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National Residence Halls Month Campaign (NRHM)

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National Residence Halls Month Campaign (NRHM) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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National Residence Halls Month Campaign (NRHM). History of NACURH . “The National Association of College and University Residence Halls, Inc. was founded at Iowa State University at the Midwest Dormitory Conference in 1954.

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history of nacurh
History of NACURH

“The National Association of College and University Residence Halls, Inc. was founded at Iowa State University at the Midwest Dormitory Conference in 1954.

The first meeting was organized as a result of a feeling, on the part of the Iowa State Residence Halls Government, that such an organization was needed to encourage the exchange of information and ideas.

Four schools -Iowa State University, University of Colorado, University of Missouri, and University of Northern Iowa were in attendance at this first conference.” (

history of nacurh4
History of NACURH
  • 1953 – 54 Four schools found the Midwest Dormitory Conference
  • 1960 – 61 National Bylaws ratified, ACURH name changes to NACURH
  • 1962 – 63 Tenth Annual Convention, representing 50,000 students in residence halls on 26 campuses
  • 1963 – 64 NACURH is listed as an educational organization with the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare; National Residence Hall Honorary founded
  • 1964 – 65 First Residence Hall Month designated as April 1965; 208 delegates from 35 schools at the National Conference
  • 1966 – 67 Twice tried to get Congress to pass a bill declaring April National Residence Hall Month; 41 member schools including the first Canadian member schools
  • 1971 – 72 Nov. 16, 1971, NACURH was officially recognized as a non- profit corporation with a National Board of Directors; School of the Year Award created with Oklahoma State University the first recipient
  • 2003 - 04 50th anniversary conference
  • 2005 - 06 400+ schools affiliated
history of nacurh5
History of NACURH
  • There is much more history behind NACURH, but this showcases some of the extraordinary accomplishments that have come about due to the priceless work student leaders have put into this organization.
  • We feel it is time that the national government of the United States of America recognizes the tremendous efforts of their young adults; and schools globally take the month of April to recognize their own student leaders.
  • To see more history of NACURH visit
Not just “Sleeping Quarters”

Residence Halls:

  • Have Living & Learning Communities
  • Support the academic mission of the university
  • Are where inclusive communities are fostered
  • Provide opportunities for personal and educational growth
  • Have RA’s that program relentlessly to build community, promote Social Justice, teach life skills, serve the community and socialize
why have nrhm
NRHM is for students, faculty, staff, and administration to show their appreciation and recognition of the residence halls.

Residence life programs make an impact through the actions of many people:

Housing Administration

Residence Life Coordinators

Resident Assistants

Residence Life Organizations (Hall councils, RAA, RHA, NRHH, ACUHO-I, etc.)

Living/Learning Community Facilitators

This is an important time as we recognize residence life student organizations internationally and those individuals who give their all to build their residential communities.


Why have NRHM?
what is nrhm for
What Is NRHM For?
  • To organize programs and events to accomplish the following:
    • Recognize residence life (Staff, Student Leaders and Residents)
    • Give back to your local community (Community Service)
    • Programs and/or Professional/Leadership development seminars
    • Advocacy
  • It is extremely important to not only recognize staff and organizations for their contribution to residence life, but to remember the students who reside within; for without them our roles would not exist.


goals of the nrhm effort
Goals of the NRHM Effort
  • To get the work done by residence halls, across the nation (and world), recognized by having the month of April declared National Residence Halls Month by Congress.
  • To encourage housing departments to recognize their student governments for the huge support they provide in building community within the residence halls.
  • To show Congressional recognition of the millions of students who live in the residence halls every year and to appreciate the efforts they are putting into their colleges and universities as well as their country.
bringing nrhm to your campus
Bringing NRHM to your Campus
  • Recognize a group of staff members each day of the week:
    • Monday: Coffee & Donuts for Building Service Workers
    • Tuesday: Thank you cards to all professional staff
    • Wednesday: Cookies for paraprofessional staff members
    • Thursday: Thank you banners for dining staff
    • Friday: Goodie bags for desk staffs
steps to success
Steps to Success
  • The National Advocacy Committee and the NRHM Task Force are working together to gather support for the resolution and prepare a united and organized campaign as a way to approach Congress.
  • Contact with as many Senators as possible is imperative. This will be done by having member schools take letters back to their campuses to have residents sign and send in to their Senator. This is a huge part of showing Congress how much support NACURH has in this endeavour.
  • The National Executives and all the Regional Boards of Directors (RBDs) will be signing copies of the resolution to show support of this initiative.
  • We need you!
  • October/November: Present Campaign to Regions at Regional Conference
  • December 15: Finalize/Review all plans for NBD Semi's
  • January 1 thru 5 (tentatively): NBD Semi's: Presentation, Resolution, Signing
  • Ongoing: schools still sending in their support to their congress people
  • And then we wait for word from the government.
Be Proud,

Take Action,

Spread The Word.

You Deserve To Be Heard By Congress!

National Residence Halls Month