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AIESEC Information Session PowerPoint Presentation
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AIESEC Information Session

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AIESEC Information Session - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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AIESEC Information Session. “Our members are part of an exciting, driven global network. They are able to contribute to societal change while exploring their own vision for a positive impact on society.”. Agenda. AIESEC Video Why – Getting to know AIESEC How – The AIESEC Experience

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AIESEC Information Session

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    1. AIESECInformation Session “Our members are part of an exciting, driven global network. They are able to contribute to societal change while exploring their own vision for a positive impact on society.”

    2. Agenda • AIESEC Video • Why – Getting to know AIESEC • How – The AIESEC Experience • What’s in it for me? • How to Become a Member • Application Process

    3. Get to know AIESEC

    4. AIESEC Video

    5. WHY ? AIESEC’s Vision: Peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential AIESEC provides a platform for leadership development.

    6. History AIESEC IN 1948 7 Countries 250 Members 89 Interns

    7. 60 Years Later 60,000 Members 110 Countries This makes… A I E S E C 940,000 Alumni ... the largest global student organization!

    8. International Recognition • "In an era of globalization, AIESEC’s programs have helped young people around the world to develop a broader understanding of cultural, socio-economic and business management issues.” (Kofi Annan, seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations)

    9. How ? The AIESEC platform is a unique environment that enables people toexplore and develop their potential and creates the opportunity for development of defined leadership competencies.

    10. Exchange • Obtain an internship in one of over 100 countries! • Experience new cultures • Build your global network • Gain memories of a lifetime!

    11. Leadership • Obtain leadership skills and experience • AIESEC Purdue Executive Board • Facilitate and organize regional, national, or international conferences or events • Local Team Leaders • Regional Coaching • National Support Team

    12. AIESEC Values !!

    13. What’s In it For me ? Personal Development & Professional Development • Become an AIESEC member, gain responsibility, and build your own global network for the future • Find new friends all over the globe and experience different cultures • Take part in Soft Skills sessions • Obtain practical experience in participating in AIESEC´s exchange program • Experience teamwork • Get experienced in leading teams and running projects

    14. The AIESEC eXPerience

    15. Taking Responsibility Locally • Join and work in a functional team • Business Development • External Relations • Finance and Operations • Outgoing Exchange • Talent Management • Attend regional, national and international conferences • Build your network!

    16. Business Development • Ryan Benczik • Business Development team leader • Semesters in AIESEC: 2 • Number of Conferences: 2 • Favorite AIESEC Moment: • too many to count “ Better sales skills, vast network expansion, self-improvement/empowerment, service to others, and much, much, more”

    17. External Relations Siri Vemuri • Public Relations and Media Management Director for AIESEC US; VP of External Relations and Marketing, AIESEC Purdue • Semesters in AIESEC: 3  • Number of Conferences: 5 • Traineeship: • Developmental Traineeship in Izmir, Turkey. Teaching English to 8-15 year olds. “AIESEC has taught me ...the ability admit, understand, and evaluate my weaknesses. Without this I never would not have been able to grow or improve as much as I have. This is a skill that I will utilize for the rest of my life, professionally and personally. ”

    18. Finance and Operations • Devika Malhotra VP for Finance and Operations • Semesters in AIESEC: 5  • Number of Conferences: 2 • Favorite AIESEC Moment: • Roll Calls “Aiesec has taught me to be myself over the years and it has opened me up to an extent where now I have the courage to pursue unconventional ideas and plans. It's the essence of being AIESEC that you've got to be in it to be able to experience the life that it entails with all it's adventures!”

    19. Outgoing Exchange • Semesters in AIESEC: 2 • Number of Conferences: 1 • Favorite AIESEC Moment: -Summer National Conference • What I did:I was an EP coach. I helped the EP’s get the TNs they wanted and helped them through the process of getting matched. Searching through applying for them and then if they needed any assistance about the TN or about the place. • What I have learned: The importance of diversity Kreeya Avimukta

    20. Talent Management Julie Bouwman • Head of Human Resources • Semesters in AIESEC: 5 • Number of Conferences: 2 • Favorite AIESEC Moment: • Roll Calls! ”I have learned so much about myself and about other cultures. AIESEC has really opened my eyes to the world and has given me a deep appreciation for the differences we all have.”

    21. How to become involved • You will be working on one functional team in the organization. • The job descriptions for available positions are on the application. • You can apply for top three functional teams of your preference to interview for.

    22. New Member Criteria • Attend weekly Functional Team Meetings • Attend weekly General Member Meetings, Thursday 7:00 - 8:30 PM • Attend New Member Education Session Wednesday, September 21 at 7 PM • Attend Sales Training Session Sunday, October 2 in Indianapolis • Attend Regional Conference, October 21-23 

    23. General Membership Fees • New Member dues for first year $50 for the first year $35 for every year after the first

    24. Exchange Participant A professional internship is the most intense learning experience that we offer and links together our global network. Each year, we provide members the challenging opportunity to live and work in a foreign country in areas of management, technology, education, and development.

    25. Types of Traineeships • Management – Typical for fields related to Management, OLS & Organizational Behavior at Purdue. • Technical – Typical for fields related to CS, CPT, MIS, & Engineering. • Education – Typical for fields related to Education & English teaching. • Development – Typical for Liberal Arts, Sociology, etc.

    26. Exchange Participant Criteria Wanted: December Graduates who want to do a Traineeship for more than 6 months • Want to go abroad next summer? • You will be able to start searching for the Summer Traineeship in the Spring 2012 • Why do I have wait until Spring? • You will able to start searching for a traineeship right away! • We can provide more detailed information about the type of traineeships available then. • By becoming a general member first, you will develop the skills that can help you to go abroad.  • Please go to the application, follow the directions, and we will contact you in the Spring.

    27. Exchange Fees • Exchange Fee (only for students going abroad) • After acceptance in AIESEC's exchange program, the Exchange Participant will pay a non-refundable exchange fee of $75 by credit card at the time of internship application. The exchange fee provides the Exchange Participant with access to AIESEC's database of internships, and allows the intern to apply to all the internships of his or her choosing • Technical and Management Traineeships: $675 • Development and Educational Traineeships: $425

    28. Introduction to AIESEC First Round Interviews Fill out the application Form Application Process Right after this session! September 12 – 14 from 6 – 8 pm in Heavilon 104 September 18 from 1pm –5pm. Rawls 1011

    29. Where to Apply • Application: • Go to • Complete the New Member Application and sign up for an interview date Deadline: Sunday, September 11th at Noon (General Member Applicants)

    30. QUESTIONS ? Email us at: