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Overview of the tracer code in RegCM

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Overview of the tracer code in RegCM - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Overview of the tracer code in RegCM. Aerosols ( droplets, smoke particles, dust, pollens, flying cats …) Gazeous phase, chemical species. Tracers. Evolution of concentration (mixing ratio). Qian and Giorgi, 1999. Transport. Primary Emissions. Removal terms.

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Presentation Transcript

Overview of the tracer code in RegCM

Aerosols ( droplets, smoke particles, dust, pollens, flying cats …)

Gazeous phase, chemical species


Evolution of concentration (mixing ratio)

Qian and Giorgi, 1999


Primary Emissions

Removal terms

Physico – chemical transformations

Strongly dependant on the nature of the tracer


Horizontal and vertical advection

Horizontal and vertical diffusion

derived from water vapor and cloud water

(mm4 Anthes et al., 1987)

« Well-mixing approximation »


Rq : Tan et al., 2002 scheme ( work with Kuo-scheme)

Not integrated yet

Mass flux / Grell, Emmanuel schemes

« Wet deposition »

Giorgi, and Chameides, 1986

Giorgi, 1989

Dry deposition

Fixed deposition velocities

Surface emissions

Input data




Qian and Giorgi, 2001


Direct effect

Pronostic concentrations

Radiative transfer model

( CCM3 rad pack)

Optical properties of the tracer

Specific extinction

Fixed and characteristic of sulfates in our example

Single scattering albedo

Assymetry parameter

The indirect effect (e.g. Qian and Giorgi, 1999) is not taken into account in the present version on the code



One « generic tracer »

Application :

Source defined from GEIA 97 (BC)

No chemistry

Direct effect only (diffusive properties)

….Before the simulation …..

Go to the RegCM / Preproc directory and remove the Chemsrc directory

rm –R Chemsrc

Download Chemsrc.tar.gz file from the webpage

and copy it in RegCM /Preproc directory.

Unzip and extract ( tar zxvf Chemsrc.tar.gz)

… you should have a new Chemsrc directory …


Preproc step

Prepare : Terrain / ICBC for june 1997

(with the same domain as practise run)


1997060100 1997070100

Preparation of tracer sources

(interpolation of a global data set on the RegCM domain)

go to RegCM/Preproc/Chemsrc

Run the chsrfem.x script

It generates the file CHEM-BC97 in RegCM/Input directory


Simulation with tracers

Create a new run directory for running tracer simulations

Ex : RegCM / PractiseTrac

Copy the regcm.x and from the Regcm / Commons directory in the PractiseTrac directory

Link the emission file into this run directory

ln –sf ../Input/CHEM-BC97 .

Run the model with tracer options


5 days 1997060100 – 1997060500



Post-processing with vis5D

…. Before the post processing ….

Remove the RegCM/Postproc-v5d directory

Download the Postproc-v5d.tar.gz file and extract it in the RegCM directory

Go to the directory Postproc-v5dand link here the simulation output fields :

ln –sf ../ PractiseTrac /output/ATM.1997060100 .

ln –sf ../ PractiseTrac /output/CHE.1997060100 .

ln –sf ../ PractiseTrac /output/RAD.1997060100 .


In Postproc-v5d

Edit the and set the control parameters

Edit the postpv5d.param and set the run parameters

Execute the postpv5d.x

… it generates the P_OUT.v5d file ( if pressure grid)

Execute vis5d P_OUT.v5d to visualise the file