. If one species gets a disease, others of its kind are far enough away (due to the variety of other organisms) that disease is often stopped at the one or two individuals.

What type of competition would be present in the wood? In the monoculture?

  • Which forest would have more ecological stability? Why?
  • Why didn't the disease spread as fast among the Douglas firs as it did in the first simulation?
  • Why would you need to use more insecticides in monoculture? Is this good or bad?
  • Why have farmers been told to plant hedgregrows around their fields?
  • Extension: Many species can only live/reproduce in 1 type of forest. The spotted owl is an example - it can only live and successfully reproduce in old growth forests(big, old cedars, hemlocks, etc.). If these old growth forests are cut down, it's unlikely this owl will survive. Environmentalists call it an "indicator" species." What does this mean? Why be concerned about 1 species?
northern spotted owl1
Northern Spotted Owl

Have a narrow range of ecological toleranceand their

presence or absence indicates the ‘health’ of an ecosystem

impacts of monocultures1
Impacts of Monocultures

What? Why? So? Therefore?


What is it?