the expansive realm of islam n.
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The Expansive Realm of Islam PowerPoint Presentation
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The Expansive Realm of Islam

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The Expansive Realm of Islam - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Uploaded on 3. The Expansive Realm of Islam. Bell-Work. 1. Where in the world is Mecca? (Geographically speaking) 2. أركان الإسلام; - (What does this say) 3. What is Ihram?. Answers. Saudi Arabia (Next to the Red Sea)

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bell work
  • 1. Where in the world is Mecca? (Geographically speaking)
  • 2. أركان الإسلام; - (What does this say)
  • 3. What is Ihram?
  • Saudi Arabia (Next to the Red Sea)
  • Five Pillars of Islam
  • Ihram is a state of mind (also clothes)
i a prophet and his world
I. A Prophet and His World
  • Muhammad and His Message
    • Muhammad's Early Life
    • Muhammad's Spiritual Transformation
    • The Qu’ran
  • Khadijah bint Khuwaylid

B. Muhammad’s Migration to Mecca

1. Conflict in Mecca

2. The Hijra

3. The Umma

4. The “Seal of the Prophets”


C. The Establishment of Islam in Arabia

1. Muhammad’s Return to Mecca

2. The Five Pillars of Islam

3. Jihad

4. Islamic Law: The Sharia

(modern examples?)

belief shahdah
Belief (Shahdah)
  • There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet
prayer salah
Prayer (Salah)
  • Pray five times daily
  • Facing Mecca
charity zakat
Charity (Zakat)
  • Give alms to the poor (now, much more complicated than that)
fasting sawm
Fasting (Sawm)
  • Fast during Holy month of Ramadan
ii expansion of islam
II. Expansion of Islam
  • The Early Calpihs and the Umayyad Dynasty
    • The Caliph
    • The Expansion of Islam
    • The Shia
    • The Umayyad Dynasty (dar al Islam)
    • Policy Toward Conquered Peoples (jizya)
    • Umayyad Decline

B. The Abbasid Dyansty

1. Abu al-Abbas

2. The Abbasid Dynasty

3. Abbasid Administration

4. Baghdad

5. Harun al-Rashid

6. Abbasid Decline

iii economy and society of the early islamic world
III. Economy and Society of the Early Islamic World
  • New Crops, Agricultural Experimentation, and Urban Growth
    • The Spread of Food and Industrial Crops
    • Effects of New Crops
    • Agricultural Experimentation
    • Urban Growth

B. The Formation of a Hemispheric Trading Zone

1. Overland Trade

2. Camels and Caravans (Caravanserais)

3. Maritime Trade

4. Banks

5. The Organization of Trade

6. Al-Andalus


C. The Changing Status of Women

1. The Qur’an and Women

2. Veiling of Women

vi islamic values and cultural exchanges
VI. Islamic Values and Cultural Exchanges
  • The Formation of an Islamic Cultural Tradition
    • Promotion of Islamic Values
    • Sufis – Islamic mystic
    • Al-Ghazali
    • Sufi Missionaries
    • Hajj

B. Islam and Cultural Traditions of Persia, India, and Greece.

1. Translators and Travelers

2. Persian Influence on Islam – literary, gvt.

3. Indian Influences on Islam - #’s, math

4. Greek Influences on Islam – Plato/Aristotle

exit ticket turn in to me on your way out the door
Exit Ticket – Turn in to me on your way out the door
  • Do you have any lingering questions or comments stemming from the Unit 1 test? (No, not about your grade)

2. Are you still confused or lost when it comes to our 6 major religions? How can I help you?

3. To help out my B-Day class, what do you think they will find MOST confusing about Chapter 14?