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Chandler. ISR June 2004. Chandler. Open Source Personal Information Manager Email, calendar, contacts, tasks, free-form items Easy sharing and collaboration Server optional Linux, Mac, and Windows Modular and extensible platform. Heart of Chandler.

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June 2004

  • Open Source Personal Information Manager
  • Email, calendar, contacts, tasks, free-form items
  • Easy sharing and collaboration
  • Server optional
  • Linux, Mac, and Windows
  • Modular and extensible platform
heart of chandler
Heart of Chandler
  • Organize and structure information the way people would like
  • Rich ability to associate and interconnect all kinds of items
  • Ground-up rethink of user experience including sharing and collaboration
project history
Project History
  • June 2001- inception, vision statement. 3 people (birth)
  • October 2002 - Web site launched, source code publicly available. 8 people. (childhood)
  • February 2004 - first production quality infrastructure code, rationalization of development process. 20 people. (adolescence)
chandler roadmap
Chandler Roadmap
  • Chandler 1.0 (Canoga) suitable for individuals and small workgroups
  • Chandler 2.0 (Westwood) is our first version designed for institutional adoption. Plan of record Q4 2005
  • Next release (0.4) is scheduled for Oct. 2004
  • We are recalibrating our long-term schedules
chandler snapshot
Chandler Snapshot
  • Basic architecture framework in place
    • Repository
    • Chandler Presentation and Interaction Framework
    • Scheduling and Notification Framework
    • Content Model
  • Making the first experimentally usable release
    • Enter and edit items and collections
    • Organize and share items and collections, e.g., calendars
    • Basic security
chandler 1 0 canoga
Chandler 1.0 (Canoga)
  • Competitive PIM feature set + a few compelling ‘cool’ features
  • Target: ‘info-centric’ users
    • High volume information transactions
    • Information spanning multiple domains and richly inter-related
    • Low reliance on organizational infrastructure
    • Self-declared technology enthusiast
    • Routinely collaborates with other info-centric users
    • On campus: small departments and workgroups
chandler 2 0 westwood
Chandler 2.0 (Westwood)
  • First version for campus-wide adoption
  • Target: students, faculty and staff in higher education
  • Supported by $2.75 MM grant from Andrew E. Mellon Foundation and a group of 25 universities
key westwood features
Key Westwood Features
  • Nomadic usage and central repositories
  • Standards based calendar client
  • Full interoperability with standards based infrastructure
  • Robust security framework
  • Next level of maturity in features, performance and robustness
why open source
Why Open Source
  • I started with a product vision
  • No viable path to sustainable business model via proprietary development model
  • Success of open source in OS and middleware highly suggestive for applications
is it really open source
Is it really Open Source?
  • Building Blocks
    • Built on other OSS projects: Python, Berkeley DB, Open SSL, wxWidgets, Lucene, etc.
    • OSAF contributes back to those projects
  • Tools
    • CVS
    • Bugzilla
    • Tinderbox
  • Licensing
    • Hybrid license: GPL or commercial
our culture
Our Culture
  • Values matter
  • We value design integrity, product quality, inclusive & respectful workplace
  • Is there life after stock options?
  • Better alignment to open source culture, native engineering culture
about software design
About Software Design
  • Software design as a distinct discipline
    • An autobiographical aside
    • What architects are supposed to do for buildings…
    • Why software design IS NOT user interface or user interaction design
  • Software design in practice at OSAF
    • Working groups and the Design working group
    • Learning to separate the discourse
    • Designers and developers working together
  • Software design as a profession
transparency and participation
Transparency and Participation
  • Public mailing lists and wiki for design, architecture, development discussion, documentation, product planning, meeting minutes, developer journals
  • Process transparency itself cannot remove barriers to participation
  • The ideal
  • Prerequisites
  • Builds and Patches
  • Code
key challenges
Key Challenges
  • Constrain and mold ambition without losing the spark
  • Increase rate of progress without exploitation of the staff
  • Build community while maintaining design integrity
  • Transition from benign dictatorship to greater democracy
the bigger picture
The Bigger Picture
  • Is Chandler an Outlook killer?
  • Why a non-profit?
  • Creating a vibrant ecology
  • Will open source win on the desktop?