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Halloween. Where did it come from??? The festival occurs on the 31 st of October each year It comes from the race of people named the Celts They called it all hallows even (short for Halloween). Where it came from .

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Where did it come from???

  • The festival occurs on the 31st of October each year
  • It comes from the race of people named the Celts
  • They called it all hallows even (short for Halloween)
where it came from
Where it came from
  • Years ago the Celts would dress in animals skins to scare the spirits away they also made lanterns out of turnips, this is where we get jack o lanterns from.
  • Another tradition was that they would feed the spirits by feeding the poor, this I where trick or treating came from.
where it came from1
Where it came from
  • Today a lot of people remember the dead on November 1st as the Celts did.
  • Alot of people have made new ways of celebrating Halloween.
  • Trick or treating is the most popular tradition , this is when children go from house to house begging for treats saying “trick or treat” if they do not get their treat the child will play a trick on the person.
  • Carving jack o lanterns (carving a face in a pumpkin.)
more traditions
More traditions
  • The Barnbrack Cake: The traditional Halloween cake in Ireland is the barnbrack which is a fruit bread. A ring is placed in the cake, whoever finds the ring is supposed to have a future of romance
  • Colcannon for Dinner: Boiled Potato, Curly Kale (a cabbage) and raw Onions are provided as the traditional Irish Halloween dinner.
even more traditions
Even more traditions…
  • Fortune telling is another popular tradition at Halloween.
  • Bobbing for apples.
  • Snap Apple: After the visits to the neighbours the Halloween games begin, the most popular of which is Snap Apple.
  • Halloween is celebrated on the 31st of October.
  • People believe that the dead visit the living on Halloween night
more facts
More facts
  • In the America consumers spend 1.5 billion on Halloween costumes and 2.5 on candy, crafts and decorations!!!
  • Halloween is the third largest party in the year!!!
  • Of all the candy sold annually half of it is sold during Halloween!!!
  • Each American ate 24.5 pounds of candy each last year!!!
even more facts
Even more facts
  • There were 2007 costumes rented from the shops in 2006.
  • In Mexico they celebrate el dia de los Muertos or the day of the dead starting on October 31st
  • The colours black and orange became Halloween colours because orange is associated with harvest ( Halloween represents the end of harvest) and black associated with death.
evil spirits
evil spirits
  • Many people think Halloween is just fun for the kids, but actually its worshiping and playing with the demons.
  • During the period of celebrating these rituals or festivals demons open doors for them to go into the lives of human beings.
  • Also decorating the houses going from door to door and standing around bonfires is actually entertaining the evil spirits.
evil spirits1
Evil spirits
  • It is also said that the candy handed out at Halloween is prayed over by witches.
  • People believed that if they put a pumpkin outside their door the vampires would not come to their house.
  • On Halloween many people set off fireworks and light bonfires. These can be very dangerous.
  • Every year many people get badly injured from fireworks. Its important to stand back when a firework is going off.
thanks for listening
Thanks for listening
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