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Professional Golfer

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Professional Golfer. By: Evan Mason. Tools They Use. They wear specialized golf clothes. If their sponsored then they wear and use their equipment. Education/Training.

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professional golfer

Professional Golfer

By: Evan Mason

tools they use
Tools They Use
  • They wear specialized golf clothes.
  • If their sponsored then they wear and use their equipment.
education training
  • To be a pro at golf one thing I will have to have is a golf management diploma. There is a thing called Q school that you have to go through before you can be on the PGA tour.
  • You really don’t have a salary you just play in a certain amount of golf tournaments. The more you play good the more money you make.
attributes abilities
Attributes & Abilities
  • Practice like crazy.
  • Hit at least 2,000 golf balls in 3 days.
  • If you go to your golf instructor and you are doing something wrong you work on it till you get it right.
growth in job
Growth In Job
  • You really don’t get growth but if you play better you get more money.
duties of this career
Duties Of This Career
  • You have to understand all the rules and regulations of golf.
  • You have to know that you will be gone most of the week so if you have a family you wont see your family that much.
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  • Most of the other stuff I already know. Because I have been playing golf since I was five years old so that’s been a while.