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Welcome to our English class ! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to our English class !

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Welcome to our English class ! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to our English class !. I. Vocabulary :. fish. dog. cat. rabbit. The animal song.

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Welcome to our English class !

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    1. Welcome to our English class !

    2. I. Vocabulary: fish dog cat rabbit

    3. The animal song Mammals have lungs that breathe the air Warm-blooded bodies that have fur or hair Mammals give birth to their living young Mothers give milk to their daughters and sons Dogs say, “Ruff” Cats say, “Meow” Cows say, “Moo” Humans say, “Wow” Monkeys say, “Ooh Ooh Ooh” Horses say, “Neigh” Elephants say, “Ppphhh” Dolphins say, “Click Click Click”

    4. Move like a mammal. Now, dance like a mammal. Birds have beaks, but they don’t have any teeth Flying high in the sky and they can walk on two feet  Birds lay eggs and are warm-blooded creatures They have backbones and they are covered with feathers  Birds say, “Tweet Tweet” Move like a bird. Now, dance like a bird. Fish have fins and are covered with scales They swim in the water and breathe with their gills Fish skeletons are made of cartilage or bones They live in freshwater, saltwater, oceans and ponds Fish say, “Glulp, Glulp”   -----   Fish say, “Wshh Wshh”